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Web Design Tips to Boost Roofing Website Design Conversions

Roofing Website Design Conversions

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 17, 2022

Do you think your roofing company isn’t getting the new leads or customers it should?

Do you wish to advertise your roofing services to potential customers?

As a result, this piece will demonstrate how a well-designed roofing website may help you outrank your competitors.

Contrary to popular assumptions, you don’t need a large marketing expenditure to have a strong internet presence.

If it’s done right, it’s a great lead generation strategy for your roofing business.

When a customer visits your roofing website for the first time, 92 percent of them form an opinion about your company.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Boost the traffic to your roofing website with these clever strategies for roofing marketing.

Tip #1. Make Your Roofing Leads, Don’t Pay For Them.

A regular supply of roofing leads is enticing to many roofing businesses. It’s a good idea to have a broker handle all of the phone calls and advertisements, and then he’ll pass along the names of potential customers to you.

Assuming that your company manages to secure any work using this strategy, it is not sustainable in the long run because you will need to work with and pay a broker.

Your brand name and a beautiful roofing website are the best ways to ensure a steady stream of new customers. Make sure your phone rings when a roofer needs your services in your area by setting up a local phone number.

You’ll start receiving leads as soon as your roofing website ranks highly in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo for “roofers near me.”

Before we get started, here are some roofing website tips to get your firm off to a great start.

Tip #2. Ensure that your calls to action are clear and concise.

As part of the purchase process, the call-to-action is critical in bringing buyers from the decision stage to awareness. It’s usually a specific direction that you may use to call or email the prospect or customer to get a specific reaction.

A few CTAs for roofing contractors:

  • Post questions like “what are the biggest issue you have had with your guttering system?” and encourage property owners to respond.
  • Promoting the use of a free roofing inspection by property owners
  • Suggesting sharing on social media, such as Facebook, of these tactics

Roofing contractors are notoriously bad at using a call to action in their search engine marketing campaigns. CTAs with these properties are more likely to attract the attention of the target audience:

  • Defines a specific action that the prospect must do
  • Is informative and accurate
  • Is based on data that has been tested and proven to be correct.

For a CTA to be effective, it must be clickable and viewable.

Roofing Website Design Tip #3: Include a Perfect Roofing Landing Page.

When visitors come to your website, they don’t just land on any old page. This page is instead designed to be a sales tool. Your potential customer will land on this page first whenever you run social media marketing campaigns or pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Your roofing business can benefit greatly from this effective marketing tool.

When it comes to an active landing page, you’ll typically find two sections:

  1. A single-purpose landing page, such as one that directs the householder to sign up for a newsletter or download a handbook.
  2. a form collects consumer data that you may subsequently utilize in your roofing marketing.

The following are the most important features to look for in a roofing landing page:

  • Design with an eye toward conversion Your landing page should be easy for potential customers to grasp, and it should also encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Your roofing PPC advertising should sync with your landing pages’ messaging.
  • If you want to qualify your roofing leads, you’ll need to include plenty of forms where potential customers may fill out their information.
  • Online evaluations and testimonials, credentials, and photos of completed projects should all be included in your social proof (social proof).

Tip #4: Begin a Website

A blog is a valuable marketing tool that may help your roofing company’s website attract new customers by providing useful content demonstrating your knowledge of the field. The more regularly you post roofing blogs, the more search engines appreciate your site’s optimization.

They give greater weight to roofing websites that update their information frequently and consequently receive higher search engine ranks. This tactic is particularly useful in the fiercely competitive world of roofing.

Your blog should have various written and video content to help homeowners better safeguard their roofs. Using blogs to promote your roofing business is a terrific idea.

Tips #5) Make Your Roofing Website Design Compatible with Mobile Devices

Mobile search is all about finding things close to where you are. In ten nations, including the United States, mobile search queries outnumber desktop searches, according to Google.

Google punishes websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices by removing them from the top search results in search results on mobile devices. Always keep an eye out for a roofing website that can be adjusted to fit any mobile device.

Tip #6) Use a chatbot on your roofing website

Let’s face it: nowadays, no roofer wants to answer the phone. However, you may boost your website’s conversion rate by using a live chatbot. A chatbot window appears as soon as a visitor lands on your site and offers assistance.

By using a live chat feature on your website, potential customers may get answers quickly and easily to their questions, increasing their chances of completing a transaction with you.

Are You Ready to Take Your Roofing Company to the Next Level Online?

Over ninety percent of people looking for a roofer will do their homework on the internet first. Therefore, if your company does not have a straightforward roofing website, you risk losing many potential customers interested in booking your services.

Your roofing website’s online reputation can also be improved by placing your business in the top three results on Google Maps.

When a potential customer puts in “roofer near me,” your roofing company’s name appears prominently, increasing the likelihood that you will be called for an estimate.

How We Can Assist

Is your roofing company in need of the services of a web designer? We’re here to help! Innumerable roofers have benefited from the innovative site design services of Rank Fire | SEO, an industry leader in search engine optimization. When it comes to creating a responsive, distinctive, and functional roofing website at a price you can afford, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t hesitate to organize a free strategy session if you’re establishing a new roofing website or renovating a current one.

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