Ultimate SEO Guide for Commercial Roofing Businesses

SEO Guide for Commercial Roofing Businesses

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 4, 2022

Finding new clients is an essential aspect of the sales process. Choosing the best marketing plan for your target customers may be difficult for some roofing contractors. From tiny businesses to major corporations, Roofers of all sizes have the same goal: to increase their revenue.

Most roofers ask what they can do to increase their close rate, and as a roofing company owner, you know that booking work is important to your success and growth. Your roofing services or products are excellent, but are you attracting the correct clients? So be it.

This post will help you improve your presenting skills so that your roofing company may secure more jobs than ever before.

From the First Sentence, Project a Professional Image

More than just a pricing and service comparison is at the heart of a successful roofing sales presentation! Your look and behavior are scrutinized when you enter the premises, including what you wear on a business day. Dress professionally, show courtesy to the homeowner and their property, and bring your marketing materials, including video presentations and brochures, to the meeting.

To get a job, focus on education, not finding one.

While many roofers are focused on closing and pitching, make sure you spend time educating your client about your products or services. A written contract is one thing, but your client’s decision-making authority should not be compromised.

By a roofing contractor’s estimate, more than 90% of homeowners reported that the roofer they hired outlined the essence of artistry and the approach for accomplishing that purpose in detail.

The client will have greater faith in you if they believe they are making an informed decision about your roofing services. Don’t be afraid to act like the master and expert you truly are.

During your presentation, talk about how the roofing process works, what the owner of the property may expect, and the advantages of high-quality materials and artistry.

Make Your Roofing Company Prominent Among the Competition

Something distinctive about your roofing firm must distinguish it from the competition. If not, why would customers choose your company above others for their roofing services? Marketing your business as a superior option to other area roofers by highlighting the unique capabilities of your company and its workers is a proven way to attract new clients.

Try out new roofing material. Specialization is the best approach to go ahead of your competitors in today’s competitive business climate. Try focusing on using unusual roofing materials instead.

Maintaining concentration on a particular area of interest can help you keep on top of things and avoid being overwhelmed. Make your roofing business more visible to your target audience.

Assume Scarcity

No one wants to hire a roofing contractor with financial difficulties, right? Because your consumers know that consistently booked roofing professionals produce an excellent job, everyone wants to engage with a roofing firm that has a steady business.s.

Consider employing this strategy if your roofing business needs a scarcity-based marketing strategy.

Here’s how to accomplish it.

It’s perfectly OK to show that you’re extremely busy. Online platforms such as social media and even conversations with clients are great places to demonstrate how busy you are in real life. Increased closing rates can be attributed to scarcity. In this case, the goal is to help your prospects see how much they rely on your products and services.

Increase Roofing Sales Through Referrals

The foundation of any roofing company’s success is based on referrals from satisfied customers. Referrals can be a very effective source of new business for roofing contractors.

Previous customers’ testimonials have a powerful impact on current property owners. Make careful to bring up these references when talking to the homeowner. If you can show prior customers’ testimonials, your potential consumers will feel more confident in working with you…

Take Care of Your Existing Roofing Clientele

Your current customers’ list is one of the most simple but effective tools in your roofing sales armory. Selling to customers, you already know, will greatly enhance your closing rate.

Even flyers and phone calls can tell your current leads about any seasonal offers, discounts, or promotions that may be available. Using your existing client base to expand your roofing sales is a good strategy.

Gain More Customers by Offering Financing

Commercial and residential properties benefit greatly from a well-maintained roof. Roofers must do everything they can to stay under their client’s budget.

Pre-qualification and financing can help to minimize the overall cost of the transaction. If you don’t have the money for a new roof, financing is the greatest alternative for property owners who do.

Listen to and learn about your ideal roofing customer before attempting to sell them your services.

Many things can be gleaned from your customers’ experiences as roofing professionals. Ask yourself this question: What are the obstacles my ideal consumer is dealing with?

Your typical customer may be worried about the condition of their roof.

Roofing consumers have what kinds of issues and concerns?

  • They may be just fed up with the way their roof looks.
  • There could be a leaky roof to blame for their family’s concern.
  • It’s possible that snow has accumulated on their roof, and they need it removed quickly.

Your advantage is in your ability to listen and comprehend the concerns of your ideal roofing consumers. It is possible to write an excellent sales copy and address the concerns relevant and hyper-focused.

Roofers often overlook the need to build trusting connections with their consumers. Keep in mind that you’re working with them on the most important thing they own: their home.

Clients should be able to see their warranty options.

Educating your customers about warranties can ease their concerns and alleviate any lingering uncertainty. When it comes to closing a roofing deal, information is your strongest weapon. To build trust, you need to provide more information about your warranties, the procedure, and the options you have available to clients. A contract can ease homeowners’ anxieties. Explain all of your warranty alternatives and reassure your customers that you will be there for them at all times.

Be Prepared

In the roofing industry, you realize that your work is quite visible. Your buyers want a roof that looks beautiful, and whatever you can do to offer them that assurance will help you close the sale.

The idea is that you should be prepared to show potential clients what they can expect by bringing brochures, a portfolio, and other marketing materials.

To build confidence between your company and the homeowners, you should make it clear that you are worried about renovating their homes by doing so.

Preparedness makes you a more engaging and professional option when you show up. This alone will help you attract more customers and develop your business by improving your brand’s image in the eyes of your customers.

Promote Your Individuality and Value

Do you have twenty years of expertise in the roofing industry? Do you have a set of qualifications or a particularly impressive portfolio?? Keep your roofing pitch focused on what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Doing all in your power to stand out from the crowd is a must.

Doing so will elevate your standing among other roofers in the eyes of potential clients and provide you with the competitive edge you so desperately need. Make your business name the first thing that comes to mind when people think about roofing services, and an ideal method to achieve that is to showcase your distinct value.

Don’t try to compete with other roofing contractors who have had bad experiences with consumers in the past. Make sure your encounter with potential consumers is professional and educational.

Promoting yourself as an expert in the subject and using your unique selling point will help you win over more customers.

There are a variety of techniques to draw attention to your special selling proposition. For example, if you are using high-quality roofing materials, you want to make this clear to property owners. Don’t just say that you employ high-quality materials, but explain their advantages. As a result, you’ll stand out from the crowd and land the sale.

Provide Exceptional Roofing Services by Always Delivering More Than Expected

You must exceed expectations to ensure that customers keep returning to your roofing company for their future roofing needs, as is the case here. Making your customers happy is one of the best strategies to increase your business’s closing rate. Are you providing excellent service? Why is this the case?

Before getting in touch with your firm, leads conduct extensive research on your organization by enlisting the help of their family members and friends and reading online evaluations.

Don’t think of your roofing service as a short-term endeavor when providing it to clients. Instead, make a long-term commitment to your client and build a foundation for repeat business.

Any size roofing company should provide the same level of service to its customers. It’s important to maintain a consistent level of service to the people you’re serving.

Inquire about the Review

Social proof is highly valued in our society. You’ll want to make sure your company’s online evaluations are glowing.

Communicate to your customers that you value and require their input by stating so explicitly. Insist that your satisfied clients continue to leave reviews on your social media pages and websites (such as Thumbtack and Yelp).

The more you can give out, the better

Freebies are always appreciated, and the more you give out, the more likely it is that potential customers will think highly of your company, resulting in increased sales of roofing materials.

Your current products should be examined. There may be a freebie that you can offer. For example, you may offer a free roof assessment to consumers after a storm or hail damage occurs. This will encourage these homeowners to book work with your company.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to make payments

So, your roofing company accepts credit cards? PayPal is also an option, isn’t it? Your clients should be given a wide range of payment choices when purchasing items or services from your company.

Don’t let your customers worry about how they’ll be able to pay for your business!! It’s your goal to be a dream roofing contractor, with many payment choices and no worries about high-quality work.

It’s a good idea to be yourself while on the phone with potential customers. Don’t be hesitant to use your normal appearance in your sales pitch. Your client might benefit from a brief history of how you’ve dealt with the organization. Discuss your interests, hobbies, or even your own family. Talk informally and down to your client.

Everything You Need to Know

Effective roofing marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Gaining new clients and expanding your business is easier with the information you’ll get in this article. Even though your roofing business is very new, the advice in this essay applies to both small and large enterprises alike. Additionally, you’ll increase your roofing company’s visibility and revenue by honing your sales pitch.

It is past time to take your roofing sales technique seriously! You can take your roofing business to the next level if you have the correct strategy.

The ideas in this post can help you increase your closing rate if you follow them to the letter.

Create a roofing website with strong SEO methods if you want a steady stream of qualified leads. Rank Fire | SEO is a great way to jumpstart your company’s growth. Our growth specialist can help you build a strategy to increase your roofing sales today! Please book an online meeting with him today!

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