The Best 5 Interactive Content Strategies

Interactive Content Strategies

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 22, 2022

You may earn significant connections by using interactive content pieces. For your next marketing effort, here are five ideas for interactive material.

You must establish a link-building strategy that allows you to earn links that your rivals can’t or won’t be able to imitate if you want a competitive edge.

That necessitates doing something new.

Guest writing, resource link building, and other similar strategies won’t provide you with a significant edge over your competitors, and even high-value PR efforts like newsjacking are unpredictable since you’re waiting for a fair chance to present yourself.

However, content marketing / digital PR is a strategy that may help you generate a lot of high-quality links on a large scale.

The basic concept is as follows:

Make sure the correct people know about what you’ve done.

A linkable item that journalists, bloggers, and web admins want to link to (desire is the keyword) is decisive for driving significant growth.

Many connections are possible, from static images (such as infographics) to interactive material (such as videos).

There are several established formats and examples of successful articles that we’ll teach you how to generate links that will help your site develop.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the linkability of each of these interactive forms, as well as how they may be marketed to get connections.

1.Tools and calculators

When done correctly, tools and calculators may be the most effective method to acquire high-quality connections at a large scale.

However, there are several fields where basic concepts have been overdone to the point that they provide nothing new.

To be successful today, you’ll need innovative tools and calculators that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Check, double-check, and triple-check to see if there are any existing examples of this format that you can use as a citeable reference before you begin brainstorming ideas for it.

As an example, consider the following situation.

According to Ahrefs, Money Saving Expert’s mortgage calculator has received links from 337 different sites.

A significant component in the tool’s high visibility for high-value search phrases is rather good.

As a practice and a tool, it’s well-received and merits the connections it has received.

However, how can it be improved upon?

It’s doubtful.

Because of this, it is doubtful that a freshly introduced link-building technology will be successful.

However, let’s not lose sight of the main point here.

Tools and calculators may have a significant impact on outcomes. Remember to open a utility that does the following:

  • Is one-of-a-kind.
  • In addition, it increases the worth of the item.
  • Involves conversation.
  • Hasn’t been done to death.

How would you market it to link prospects: What makes your tool a good fit for linking?

However, do not let this deter you from using the format. If you’re writing a tool or a calculator, think about what your audience could find helpful.

The following are some of the most popular link-building tools, both for their usefulness and for their entertainment value:

Earned links from a total of 47 distinct sites for the SJD Accountancy Contractor Salary Calculator

  • Instagram Earnings Calculator – Links from 218 different sites.
  • Inkifi’s Instagram Earning Calculator
  • Adobe Color – This page has been linked to 21,088 different websites.

These examples illustrate a wide range of methods to launch tools, from primary and fun to more complicated ones that enhance your main product.

Create something new and offer value to the world.

With this structure, you’ll be able to get the best outcomes possible.

Pitching out isn’t complete without contacting sources who have previously written about the issue your technology addresses. Pitch it to their readers as an additional benefit.

2.There are two types of games: games and quizzes.

Let your creative juices flow while you’re creating an interactive piece of media.

Start brainstorming engaging games and quizzes that you can launch to get your audience engaged while also gaining backlinks from other sites that distribute the content.

Creating linkable materials like games and quizzes may indeed be time-consuming and expensive, but that’s the only drawback to this approach.

Games and quizzes may be more suited to B2C businesses than B2Bones, but where do you begin when it comes to incorporating them into your content marketing strategy?

Consider brainstorming the subjects your audience knows you best. What kind of image do you want people to associate with your company?

From there, you can begin brainstorming ideas and thoughts on how to challenge these folks and create an interactive that gets their interest.

Your imagination limits you in this situation.

Before beginning production, run your idea by people who will be familiar with your intended audience (friends, coworkers who aren’t engaged in the project, or even journalists in your network).

Here are just a few examples of fun games and quizzes that have produced outstanding results in terms of links:

  • With 679 connections from 679 different sites, JustPark’s Reaction Time Test was a huge success.
  • Who Can Fix My Car’s Alloy Quiz – 112 different websites linked to this quiz.
  • A total of 84 distinct domains linked to the ‘Can You Spot It?’ quiz on

Please direct your attention to the angle you’ll take with prospects to entice them to spread the word and then make connections to it.

It’s common for publishers to avoid the title “Brand X Launches Game Y” since they don’t want to be associated with it.

Nonetheless, what if you gathered the information of people who participated in the game or quiz? Suddenly, the headlines you have to choose from are a lot more intriguing.

There is a big difference between the headline “Car Dealership Launches Road Sign Quiz”, and the one “Only 2 in 5 Can Correctly Identify These Must-Know Road Signs”.

Begin to think about the angles you can take to press before going into production, and you’ll end up driving significantly more value.

3.Animated Maps

Make a map interactive for a reason?

Simply because:

Static maps might be particularly challenging to understand when using a mobile device.

Data that is split down by nation looks amazing when shown on maps.

Using this kind of material may help you get a lot of backlinks.

Except for mobile devices, when pinching and zooming are the only options, this format isn’t user-friendly.

A map may be made interactive, allowing users to zoom in and out and add more info when they hover over or click on a country. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

When it comes to generating backlinks, why are maps so effective?

For the simple reason that we all like making global comparisons and because most nations included may be seen from various perspectives.

Here are a few examples of successful interactive map-based assets that you may use as inspiration for your own:

  • – GoCompare’s What Energizes the World? – – This page has been linked to 256 different websites.
  • From 131 different websites, Expedia’s Mythical Creatures earned links.
  • Travel Supermarket’s Top Holiday Destinations – 80 different domains linked to me.

It’s no accident that travel companies love interactive maps.

Several industries might benefit from interactive maps, from automobiles to banking.

To draw intriguing patterns and comparisons, you’ll need to figure out where to obtain data sources that are similar across countries, continents, and regions.

If you can overcome this hurdle, you’re likely to have a successful campaign that achieves your objectives and generates high-quality connections.

4. Indicators

If you want to get high-quality connections from top-tier sites, you’ll likely need to employ data-driven content to do so.

In other words, when you take data and utilize it to tell an intriguing tale, you end up having various perspectives, mainly when that’s done in an index structure.

Listicles are not what we’re talking about here. Here we’re talking about research-backed by hard facts from which you may glean many tales.

Think about how you can utilize data sets to combine criteria to get a rating in index form while coming up with index concept ideas.

As a result, you’re probably wondering whether you can publish this in a static style, such as an infographic or even a blog post.

Launching an interactive version, however, has the benefit of allowing users to:

  • Investigate the data on their own.
  • Sort the results.
  • Make use of maps.
  • Etc.

An index may be made dynamic and exciting in a plethora of ways.

You’d be surprised at how many there are. Here are some excellent interactive indexes that have done well in terms of link acquisition:

  • TomTom’s Traffic Index – 2,827 different websites linked to
  • In addition, the Cosmetify Index has a total of 72 unique connections.
  • A comparison of the Market’s Global Broadband Index has been made, with connections coming in from 48 different websites.

5.Data Visualization and Reporting

Infographics have been dubbed “dead” by some, but the truth is you can’t blame the format.

Even in 2020, infographics may still be the perfect technique for marketing since a solid narrative and headline will work regardless of the medium chosen to deliver it.

However, launching an interactive infographic or making a static report more interesting by adding interactive features is typically more beneficial.

Because interaction makes it possible for you to:

  • Improve the overall experience for the user.
  • Innovate by presenting data in new ways.
  • Produce a fantastic piece of work.
  • Your options are significantly more than they would be with a static object.
  • At its most basic, this is interactive material – a step beyond static assets and requiring minimal resources.
  • It allows you to concentrate on:
  • Possessing original ideas.

I am correctly presenting the information.

One of the most frequent issues when dealing with static graphics is providing a responsive asset that appears just as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Do you want to be energized?

  • Interactive infographics and reports may be used in a variety of primary campaigns, such as the ones listed below:
  • More than 885 distinct domain names are linked to Podio’s Famous Creative People’s Daily Routines page.
  • A total of 119 distinct domains are linked to Tide’s Pioneering Women.
  • She earned links from 97 different sites for Slotsia’s Time To Fist Million.

An interactive infographic or report is a good starting point if you haven’t yet launched an interactive piece of content for link acquisition purposes.

Many connections may be generated from actual interactive content, as shown by the three samples provided here. Of course, they’ve been around for so long that they have a fascinating history.

I Turn the Floor Over to You

How about creating your interactive material now that you’ve read this?

Getting high-quality connections at scale has never been easier, and as long as you keep an eye out for ways to improve the format and launch more extensive and better campaigns, you’ll be able to do so.


Every three months

Detection of results: 3 to 6 months

The average number of connections a campaign generates: 25+

There are a few things you’ll need:

  • Ahrefs
  • A media database, such as Gorkana, Cision, Vuelio, etc., isn’t necessary but is helpful.


  • You’ll get a competitive edge since you’ll be able to obtain high-authority links at a large scale, which are challenging for your rivals to imitate.
  • Interactive content may be used for more than just link acquisition; it can also enhance brand exposure, referral traffic, and the opportunity to connect with new audiences.

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