The 6 Steps to Responding to Negative Customer Reviews

Negative Customer Reviews

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 11, 2022

If you’re receiving a good number of roofing reviews each month, congrats on a job well done! You’ve gotten through a roadblock that many small enterprises face. You need more than just a solid number of reviews for your roofing provider. Once you’ve read the reviews, the following step is responding to them. People like it when a firm replies to their evaluations, but they also anticipate it. The basic truth is that your roofing firm must reply to all customer feedback, positive or negative. Responding to the negative comments is more crucial. Nonetheless, how do you begin responding to an unhappy consumer who has given you an unfavorable review? This is a hard area to navigate, so we’ve put up a guide on reacting to poor roofing reviews.

React quickly to customer feedback

Waiting a certain amount of time before responding to a bad review is not recommended. What should you do? When a customer leaves a poor review, you should reply as quickly as possible. Customer service that shows they appreciate their time and care about the quality of their service might help turn a bad review around. Suppose your firm receives a large number of reviews each week. In that case, you may wish to delegate the duty of looking for and responding to these evaluations to a single employee or divide them up across several review platforms. To keep track of new reviews, you should set up email alerts for all review sites (and it should be done on as many as feasible). Your response to any unfavorable roofing reviews should begin with a statement of thanks, regardless of the nature of the complaint. Think about the fact that this individual took the time out of their busy schedule to write a poor review of your company. Respond with something like, “Thank you for using our services and taking the time to post a review…” or anything along those lines. Your company’s reputation will be improved if you express your thanks to the reviewer right away. Thanks for the kind words and considering our roofing services when you needed a new roof.

When a customer has a problem, could you acknowledge it?

Angry customers want to know that their concerns have been taken into account. Using a template to respond to unfavorable reviews is not an option. Instead, you need to address the specific problem they were concerned about in your response to them. As the business owner, you must assume full responsibility for any issues your customers may have. Thank them for bringing it to your notice and acknowledge the exact problem they’ve brought up to you. Even when they’re incorrect, the customer is always right.

Acknowledge Your Apologies For Any Unpleasantness

Remind the reviewer that you’ve received their feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. They were unsatisfied with your service for any reason. No matter what the problem is or who is to blame, keep in mind that they didn’t have a good experience with your firm. An honest and concise apology might help alleviate the situation and encourage the consumer to revise their rating.

Explain or Provide a Solution

Occasionally, a customer’s unfavorable impression of your business may be correct – as far as they are aware. However, it’s possible that they don’t know everything. If, for example, one or more of your important employees phoned in ill on the same day, this may have an impact on your business. There may have been a problem with delivering items from a supplier. As a result, consumers may make statements without fully comprehending the context of the incident. Explain the events that lead to their dissatisfaction with your firm if you feel the need to do so. Also, be sure to mention that this is an unusual occurrence. To avoid seeming like you’re making excuses, be careful to reassure other consumers that the unfavorable reviewer’s experience is an exception.

Engage the customer in a one-on-one conversation

In your reply, if at all feasible, take the dialogue offline. To conclude your answer, mention that you’d be pleased to meet with the reviewer in person or over the phone. Keeping the dialogue private will keep it out of the public eye and offer you a chance to win back the consumer. As a result of your attentiveness, they may decide to revise their evaluation and credit you with the update. Each unfavorable review may be used to your advantage if you perceive it as an opportunity.

Prepare yourself for the management of your online reputation.

Some people will inevitably have bad things to say about your product. No one hits 1.000. You must be ready for any bad feedback that comes your way. Our reputation management services may assist you in dealing with bad reviews. As part of our BrightLocal reputation management solution, RankFire, we can help you obtain more reviews and manage your current ones more efficiently.

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