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Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 10, 2022

Do you ever wonder what the phrases “link building” truly imply when you hear them used in normal conversation? Please read on if so.

Do you ever wonder what the phrases “link building” truly imply when you hear them used in normal conversation?

If so, you’ll want to read on.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a glossary of terminology related to link building.

Text in an anchor element and the keywords that you click on to navigate to a target page is called anchor text.

Updates to the algorithm

When we talk about algorithm adjustments, we nearly invariably mean Google. The history of key changes to the Google algorithm may be seen at Google Algorithm Updates.

This suggests that Google’s algorithm for evaluating websites has changed.

Addition of Alternate Tags and Attributes

When describing a picture, utilize the Alt property, which is detailed below. For visually challenged, screen readers utilize the alt properties of an image to explain what it looks like.


To sum up, attributes provide more information about a given HTML element. The alt property for an image link is as follows: See this guide for an in-depth explanation.



This is a slang phrase for external links referring to your website. It is common to refer to them as “links” or “inbound links,” although they may go by various names.

Computer programs that gather data from websites are referred to as bots.

Mentions of a Brand

Whether it’s a website or social media post, if your brand is referenced without a link, it’s a brand mention.

Links that are no longer active

A link that links to a nonexistent resource is a broken link.



Canonical elements notify search engines which page should be used as the primary source to avoid duplicating material.

Flow of Citations

Websites’ link equity may be assessed using this trademarked Majestic measurement.


Here, you’ll find references to your company’s name and phone number. You can assist search engines in better trusting a firm if you don’t connect these two things.

This is a class C vehicle.

C class networks or blocks are also known as IP addresses. If you’re looking for a more in-depth definition, go here.


Typically, this relates to removing potentially harmful or spammy links, but it may also apply to any other site-related problems that need to be cleaned up.

The percentage of people who click on a link.

The click-through rate (CTR) compares the number of individuals who visit your website to the number of times it appears in search results.


Multiple things are compared in terms of their semantic connections.

Analyzing the Competition

Comparing one site against its rivals is the purpose of this. To find links that other sites have but their site does not, link builders may utilize competitive analysis. This gives them a list of connections to pursue.

Anything consumed, such as text, video, or infographic, is considered content.

Content Promotion

To put it simply, content marketing is the technique of developing material that will automatically draw links when it’s published.

Efforts Per Conversion

How many people really accomplish a certain objective is measured by this number. Your end aim may be anything: filling out a contact form, downloading an ebook, or even making a purchase.

Freelancers in the Executive Suite

How to locate Fiverr Business freelancers and how to work with them.

It’s Free!



This refers to how easily search engine crawlers can navigate through and follow the links on your page.


Links to Substantial Information

A deep link is a link that takes you away from the main page and to another location on the website.


When a search engine removes a site from its index for many reasons, the most common is a breach of rules.


Many different types of websites are included in directories. Some may still be useful, particularly if you live in the area, while others are just spammy lists of sites with no actual value at all.


Your site will not be credited for any external links you disavow. Disavow lists may be sent directly to Google.


When it comes to link building, disclaimers indicate that links on a website were paid for or that an article was sponsored.

NoFollow Links

There is no such thing as a followed link since links are always followed until a nofollow property is set (or unless your WordPress plugins override everything to be followed). Although the phrase “do follow” has no technical meaning, it is often used to describe a link that has been followed.

“Domain Power”

Metrics such as Domain Authority, developed by Moz, may be used to estimate a site’s likelihood of ranking highly in search results.

This is an Ahrefs statistic that measures a site’s link profile strength.

Content Duplication

Duplicate content may develop for various reasons, but it is undesirable since it is considered a bad signal to Google. Canonical tags are utilized for a search engine bot to find the source page.


Links that are part of the editorial content

It’s an editorial link if someone sends you a link without asking for it.

Always-Only Information

Evergreen content is material that doesn’t go out of style quickly.


Took a Look at Others’ Sites

If a link has a rel=”nofollow” property in the code, it will not be followed. Using the phrase “following,” you may instruct search engines to “credit” the links pointing to the target sites to boost the visibility of such sites in search results.

Related Webpages

Those are the links found at the bottom of a website. There was a time when they were bombarded with spam, but that is no longer the case.


The 404 HTTP error code indicates that a page cannot be found.


Internet tracking software such as Google Analytics

This is a free website analytics tool that provides a wealth of data on your site’s performance.

Google Search Console, previously known as Webmaster Tools, is another free Google offering. In addition to site statistics, Search Console may be linked to Google Analytics to provide even more useful data. You may run various reports to learn more about how your site is doing on the search engine results page (SERPs).

Observance of the Google Webmaster Rules

The Google Webmaster Guidelines, which may be found here, are subject to change. For violating their criteria, your site may be punished or delisted.

Guest Posts are articles published by someone who doesn’t usually contribute to the websites where they’re posted. The use of keyword-rich anchors in large-scale guest articles breaches Google’s link rules.


Assembled Links

When a link is coded, it does not display as a link; it is called a hidden link.


A link’s anchor tag has this characteristic. There is a link to the URL in it.

Here Are Some Related Images:

Link images may go to either another page on the same website or to a different website entirely. Not all photos may be linked.

Association Links

Inbound links are those that come from another website and point to yours.


Here we’re discussing the process by which an internet search engine has crawled and indexed a certain website.


Infographics are a popular material because they combine visuals and text into a single package.

Linking Internally

These are hyperlinks to other pages on your website. Navigation and crawlability rely heavily on your website’s internal connections.

A computer’s IP address is an integer string that uniquely identifies it.

J sJuice

Although the term “link juice” is despised by many, it is nevertheless used to describe the importance of a connection.


A page’s content, an image’s content, or a link’s anchor text are all referred to as “keywords” or “keyphrases.”

Pages L of a Website

At the beginning of a user’s journey through your site, these are the pages that they will see initially.

Exchange of links

Link exchange is when one site connects to another in exchange for the other reciprocating the favor.

Cross-Domain Linking

This measures how many different websites are linked to a certain one. It’s not the same as the total number of connections.

“Link Reclamation”

Broken links and unlinked references may be reclaimed in link reclamation.

Schemes of interconnectedness

There are several methods that Google considers to be link schemes that are included in the rules it publishes.

These are pages with a collection of links meant to serve as a resource guide.


Penalty by Hand

Through Search Console, Google will alert you of a manual penalty. Manual penalties (technically termed manual actions by Google) vary from algorithmic issues. According to Google’s Complete Penalties & How to Recover, there are two types of penalties: Once the problems have been corrected, you may seek reconsideration from Google if you’ve been penalized manually.

An Indexing Method Focused on Mobile Devices

Crawling and indexing begin with the mobile version. A site’s indexing will now be done in this manner rather than the previous one. Begin the desktop version is, which will be indexed if you only have that.


Links that have been removed from the follow-up chain

There are two ways to inform a search engine to ignore a link’s rel=nofollow tag.

Anchors of Sound

Keywords like “click here,” “website,” and others are included here.


Off the Grid

Link building is an off-page SEO tactic since it does not need direct interaction with the website.

On the next page

On-page SEO encompasses anything that can increase a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Rates That Aren’t Locked In

How many people open an email after receiving it?

Email, phone, or social media outreach is the activity of contacting other websites that you’d want them to connect to you.


Affiliation Status

Moz’s Page Authority score predicts how well a page will rank in search results.

The requested page could not be found.

A 404 error is a page that no longer exists where it previously did, often known as a broken link.

In Google’s eyes, a website’s PageRank indicates its significance. This measure is no longer accessible to the general public. Toolbar It used to be possible for anybody to view a page’s PageRank.


A sponsored link has been published in return for money as to Google standards.

Following the Movement of an Object

You are keeping track of where you rank over time for various keywords.

These networks of sites are called private blog networks (PBNs).



A search engine query is a request for information sent to the search engine.



This relates to your position on each search term’s search engine results page (SERPs).

Mutually beneficial links

Mutual linkages, also known as a link exchange, are connections in which A connects to B and B connects to A.

Request for reconsideration

Once you address the problem, you may file a reconsideration request to Google if you were impacted by a manual action or security issue.


Sites and pages may be redirected by using redirects.

Using Domain Names

Having 15000 links but only 5000 referring domains in your link profile is because you may have numerous links pointing to the same place.


An attribute called Rel can only be found in the link code.

Websites that Provide Additional Information

Pages that primarily serve as a repository for useful information and external hyperlinks.


This is a file that tells search engines what to do. Crawlers can’t access certain parts of the site while using this technique.


Search Engine Admins

To narrow down a search, search operators may be employed.

Links in the lower echelons

Links pointing to other websites that connect back to your own.

Results given by a search engine are known as SERPs or search engine results pages.


To ensure that all of your pages are indexed, you need to provide a sitemap to the search engines.

Links that appear on every page of the website

If a site has footer or blogroll links on every page, they are called “universal links.”

The underlying code

What you see when you open a URL in a web browser. This isn’t the case for every code.


Any unwanted or unwelcome web content may be considered spam, which is sometimes referred to as “sites positioned above mine.”

Spiders Crawlers of search engines.

Sponsored Articles or Articles

A sponsored post is one for which a fee is charged in return for the post’s publication. However, not all sponsored postings have disclaimers.



When creating a link, it is important to think about where the user wants it to go.


Many link outreach professionals rely on pre-made templates that may be customized. A template is merely an outline for an item that is often utilized.

Toxic Links.

This is a list of links that have been deemed harmful to your website.

The number of people who see a page or visit a website.

Flow of Confidence

In the trademark Majestic metric, the website’s classification is measured.

Mentions of U Unlinked

A brand reference without a direct connection to your website is an in-content mention.

Unusual Relationships

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, spammy links, and link schemes.


A website’s address is its URL.

Backlink Profile Strength Another Ahrefs statistic, URL rating assesses how strong the backlink profile of a certain target is.



The rate at which a link’s popularity increases.

W Rewind Device

You may go back in time by using the Wayback Machine to look at old versions of a website.


Widgets are little pieces of code that may be added to a website to offer a link back to another page.

The XML sitemap is available here.

This tells search engines where to find all of your web pages. One of the most widely used languages in the world for creating markup.



Yandex is a search engine based in Russia.


From Zen to Zzzzz, I’ve seen it all, but there are no link-building phrases that begin with the letter Z that I’ve come across.

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