Using Thought Leadership and Public Speaking to Build Quality Backlinks

Public Speaking to Build Quality Backlinks

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 3, 2022

Want to learn how to become a thought leader in your field and earn high-quality backlinks in the process? This guide is for you. Here is a guide that can be of use.

Around 5.6 million blog entries are published every day—over 233,000 people per hour.

At the same time, even though English is only spoken by around 20% of people worldwide, 66% of all online information is in the English language.

A lot of people are competing for the attention of the public.

In such a crowded field, one approach to distinguish yourself and your material is to establish yourself as a thought leader.

A thought leader is one of a select group of experts who are sought out for advice and guidance in their area of expertise. They are the type of person who is frequently quoted in the media and seen as a reliable source of information by many people.

A thought leader can not only inspire others with their original ideas, but they can also demonstrate the process they used to bring those ideas to fruition.

In order to be considered a thought leader, you need to put in the time and effort to do so.

That means your material will rise above the 4.4 million other blog posts that are published on any given day, ensuring that it is not lost in the shuffle.

Your thoughts and beliefs are more essential than the actions of your firm when you are trying to establish yourself as a thought leader. Thought leaders are pioneers in both the development of new ideas and the implementation of those ideas.

Stop trying to become a thought leader so you can sell more.

To become a leader, one must educate and empower their peers. It’s more important than everything else to establish a positive reputation and earn the respect and trust of your audience, clients, and colleagues.

You can utilise a variety of methods to promote oneself as an industry thought leader.

  • Thought leadership can be achieved by conducting innovative research and generating meaningful conclusions.
  • We are initiating a radio show.
  • Organizing online seminars.
  • Public speaking

Conducting a Study

In the vast majority of commercial blog entries, the author isn’t a specialist in the subject matter they’re writing about, but rather an expert in crafting SEO-friendly material. They are taking the best ideas from other blogs and condensing them into a single product to make money.

They aren’t sifting through any raw data to come up with truly new findings.

As a leader in your field, you don’t want to resemble these folks.

Instead of rehashing previously published material, you should create something entirely fresh, backed up by solid quantitative evidence.

Collaboration with research firms to design studies is one option. Two companies that excel at this are BuzzSumo and SparkToro.

Using publicly available datasets and drawing inferences from what you find is another option.

Regardless of how you go about it, presenting others in your area with fresh ideas and perspectives can help you establish yourself as a thought leader much more quickly than simply regurgitating what others have already said.

Creating a Podcast and distributing it

Creating a podcast is a terrific approach to build a following and establish yourself as a thought leader at the same time.

If you’re looking for a podcast format that’s easy to prepare, interview-style podcasts may be the ideal option for you. Guests are more likely to link back to their podcast feature on your website when they’re interviewed.

The ability to debate ideas with other professionals and build theories that can be expanded upon in the future is another benefit of launching a podcast.

Using Public Speaking to Make Friends

If you’re asked to speak at a conference, you’re already on your road to becoming recognised as a thought leader.

To solidify your position in the industry, you’ll need to create ties despite the fact that not everyone will attend your presentation.

Creating a landing page for each event you speak about is one of the finest ways to build links via speaking engagements. Details about your event, as well as downloadable resources like slides or opt-in forms should be included on the landing page.

Create materials for the event to make them useful on their own to be linked to from other sources.

Make an effort to secure a link from the organizer’s website. ‘

A link to your website is usually placed in your bio. If you’d like to make a more lasting impression, you can target your blog posts to the organiser and the event.

When preparing for a speaking engagement, you’ll want to think of yourself as a company representative, like John Mueller does when he answers questions about SEO.

In addition, make sure you may be quoted. You’ll be able to get your message across and make it easy for others to refer back to your work if you repeat key takeaways as quotes on your slides.

Consider putting your slide images on your website to help with backlinks.

It’s possible to get involved in the event scene even if public speaking isn’t your strong suit if you sponsor an event.

Creating an event listing on your company website and submitting it to directories, local press, and relevant PR professionals is the simplest method.

A excellent way to gain backlinks is to contact out to media sites and ask if they’d like to include your event in an interview, which may be a terrific way to give value to your target audience.

Using Webinars to Get Ahead

It’s the best of both worlds: a podcast and a speech.

Keep your webinars between 30 and 40 minutes long to obtain the best results.

A live Q&A session at the end of the presentation is included in this time. That’s what the majority of people who attend webinars want, so make sure you have it.

You’ll want to include eye-catching slides, opt-ins, downloads, and other resources in your webinar. In many ways, it’s the same concept as developing content around a speaking event.

A replay of your webinars can be linked to even if you don’t generate any other content aside from the slides.

Conclusions: Thought leadership and public speaking can help you build high-quality links.

There’s no shortcut to become a thought leader; it involves hard work and dedication, not an easy-to-achieve marketing gimmick.

You can get there if your thoughts and beliefs are solid and clear. It’s not about what you do, but why you do it.

A thought leader does not necessarily have to be the CEO or founder of a business. Anyone in a company has valuable information to provide.

Several people speak on behalf of Google, such as Danny Sullivan and John Mueller. Each person is an influential thinking leader.

Think of yourself as a thought leader as someone who sincerely wants to teach and assist others in your industry.

All of the time and effort into launching podcasts, webinars, and public speaking events will be justified if we approach it in this fashion.

As a bonus, all of these strategies will assist you in creating outstanding content that others will want to link to in the future as a reliable source.


Timeframe: Creating and distributing new information on a weekly basis is essential if this strategy is to be effective.

Results were discovered just one month after they were implemented.

The average number of links that are sent out each month. To a large extent, your success can be attributed to the amount of time and effort you invest into conducting original research or creating original content.

Needed tools: There are no sophisticated technologies required for this strategy to work — it’s all about the quality of what you put out there.

Several podcasting and webinar solutions are out there that can help you with your marketing strategy. Additionally, screen recording and video hosting tools may be helpful.

  • Think leadership and public speaking can help you gain links if you create original content that isn’t like anything else that’s out there. To reach the biggest possible audience, you’ll also need to devise a distribution strategy to go along with your excellent content.
  • Link development through thought leadership and speaking is significant because backlinks obtained are more than arbitrary—they’re evidence that your material is worth reading. For ranking in relevant search, we must always focus on providing high-quality content. This is true regardless of how Google modifies its algorithm.

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