5 Types of Content for SEO That Will Help You Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Content for SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 26, 2022

Imagine being able to be ranked higher in search results, bring more targeted visitors to your website, and increase your company’s credibility and credibility with potential customers. It sounds like the good idea is, doesn’t it?

With the help of content marketing, the dream could become a reality.The creation of content that is optimized for SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. There are five kinds of content suitable for SEO that you could make to reap the benefits of SEO that include”

  1. Blog posts
  2. Long-form content
  3. Videos
  4. Listicles

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1.Blog posts The first item on our list of kinds of content that can be used for SEO includes blogs. In the context of the term “content marketing,” this format is often the first thing that appears in your thoughts. There are more than 600 million blog sites all over the world.As the name implies, blog writing is the sharing of information and information through blogs. blogs are primarily focused on writing; however, they may also contain images, GIFs, and videos.

Blogging is a more casual way of sharing information.In general, businesses will adopt more of a conversational tone in their blog posts, as you would talk with a friend or colleague on a particular topic. It’s a great method to interact with readers and has a “conversation” with them about important subjects.

Blog posts can be about the broad range of subjects that relate to your company or the industry you work in.For instance, on the Grammarly blog, they discuss various issues related to writing, from outlining the process of writing a resume communications channels.

Blog posts are an excellent form of content to help with SEO

Blog posts are excellent to use for SEO because they aren’t as time-consuming to produce as other types of content. Blog posts are generally shorter, ranging from 1000-1500 words, which means you are able to publish more content in less time.

Additionally, publishing blog posts can lead to greater results. 60 percent of blog writers who post daily at least are able to see positive outcomes with their blog.When writing your blog content, you’ll need to produce always-green material in order that your blog posts will be pertinent and increase traffic continuously throughout the years. The content that’s evergreen is long-lasting and is relevant over time.

It’s not outdated or sensationalized, such as news articles. When you have evergreen blog posts, you’ll get the perfect combination of regular posts and relevance to ensure an ongoing flow of visitors to your website and improve the effectiveness of SEO.

2.Long-form content

When you understand how to make SEO web-based content, you realize the fact that longer-form material is very popular. Content that is long-form includes providing comprehensive and detailed information about the topic. The posts are typically longer than blog articles and possess a more professional style.Blog posts can only touch the surface of an issue, while longer-form content delves deeper into the subject.

 It also helps readers gain more knowledge and explore different perspectives. This is an instance of The New York Times. They have created a lengthy article that tells the story of an avalanche that occurred in Tunnel Creek.They give in-depth information about the story of people who experienced the avalanche.

However, they also provide details about the area as well as previous avalanches within the region. The article is packed with in-depth information and background information that gives context and clarity to the tale.Long-form material is a fantastic type of content to use for SEO

Long-form content can provide a variety of advantages to the SEO of your site. One of the main advantages of writing long-form content is that it helps keep people staying on your website for longer. Perhaps you’re wondering how that is possible when the average person is spending just 37 seconds reading an article?

While the average user will spend about 30 seconds on a webpage but some will take more time. The prospects you will get will go through the entire page and take in all the details you provided. These are fantastic prospects for your company.

In addition that long-form content can provide all the information that potential customers require even if they don’t remain on your site for long. As opposed to having them jump between pages to find information, they will access all the information they need from one page. This means that you are now a reliable source of information about your industry.


  • Another excellent type of content to use for SEO includes video. Video clipsare a great way to convey lots of information. The following are some figures that illustrate the power of video:139 percent is the quantity of the brand’s image is boosted after watching the video
  • 92 percentpercent of people share videos with other users.

86 percent is the amount that conversion rate increases when you add videoVideos let you share a vast amount of information at one time to your audience videos can be used to share information with your audience – just one second of video is the equivalent of 8 million sentences. Videos are extremely versatile also. They can be used as a stand-alone piece or be included in an article or lengthy video content to provide a new dimension of engagement.Through videos for marketing, it is possible to explore a variety of topics within your field. It is also possible to create various kinds of content to present these subjects, including:

  • Educational videos
  • Video clips of product
  • Video explanations
  • Product demonstration videos

…and more! The reason videos make an excellent type of content to help SEO

Videos are important for SEO due to a variety of reasons. The primary reason is that they improve engagement with your company. People like watching videos in the U.S.Adults can spend up to five hours every working day watching online videos.

The SEO-optimized content is great to engage prospects and keep them entertained. Additionally, you can utilize video content to increase your website’s SEO.The users are spending 88 percent longer on websites with videos. A longer time spent on a page sends an affirmative signal towards Google that your website is relevant to the searchers and leads to a better ranking for your site.

In addition, it is three times more than likely to appear on the front page of Google results if you’re using videos on your site.Video can increase engagement and provide information that people want. This will all be positive for Google and boosts your rank.


The next in our list of possible types of content that can be used for SEO is lists. Listicles are websites that have information in the form of lists. It is extremely well-known because it’s simple to look through, and readers are able to quickly access the information they need.When you write listicles, you can use a variety of methods, such as the list of suggestions. Here’s an example listicle-based piece of content by Dave Ramsey that contains a listing of numbered ways to earn extra cash.

Why listicles are an excellent source of SEO content

Listicles are a fantastic type of SEO content writing since they offer fantastic users’ interaction. Users can easily sift through your posts to locate information that is relevant and important information. It makes it easier to read and encourages users to keep on your page for longer and browse your content.In addition, lists can be great for search engines as well. You can include relevant keywords in your subheadings and headings to aid Google in determining your page’s relevance. It’s an excellent way to ensure your site ranks higher on search engine results.


When you’ve learned how to make SEO material, you’ll discover that many businesses prefer creating longer content. Another piece of content that is longer than you could create is a manual. Guides are all-encompassing pieces of content that give every detail and nuance to understand a subject.Guides may be either free or locked contents.

When content is gated, users are required to enter their details to gain access to the guide. Typically, after submitting their details, they receive an email with the guide.The issue with content that is gated, However, the issue is that it does not count on your SEO score. Because Google isn’t able to access the text so it won’t have an impact on your SEO.

If you wish to create SEO-optimized content, you have to make your guide available on your website to allow Google to read.In this instance of Styles of Man, you can see they have an extensive guide on fall fashion. The guide breaks down the various elements of fall fashion to make an outfit.

Guides are an excellent type of SEO content

In-depth content is great for SEO.

Therefore, guides can have an impact upon your SEO. The longer content is likely to work better for your business articles that exceed 1,000 words are more likely to receive social shares and links than fewer articles.

While social sharing isn’t directly affecting your SEO, frequent shares and links can boost your website’s traffic and improve your rank in search results. Additionally, the fact that longer guides will keep users on your page longer is an affirmative signal for Google that your website is useful.

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