Voice Search Optimization | Here’s Why to Do it for Roofing Websites

Voice Search Optimization

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 28, 2022

Is this your first time asking Siri a question?

Other speech assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana may also be interesting to you.

Irrespective of whether or not you’ve responded, the sad truth is that.

These virtual assistants have already been used by most of your target customers.

They have posed inquiries like as:

You can get the greatest roofer in Tennessee by asking Siri, “Siri.”

What is the weather forecast for tonight?

Customers who use voice search to discover a local company use voice assistants in almost equal numbers.

This has implications for your roofing company, right?

You can’t ignore voice search and expect to get more online work for your roofing company.

Seo, or search engine optimization, is a need for any roofer with an online presence. For many years, roofers who wanted to make their blogs more well-known would do keyword research and sprinkle it liberally throughout the text to rank #1 on Google’s search results when potential customers searched the web for them.

To What Extent Does Voice Search Optimization Work?

When optimizing your roofing website for voice searches, voice search optimization is the procedure. Voice command is used instead of writing or typing to do an internet search.

A vocal search doesn’t explain this. The process of using voice search may be summarised into four basic phases, as follows:

  • Pre-programmed commands like “Hey, Alexa,” “Hey Sir,” or “Hey Cortana” may be used to start a voice search on the device’s voice assistant.
  • “Where can I locate the greatest roofing contractor in this area?” When is the release of the SEO movie?
  • Syllables, phrases, and sentences will all be gathered depending on the voice search method.
  • Finally, the voice search system will begin the search process by converting the sound units to text.

Whew! Fortunately, that’s not a major concern for us. It’s pleasant to know what goes on behind the scenes, though.

Voice Search is an important part of SEO, but what is its role?

Roofing companies throughout the globe utilize SEO as one of the most important marketing strategies. There have been several modifications to SEO throughout the years, most of which have been brought on by the limits imposed by search engines.

Artificial intelligence and voice search will impact the SEO growth of your roofing company. To use this new technology, roofers will now need to adjust their keywords to generate more demand and revenue.

Within a short period, voice search will significantly impact how roofing website content is produced. It will also help provide useful feedback once a vast quantity of data has been sifted through. AI may also examine layouts, marketing material, and user interface visuals. Roofers may get an advantage over their competitors by targeting their customers more effectively with this strategy.

Black hat SEO experts think that voice search will help them discover fake keyword stuffing shortly. Voice search makes it simple for individuals of any age to identify nearby roofers by speaking to their devices. For voice search to continue to flourish, it must be easy to use in everyday life.

Is Voice Search Optimization necessary for roofing companies?

Your roofing company must have a voice search strategy to succeed. If you’re a local business, you’ll need to invest in a voice-assistant strategy like Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to reach your customers and potential customers. Identifying a local company is the primary goal of more than half of all voice searches.

Your roofing company may reap these rewards by using a thorough voice search optimization strategy:

  • An increase in the amount of people visiting our roofing website.
  • Raise the profile of your company’s brand
  • Increases the level of involvement of the target audience
  • Roofing sales and conversions provide a wide range of possibilities.
  • Increases the amount of people who know about your roofing company.

With Voice Search Optimization, you may get more roofing clients.

Following your education on the ins and outs of voice search technology, it is time to put what you’ve learned to use in order to generate more roofing conversions and attract new clients to your company’s website.

Make a Site Map That’s Easy to Understand

Your sitemap tells Google how relevant your search keywords are to the search of a potential customer or client. Consider the keywords you use and how they will rhyme with what your customers are looking for online when developing a new roofing website.

If a web visitor does a voice search for the appropriate phrase or term and your map is structured and clear, Google will immediately suggest your roofing website. In addition, you should check your previous material to determine if you can make any changes to your URL link. With this easy adjustment, you’ll be able to reach a greater number of prospective consumers who are seeking for information about your expertise online.

Make a New List of Your Focus Words

According to current projections, a smart speaker will be in almost every American home by 2022. Since everyone has a smartphone equipped with voice search, it is clear that roofing contractors need to reconsider their keyword research approach. Focus on the keywords that a regular homeowner would use while searching for a house.

Your Roofing Company’s Preparedness for the Voice-Search Revolution

The popularity of voice search and speech recognition software has never been higher. If you haven’t been impacted by voice search yet, you should be aware that it is on the horizon and that the wonders of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant will eventually sweep everyone up.

Roofing contractors must get on board with the next wave of technological innovation, voice search. According to current projections (source), voice-activated searches are expected to account for over half of all internet searches by the year 2022, according to current projections (source).

How can you prepare your roofing business for this cutting-edge technology? In this essay, we’ll look at how voice search may benefit your company and how it will impact the roofing industry as a whole.

To prepare your roofing company for voice search, here are a few things you can do:

Boost the Speed of the Website

Voice search results are expected to be delivered quickly to customers and prospects. Most voice searches are conducted on mobile devices and Amazon Echo speakers. The speed at which a mobile search engine can index a website is also an important ranking criterion for the roofing industry. Results from a voice search take, on average, 54 seconds to appear. This can help you appear up in voice searches if you make your roofing website load quickly.

SSL Certificates and HTTPS

With an SSL certificate, you can ensure that your roofing website is safe and secure. Before 2014, Google has said that HTTPS would be a ranking factor. This also applies to voice searches. Securing your roofing company website with an HTTPS certificate helps it appear in voice searches.

Long-form, informative, and easy-to-read information

Google prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to its search results. In voice search results, content that is simple to understand and has a word count of between 2000 and 3000 is likely to score well. However, filling your postings with meaningless phrases is not the best strategy to appear in voice searches. Google will favor your article if it complies with its standards for high-quality content.

Voice search results are also influenced by content engagement. Even though social media signals are not considered by Google when ranking roofing websites. According to research, high-quality content is more likely to score well in voice searches.

Featured Snippets and High SERP

The higher your domain authority, the better. As a result, a roofing website with more high-quality backlinks is better than one with an exceptional backlink ratio. A great roofing website that has a higher domain rating is more likely to be found in terms of search engine rankings.

The highlighted snippet portion should also be taken into account. For voice searches, the best results are snippets. These selected snippets answer more than 40% of all voice search inquiries.

Users appreciate the clarity and conciseness with which the solutions to their inquiries are presented in these documents. Your roofing website should initially be at the top of the search engine rankings. Only the top page of Google’s search results will include a highlighted snippet.

Adaptation for Small Screens

Approximately how many individuals in the United States utilise voice search per month is not known.? Voice search optimization has grown more dependent on a superior mobile experience. In addition, Google has said that it would provide a better rating to mobile-friendly roofing websites.

These Voice Search Optimization Pointers Will Help You Boost Your Roofing Marketing

Voice search results are more likely to display natural language use.

Potential customers tend to ask more conversational questions when doing a voice search. For example, they’re more likely to ask, “When does Roofer x open today?” Office hours x “Roofer” As a result, make an effort to use as many natural-sounding terms as feasible. Long-tail keywords refer to searches like this. In general, they’re more detailed and often take the form of questions or statements. As voice search results tend to be provided at a 9th-grade level of English, make sure your material is clear and understandable.


Optimize your roofing website for the devices your customers are most likely to use. According to data, most voice-activated searches are carried out on smartphones and wearables rather than smart speakers.


It is three times more probable for someone looking for anything local (like a local company) to do a voice search than a text-based query. Do you know what this means for your roofing business? You’ll need a strong online reputation and a strong local SEO strategy for your roofing firm to get noticed on voice searches.

You may start using these five voice search strategies right now.

Strategy 1: Make an effort to provide straightforward responses

Start by answering questions directly to get the most out of your voice search approach.

More than half of all voice searches contain highlighted excerpts, which may come as a surprise to you.

Featured bits like this provide straightforward answers to prospective customers’ inquiries.

Potential clients often do voice searches in the form of questions, which are then answered.

Here, how can you discover an expert roofer?

In response to “Alexa, is it raining today?”

Your roofing website will be more easily discovered in voice search results if you start placing your information on FAQ pages for the most frequently asked inquiries.

Be succinct while answering questions to raise your profile.

Strategy 2: Make Your Content Simple to Read

This means that when voice search results are returned by Google, the search engine looks for understandable material to the typical user.

Make sure you don’t overdo the technical jargon on your roofing website.

If you wish your website to appear in voice search results, make sure that your content is easy to grasp for the typical person who will be listening to it. In addition, make certain that any site visitors who engage with it may follow your site.

Strategy 3: Adhere to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

When it comes to voice searches, roofing websites that rank well on desktops also can be discovered.

The opposite holds true, too.

You won’t be discovered on voice searches if you haven’t optimized your roofing website for SEO. If you wish your roofing website to be seen at the top of search engine results, there are a some things you can do:

  • Boosting the performance of your roofing site
  • Optimizing your roofing pages using keywords
  • You are creating a mobile-friendly website for your roofing business.

If you want to rank well for voice searches, you’ll need to rethink your SEO approach.

Strategy 4: Make Your Company’s Information Easily Obtainable

You should think about what information your potential customers could be looking for when deciding whether they want to use your goods or services.

They may be interested in learning more about you:

  • Working hours
  • Address
  • Phone numbers.
  • Feedback from previous customers.

Virtual assistants like Siri are the most convenient and quickest to get this information. As a result, make sure that these facts are prominently displayed on your blog, roofing website, and online company listings” (like Google My Business and Yelp).

Strategy 5: Invest in Google’s Local Service Ads.

As an alternative to the standard pay-per-click adverts, Google displays advertisements for local service providers at the top of its search results.

Potential customers may learn about local, Google-verified roofing providers via local service advertisements and even book work straight from the ad if desired.

Your voice search visibility will increase if you’ve already spent money on these advertisements. If you aren’t using local service advertisements, you’re missing out on many potential customers.

With Voice Search Optimization, You Can Increase Your Roofing Sales Now!

For your roofing company, voice search optimization can help you generate more leads and close more deals. You can increase the number of voice searchers who visit your roofing business by adopting this piece’s voice search optimization strategies.

Executing these voice search optimization tactics on your organization may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry; the Rank Fire | SEO staff, is here to assist you with voice search optimization for your roofing website. Your company will appear at the top of voice search results thanks to our team of professional SEO experts.

To avoid missing out on possible roofing work, implement a plan that utilizes voice search functionality.

Keep in mind that your roofing company should be visible regardless of your customers’ device, whether it is Alexa or Siri or a PC utilizing text searches.

Arrange a complimentary plan session with one of our experts to understand how to increase roofing client acquisition and get your roofing business recognised on voice search results if you want to differentiate your roofing company from the competition!

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