The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Roofing Companies

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 24, 2022

What is Roofer Digital Marketing?

It promotes roofing firms on digital channels, such as the internet, via digital marketing for roofers. Email, text messages, and social media are digital platforms that people use every day.

Roofing Companies’ Digital Marketing Plan

Some businesses opt to outsource their whole digital marketing strategy to a professional. Certain people who choose to save money and keep more control over their message may do marketing duties manually.

Many contractors have difficulty managing their time. Generally, most roofers lack time to devote to a high-quality digital marketing strategy. Roofers who use digital marketing services generally outperform those who do it themselves.

To be successful in roofing digital marketing in 2022, it’s critical to grasp the latest trends. This essay from Rank Fire summarizes the finest hacks and tactics for roofers.

1) Improve the Web Presence of Your Roofing Company

The roofing firm website is the most powerful digital marketing tool for a roofer. Your organization acquires digital real estate online by obtaining a domain name with web hosting and launching a high-quality website.

Having a website online helps you with subsequent digital marketing responsibilities. Your website’s ultimate purpose is to be found on Google, where it can then be used to bring in new clients. For both search engine rankings and conversions, your website has to be properly optimized.

Rank Fire is well-versed in the field of website development. We designed our website builder for the best roofing websites on the internet. In our opinion, these are the characteristics of a strong website:

  • Mobile-Friendliness: Mobile devices account for around half of all internet traffic. Your roofing website must be mobile-friendly if you want it to be successful.
  • People’s attention spans are short. Therefore it’s important to be responsive. They won’t stick around if your website takes too long to load. They’ll go to a different roofing company’s website.
  • Your website’s visitors must have a positive user experience, which means it must be simple to use, have a quick load time, and have an intuitive user interface.

2) Management of Reviews and Publicity

Digital word-of-mouth has taken a new form in the form of online reviews. In today’s digital world, positive online roofing evaluations may make or break your business. Aside from improving your company’s image, they may also help you create new business.

Having a Google Business Profile, Facebook page, and other prominent review sites is necessary for every business. After that, you need to have a steady stream of evaluations from actual consumers. A reputation management application helps streamline requesting reviews.

Obtaining customer feedback is critical since the average shopper will read anywhere from one to ten reviews before purchasing. Consequently, your consumers’ perceptions of your roofing company will be shaped by the context of your evaluations.

The importance of reacting to both good and negative evaluations cannot be overstated. A few bad reviews from dissatisfied consumers are to be expected. Even yet, it’s critical to preserve a favorable public image in the face of criticism.

3) Produce Content of the Highest Quality

At least 70% of customers prefer to learn about a business via an article or blog post instead of a commercial or billboard. Therefore, content is essential for the digital marketing of roofers.

The majority of marketing companies create content for their customers. The quality of the material is typically the divider since it varies from website to website. All premium material is free of grammatical mistakes and offers genuine value to the reader.

Blog articles, eBooks, white papers, social media postings, video material, and more are content marketing examples. Here are a few examples of content marketing that have worked:

Consumers find how-to tutorials (in a blog or video style) visually appealing and easy to follow. How-to guides like “How to Maintain Your Roof” or “How to Get Your Roof Ready for Winter” could be useful.

  • Videos: YouTube videos are great for embedding on a web page. As a visual help, they may increase the number of people who read your information.
  • Blogging is the easiest and most effective approach to give value to your customers. Come up with interesting and educational blog content based on your roofing expertise.

Quality content is uncommon since it is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a digital marketing strategy. It’s worth it for roofing firms to invest in excellent content since it’s the quickest method to outrank local competition with comparable domain authority.

4) Conduct a Comprehensive Analysis of Relevant Keywords

To get the highest possible position in 2022, keyword research involves tactical judgment. Now, more than only volume is considered when determining the value of a keyword.

SEO is a procedure that requires a thorough understanding of keyword intent. A service page, for example, should target keywords with particular buyer intent, while blog entries should target informative searches as their primary focus.

While it takes practice to master the art of keyword prioritization, using tools like SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, and AHRefs makes it much easier.  The Google Search Console is an excellent place to look for local roofing search phrases.

5) Strategically placed Google Ads may supplement SEO traffic.

AdWords may help new roofing firms while waiting for their website to be optimized via Pay Per Click advertising Pay-per-click advertising on Google Ads enables roofing firms to rank their landing page higher than organic results.

In the early stages of your digital marketing effort, it makes sense for roofers to invest in website traffic. SEO takes up to six months to be effectively indexed; thus, Google Ads may supplement traffic and produce leads.

With the help of Google Ads, roofing firms can launch seasonal ads that specifically target different kinds of roofers. High-ticket services like commercial roof repair may now be completed in a matter of minutes, resulting in tremendous ROI.

Always do A/B testing on an ongoing basis. A/B testing may help you improve the effectiveness of your PPC advertising and decrease your CPC while increasing conversion rates.

6) Obtain Online Citations for Your Company

Roofing contractors in your area may list themselves in various directories, resulting in nofollow backlinks to your website. For example, Google is able to identify your organization as a different entity because of the broad dispersion of NAP citations.

HomeAdvisor, Angi, and Better Business Bearue are well-known directories for contractors. Even yet, roofing businesses have access to thousands more. It is possible to swiftly and easily send citations to various directories by using an online service such as Whitespark’s.

Having your profile included in various directories increases your chances of getting a lead. It is, however, in the form of SEO signals that it has the most influence. It is easier for search engines to crawl new service pages and blog posts when your website URL is established across several third-party websites.

7) Schema Markup should be implemented.

Businesses may connect with search engines more effectively by including schema markups into their content. Search engines like Google can better grasp your website’s context when marking up business information.

As long as Google recognizes your roofing company as a local one, it will treat your website and Google Business Profile as the same. Having a presence on both Google Maps and Google Search is the ultimate objective for any business.

Roofers may use schema markup to markup other areas of their websites, such as reviews and social media accounts. Incorporating schema markup into your website using BrightLocal ensures that your website’s service areas are accurate and up-to-date.

8) Create Assets That Can Be Shared

In 2022, link building will be a crucial part of digital marketing, but Rank Fire will go much further. If your blog postings are good quality, they will draw links from other websites, not from you.

Link outreach is unethical for any SEO agency since it violates Google’s requirements. If you’re attempting to get links from other websites, you’re breaking Google’s regulations.

The good news for roofing firms is that they don’t need to establish connections to get customers. Long-form blog entries that address a popular issue or topic are often published to attain this ideal.

Remember that a dull subject will not draw connections from other websites. Consequently, the title and on-page content of a linkable asset must be appealing to a wide audience. This is a great example of a linkable asset: a statistical post.

9) Digital Marketing Agency for Roofers

Considering that time is a valuable commodity in the roofing sector, it is a waste to use it on digital marketing duties. Roofers may save a lot of money by outsourcing SEO to digital marketing specialists.

It’s not only tedious activities like updating meta descriptions and generating on-page content that digital marketing specialists can rescue contractors from, but also expensive and time-consuming blunders.

In the digital marketing arena, not all companies are trustworthy, but doing a little research can aid in weeding out the bad ones. With decades of client SEO data at their disposal, digital marketing specialists can help guide your strategy. To put it another way, they’ve figured out the test’s questions and answers.

10) Boost Your Brand’s Recognition

According to Forrester Research, in 2022, branding will be the most underrated SEO ranking component. Your website and Google Business Profile display higher in search results when customers routinely search for your business name on Google.

Brand awareness is the greatest approach to promoting branded searches. Outbound marketing activities such as email marketing, direct mail, and door-to-door sales may help roofers build their brand.

The more people learn about your business via word-of-mouth, the more they’ll do their homework online regarding email marketing, the two worlds mix. Your brand is exposed to a big audience, but only online when sending out email blasts.

11) Roofers may benefit from marketing software

no matter what industry they’re in. It’s possible to automate most of your SEO efforts while simultaneously managing reputation management using a solution like BrightLocal.

Using BrightLocal, roofers may post schema pins for each work, which display on the respective service sites and city pages for the best possible position on search engines. Additionally, they use geo-schema pins to boost Google Maps search results.

As the last step, BrightLocal sends out review requests through email and SMS text messaging to manage a roofing company’s online reputation. The best part is that the dashboard informs businesses about their websites’ reviews, pins, and organic development.

12) Create an Emailing List

Email is an excellent medium for promoting a business and attracting new customers. Roofers may anticipate a $42 for every $1 invested in email marketing. Start a mailing list with this in mind.

Following CAN-SPAM guidelines is essential if you want to avoid penalties and to have your IP address blacklisted. Your email footer should provide a link that allows people to unsubscribe, along with your roofing company’s contact information.

When it comes to starting an email list for your roofing company, you may not know where to begin. If you provide quality material on your website, it’s a cinch to get traffic. Offer a value proposition, like a discount coupon, for their email address when they arrive on your site.

emailYour email list should be segmented based on the characteristics and demands of each subscriber. Emails sent from segmented lists are more likely to be opened, as they may be more precisely targeted. You’ll discover that customers are happy to hand out their email addresses in exchange for a discount.

13) Roofing Facebook Ads may be used for this purpose.

Ads on Facebook are cost-effective and allow roofers to reach a highly focused audience of potential customers. With so much information accessible on a Facebook page, segmenting people on other platforms is more costly.

Consequently, the CPC is lower than on other social media networks. Facebook advertising is the only way for businesses to reach their target audience on the social media platform since Facebook restricts the organic reach of postings.

The process of creating a very effective Facebook business ad is rather simple. Advertisers may also use Instagram, another prominent social media network, at the same time as their Facebook ad.

14) Incorporate a Wide Range of CTAs

Your call to action is the key to converting a website visitor. You may use a contact form, a click-to-call phone number, or other more innovative CTAs to transform those website visits into warm leads.

Rank Fire | SEO have been increasingly inventive with CTAs as technology has advanced. It’s no longer necessary to speak with a customer service representative to arrange an appointment on several websites.

Take into account bringing in a real-time chat option to your roofing company’s website so that you can address consumers’ particular questions. In the end, the objective is to attract as many potential customers as possible.

15) Start a Roofing Company Podcast

When discussing digital material, roofing contractors often think about blog entries, Instagram photos, and YouTube videos. On the other hand, audio podcasting is an underutilized digital content resource.

Starting a roofing podcast may gain a distinct edge over both online and offline opponents. As a further benefit, distributing your podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher generates great SEO signals for your company.

In 2022, roofing businesses will be able to record podcasts more easily than ever before. Two $50 USB mics and some free computer recording software are all you need. An iPhone can even be used to record some basic podcasts.

16) Become a Member of a Referral Group

In 2022, digital networking can help you generate more leads every month. If you want to expand your web network, consider working with roofing suppliers, contractors from different sectors, and even roofers from other locations…

Receiving recommendations from other reputable companies is a great way to get your company noticed. Referral partners may even promote your business on social media because of all the digital information created every day.

Offline networking may be carried over to the internet as well. If you’re interested in networking with other local or national company owners, consider attending a business conference or a roofing conference. Since many people are eager to form a referral connection as a consequence of this,

17) Make Your Logo and Color Scheme More Appealing

Hire a logo designer to improve your roofing company’s online image by enhancing your company’s logo and color scheme. Having a professional-looking logo may have an enormous influence on a business.

In addition to your major website and Google Business Profile. Your logo is the most prominent representation of your company citations and email campaigns.

A professional designer will create web-optimized files for all of your digital platforms. A well-done logo makeover is worth the effort. Keep your color palette basic, but include high-quality features that make your product seem more professional to the end-user.

18) Use Location Pages to Expand Your Service Area

For roofers, one of the most common digital marketing queries is how to expand your service area online. A good example is having an office in a certain city or county. As a result, you still need to service customers in adjacent zip codes. ”

In particular, Google’s Local Map 3-Pack results are designed to favor businesses nearby. It is possible to rank in cities and towns that aren’t located near your main office.

Each target city should have its unique location page for the first phase. With a solution you can then automate the uniqueness of your work by publishing evidence of your work in those specified places.

In 2022, you’ll be able to win over new markets thanks to social evidence. Avoidance is the last thing you should do. Building spammy city sites that utilize the same information repeatedly. Instead, spend money on custom writing for each page that makes subtle allusions to the location or town you’re aiming for.

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