Ultimate Guide to Construction Company SEO for 2022

Construction Company SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 6, 2022

Companies that provide roofing and construction services want to appear high in search results for as many keywords as possible. Numerous roofing firms in your region have the word “construction” as part of their name. Construction keywords may be ranked with the right SEO approach.

What is SEO for the construction industry?

Construction SEO is the practice of boosting a company’s visibility in search engine results. Digital platforms such as Google My Business, a company’s website, and others may be considered when ranking a business (i.e., social media profile).

SEO Basics for Construction Firms

Start with the fundamentals and work your way up the ranks. Every business must have a website, a Google My Business page, and NAP citations to establish itself on Google. It will be simpler than ever to build a website in 2021.

In addition, Google My Business and most of the directories to which you may submit your NAP information are free of charge (name, address, phone number).

Company Websites for Building Companies

Making a corporate website in 2021 is the first step toward SEO success. You have the option of working with a web design firm or building your site from scratch. At Rank Fire, we advocate hiring an expert to ensure that you have the highest chance of ranking on Google. Additionally, bespoke websites set your website out from the competition and provide search engines with more reasons to prefer your domain.

A domain name is a unique identifier for

Your website’s success hinges on the domain name you choose. Try to choose a domain name that incorporates some variant of your brand name, industry, and region.

You’ll have a higher chance of ranking rapidly if you already have a domain name. An average wait time for getting a new domain’s page one ranking on search engines is six months.

System for managing and distributing content.

WordPress and Duda are the finest content management systems (CMS) for construction-related websites. Web administrators may easily change material, add photos, and establish internal connections using WordPress, perfect for SEO reasons…

In addition, WordPress offers a wide range of plugins that may improve your website’s speed and provide a better user experience for visitors.

A Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing may be created for any business with a physical location that can be verified. It is possible to verify through postcard and appear on Google Maps and the Google Map 3-Pack right away.

The GMB listings are free and a terrific method to promote your business in front of the public eye without spending any money at all. You may also rank your GMB listing more quickly than your website, depending on where you are located and how competitive the market is in your area and the competitors.

Search engine optimization for local businesses.

Rankings in Google My Business are determined by a local algorithm that considers factors such as relevancy, popularity, and proximity. The only way to impact proximity is to shift your firm to a better location. Optimizing your listing, adding photographs, and soliciting positive client comments, on the other hand, gives you direct influence over both relevancy and prominence.

As of this writing, there are no reviews on Google.

The greatest strategy to impact the popularity of your listing is to collect as many reviews as possible. SMS and email review requests may be automated using a programme like BrightLocal.

Rankings for relevant keywords will improve as more people leave reviews for you. For example, you might anticipate increasing leads from Google My Business if your phone number and contact details are right.

There are NAP citations.

NAP citations assist in building your company’s information online. You’ll want to submit your information to as many directories as possible or modify your information if you just modified your location, phone number, or business name. I

f you want to submit listings in bulk, you may utilize a service like Yext or hire an SEO firm to do it for you. Even while NAP citations may seem little, they may major influence search engine results.

The best directories in the world

Every construction firm needs to be included in reputable directories such as Google My Business and Yelp to be taken seriously as a business. While no one item can make or break your SEO status, a collection of listings will work together to develop authority. Getting included in the most popular directories is a terrific approach to get your web presence up and running.

Speciality Directories

Businesses in the construction industry should list themselves in contractor-specific specialist directories in addition to the major directories mentioned above. Examples include Angi, HomeAdvisor and NextDoor platforms that cater to contractors and construction employees. Even more specific directories, such as The Good Contractor List, may help you increase your internet visibility.

SEO Strategies for Construction Firms

When it comes to expanding your contractor company, SEO is one of the most cost-effective options. If you want to see an increase in traffic, you’ll need to go beyond the fundamentals and use advanced SEO principles like technical SEO, content marketing, and link building. Adhere to the following steps to develop advanced SEO techniques.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a discipline.

Although it’s the most difficult part of SEO, technical SEO may make or break your online success. Technical optimization includes:

  • Reducing the time it takes for a user to load a page.
  • Improving the overall user experience.
  • Ensure that all of your sites are indexed by search engines like Google.

SEO specialists utilize Screaming Frog and Google Search Console to identify and fix technical SEO issues.

Site Performance

For consumers in the year 2021, they want websites to load immediately. Hosting providers, servers, graphics, and themes all impact site performance. Installing a plugin like WPRocket, for example, may help you improve the performance of your WordPress website and keep visitors from abandoning it in anger.

A free speed test is also offered by Google Pagespeed Insights and other platforms like GTMetrix and Pingdom.

It’s all about the experience the user has.

Google’s Page Experience Update emphasized user experience. You may improve your website’s user experience (UX) by optimizing mobile devices and making navigation simple and clear.

Users should access and use your website on any sort of device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Other UX variables include on-site buttons, forms, and other places where the user interacts.


Indexing is one of the most underreported SEO topics. Your pages must be properly indexed by Google and direct visitors to the relevant page. Technical SEO audits may discover issues with indexing, such as incorrectly marked NoIndex sites or 404 errors or inaccurate 301 redirects.

Keyword cannibalization, which occurs when two or more of your sites target the same keywords, may also be shown by indexing difficulties.

Construction-related content marketing

One of the greatest methods to enhance SEO in 2021 is to invest in well-written content. When your content is effectively promoted on Google, you may rank for various keywords and promote blog entries on social media.

The first step in creating an effective content marketing plan is to do keyword research to map your target keywords and minimize keyword cannibalization. After that, you’ll want to spread your content through service pages and blog posts. Nine times out of ten, websites with the greatest content outperform their competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Identifying the construction Content marketing relies heavily on SEO keywords. There are several ways to do keyword research, such as using tools like MOZ or SEMRush:

  1. You want to rank for your important keywords without overlapping phrases on many sites.
  2. Organize words according to the subject matter so that a single page may rank for many construction keywords.
  3. Correctly placed internal links may boost your entire website and assist Google to comprehend how the material is related to each other.
Websites for Customers

Your website should have a page for each of your main services. To reach as many prospective customers as possible, match keywords from your study to relevant service pages.

The pages for your services should have a transactional purpose, which means they urge the reader to take action and book your service. Whether you discover that one of your services lacks keyword traffic, you must assess if it is worth a page. It is a good idea to keep the page up for the most part.

Posts on a Blog

Blog articles help construction websites rank for phrases outside of the scope of their service pages. For example, gutter cleaning tips and techniques show informative purpose rather than transactional intent; therefore, you may wish to rank for this term. Even though a blog post may not immediately lead to a sale, it will generate more traffic to your website and expose your brand to a larger audience. In addition, blog entries may be used for social media sharing and link development.

Building of Backlinks

It’s possible that developing links for construction businesses is a questionable SEO strategy. SEO practises that violate Google’s standards, such as exchanges of links and fees for link placement, are prohibited. The greatest way to organically create links is to write quality blog pieces and promote them on social media.

The more often your postings address prevalent topics about your business, the more likely they are to be linked to other websites. Your website’s search engine rankings will rise as you get more links from high-ranking websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the construction industry

Because Google’s algorithm is becoming smarter, SEO is always developing. Be aware of current trends and alter your strategy if necessary to keep your top ranks. For construction firms, organic search results are still the most lucrative form of digital marketing, despite the risk of fluctuation. Let’s have a look at a few more construction-related SEO factors:

Management in the construction industry

Keyword Volume

management of construction 21.178

management services in the field of construction

firms in charge of construction management 508

management of 1,018 projects in the field of building

building maintenance and repair management 19

Construction Firms’ Use of the Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) may impact other types of internet marketing. Using Facebook Ads, for example, may boost traffic to your site and modify behavioural data, which can affect your search engine results. Your brand’s name may rise in the results if more people search for it on the internet.

Web Analytics for Construction Sites Using Google Analytics

Monitoring SEO performance by setting up Google Analytics is an excellent approach to tracking it. Organic traffic may be analyzed by page, device, location, and other parameters. It is possible to see SEO issues as they develop and make immediate corrections by using benchmark data. It’s also possible to use Google Search Console to track and analyze search terms.

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