Top 5 SEO Tools to Checking Search Engine Rankings

Checking Search Engine Rankings

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 14, 2022

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a proven strategy for boosting your website’s visibility in search engine rankings.

On the other hand, SEO is a long-term strategy, and in today’s fast-paced environment, many business owners expect immediate results.

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In the meantime, how can you tell if your SEO strategy is working?

Even though analytics tools are the greatest approach to determining whether SEO is working, it can still be tough to determine its performance. It can be difficult to track, so we’ll look at the hurdles that make it difficult, as well as the criteria that can give you an indication of your SEO success. The tools you may use to check your SEO will even be covered.

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If you’re using SEO, you’ll need to know whether or not it’s working.

You’ll need to employ analytics tools to gather website data to determine how SEO influences your site.

Though it’s impossible to say for sure if your SEO strategy is working, these tools provide information that can help you figure it out.

1.Analytical tools from Google

If you want to learn more about your website, Google Analytics is one of the best resources available.

With GA, you can keep track of the average time spent on a page, the bounce rate, and the number of conversions that each page generates.


Before using Ahrefs to monitor your keyword rankings, the first step is to make sure that your content includes relevant keywords. Moz‘s Keyword Explorer and are good places to start when it comes to conducting keyword research.

Using Ahrefs to monitor your keyword rankings is a must.

There’s a lot of information about a page just by typing its URL into the search bar.

On the top data bar, click on the blue number indicating the number of organic keywords.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to check which keywords your website is ranking for, how many monthly searches each receives, how difficult it is to rank for each phrase, and more.

All of this information can help you gauge the success of your SEO campaign. You’ll know your plan is working if you start seeing improvements in your rankings for a large number of keywords.


Data about your website’s organic search traffic, sponsored search traffic, the number of backlinks pointing to it, and the number of organic keywords, to name just a few, can all be found in SEMrush.

You can tell if your SEO efforts are succeeding or failing based on the data in this report.

SEO, for example, aims to improve the number of backlinks to a website. Your SEO efforts are succeeding if you witness an increase in your number of backlinks.

Increasing the number of organic keywords on your website is a good indication that your content is targeting the right keywords for your sector and utilizing them effectively.


You may track your SEO efforts with Raven Tools, a third-party software platform.

Using Raven Tools, you’ll be able to see how well your website is attracting links and how those links alter over time.

Analytics like keyword and competitor intelligence and insights will also be available to you, so you’ll always know how your keywords compare to those of your competition. number five

MarketingCloudFX, Rank Fire’s unique platform, provides thorough visitor analytics and analysis to assist you in understanding how your SEO campaign is functioning.

Your SEO campaign will be more successful if you can determine whether or not your keywords are attracting the proper people and whether or not those people are engaging with your content.

If the demographics of your site’s visitors don’t always match what you’ve set out to attract, you might conclude that your SEO attempts to target a specific keyword aren’t working.

In addition, you may learn how to improve your SEO approach due to this.


We’ve already talked about how you can tell if your SEO efforts are paying off by looking at a few particular indicators.

These KPIs or key performance indicators can gauge an SEO campaign’s success.

You can use tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to numerically examine your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Traffic increases, time spent on site, bounce rate reduction, and conversion rates are all signs that SEO is doing its job.

1.Traffic to your website

If your website isn’t attracting visitors, your SEO efforts aren’t doing their job. It’s possible to reach this conclusion since SEO involves adhering to a set of principles that will assist search engines in better ranking your site, resulting in more traffic. When it rises, it’s a sign that your SEO efforts are paying off.

The number of visitors to a website does not affect its position in search engine results, but click-through rates do. If you don’t have enough visitors, you won’t get a high click-through rate.

There is a direct correlation between website traffic and search engine rankings. Once you’ve climbed to the top of the search results, the CTR (or click-through rate) traffic you’ve received will help you maintain your position.

Google Analytics can help you monitor this parameter.

2.Second, the amount of time the page has been on the internet

Using Google Analytics, you can also check how long an average user stays on your website.

It’s possible that your time on the page was minimal before you started SEO. Content that doesn’t attract the visitor or poorly written content could be the cause of this.

You can tell you’re doing something well with SEO when your visitors are spending more time on your website because of the excellent content you’ve created.

Users are more likely to spend more time on a page if it has content they find interesting.

If your material is beneficial to your readers, Google will see that, and you’ll rise to the top of the search engine results.


The percentage of visitors who leave your site after reading only one page is known as the bounce rate.

Users may have returned to Google search results because they could not locate the information they were seeking on your website.

This percentage is displayed in Google Analytics, and if it decreases over time, it means that your SEO efforts are succeeding.


The conversion rate may be a fascinating metric to watch grow.

This means that if you observe an increase in sales or conversions as a result of SEO, then it’s working as intended.

Several SEO tactics work together to help your website improve traffic, increase time on page and decrease bounce rate, so that site visitors are more satisfied and finally make a purchase.


There are three main reasons why it’s difficult to tell if SEO is working. If you want to succeed, you have to adjust to these three circumstances out of your control.


The search engine giant is always improving Google’s search algorithm.

You can’t do anything about this, yet it helps Google’s users get better search results. For example, there’s a rise in the importance of mobile friendliness and a decrease in the worth of bad links.

Without a massive upgrade, you won’t know when it will arrive, which means that your SEO rankings could alter dramatically while the update takes effect.

Because of this, most websites are not affected by these modifications. The modifications are aimed at websites that employ unethical SEO practices to gain an advantage over those who adhere to the game’s rules.

You should follow modern SEO principles as strictly as possible to minimize the risk of being harmed by an algorithm update and maximize the probability of being aided by an algorithm update.


You never know what you’re going to face. Your competitors are undoubtedly doing the same thing if you’re trying to improve your search engine rankings. It’s more difficult for you to get to the top of Google’s search results for your target keyword because many people are vying for it.

Even though your competitors might be working on their SEO simultaneously, this can alter how you see your growth.

Your SEO ranking will fluctuate in response to changes in the SEO strategy of your competition.

3.Be on the lookout for these three things:

SEO results are also influenced by how search engine users conduct themselves online. For Google to rank your website highly, it considers how consumers engage with it.

Among other things, search engines favor websites that cater to the needs of their visitors and provide them with relevant content. As a result, changes in searcher habits could impact your perception of SEO outcomes.

If you run a website that offers discounted winter boots, you may expect a spike in sales in the weeks and months coming up to winter. However, if the winter is unusually lengthy, you may see a spike in business in months like February and March that you haven’t seen before.

As a result, your position in the search results may shift because your consumers are looking for something else. If you’re just starting your SEO efforts when people are shopping more, it may offer you an inaccurate picture of your overall ranking throughout the year.

Additionally, searcher behavior could alter at any time. Because winter boots are a popular Christmas present this year, their sales could rise.

Does your SEO strategy work?

Rank Fire provides you with the resources and expertise to analyze your campaign to determine whether or not your SEO campaign has the desired effect.

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