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The 3 Essential Elements of SEO that Increase Your Website Visitors

3 Essential Elements of SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 10, 2022

In recent years, search engine optimization, or SEO, has risen to the top of the priority list for many online businesses. Higher search engine rankings lead to increased traffic, leads, sales and conversions, making it simple to understand why. But how does it work? What are the benefits of adding keywords to different parts of your website?

There’s a new level of complexity to SEO, and it’s not simply about adding the appropriate phrases to your content. In the early days of the Internet, Webmasters had the opportunity to boost their website’s search engine rankings by adding a large number of irrelevant search phrases to their pages. Over time, search engines have caught up and favor content and sites with high-quality scores.

To learn more about how SEO may boost traffic to your website and how you can use it, keep reading.

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Including keywords in your title and header tags, meta descriptions, and body text is a fundamental part of SEO (and developing an SEO strategy plan). These keywords inform search engines what your site or pages are about and demonstrate to them that your website is relevant when visitors search for those keywords.

This was a golden chance to flood their pages with wide keywords for many site owners. It’s a good thing that search engines have evolved since then. Users will get better results, but this implies that you have to be more selective when picking and employing keywords. What are the best keywords to use?


Consider the phrases and terms you may use to summarise your website. A vehicle dealership could assume that keywords like “cars” are worth a shot at ranking for, for example. And although it would be ideal if all people who searched “cars” were routed to your site, it isn’t that simple when tens of thousands of other websites are dedicated to automobiles.

The number of persons looking for “cars” is certainly significantly lower, but consider the motivation of those who do. Many items may be found when someone types in the term “cars” in the search engine’s keyword field—photos and discussion forums, for example—but those who type in “used car dealership” are most likely trying to purchase a vehicle. For long-tail keywords, like “used car dealership,” focus instead. You’ll have a higher chance of ranking and generating more quality visitors with lengthier keywords.


Your site’s content should be highlighted using keywords that pinpoint the location of the content. Including city and region names in your URL is a good method. You need to inform Google and other search engines where your company is if you want them to expose your site to people in a certain location.

If your business is situated in Harrisburg, you should add the term “used car dealership in Harrisburg” if your business is situated in Harrisburg. Searchers in your immediate area are more likely to find you this way.


As well as using keywords, your site requires high-quality content for search engine optimization (SEO). And while search engines can’t read your articles like humans, they can look at a few indications to assess whether or not your material is worth promoting to users who are doing searches on the Internet.


If you’re establishing pages for your website, they must include large amounts of information. Nevertheless, how long should your content be? While writing shorter blurbs might save time, readers are left with little information. Since this is the case, you should focus on quality rather than volume. Although you don’t have to produce encyclopedia-length pages, your site’s users will appreciate it more if you do.

A site’s “freshness”

is determined by how often it is updated. When it comes to increasing your website traffic, you can’t simply build many pages and leave them there for months at a time. The information on those pages does not need to be changed if you are satisfied. Start a blog instead of a website. Your site’s upkeep and regularity will be seen even if you just write once each week.


There’s a fair likelihood that some of the pages, articles and blog entries on your site are connected since your site generally only covers one or two businesses or hobbies. As much as feasible, connect this information. Include a backlink to a previous post, such as the one you wrote on interior design, as well as a forward link to that earlier article.


Websites are assessed by the company they maintain, just like individuals. The number of unique domain names referring back to your site indicates the number of other websites that reference your material.


To broaden your readership and increase the number of people that see your website:

Consider engaging in the guest blogging.

Utilize any opportunities to create material for a different website.

Include connections to your website in the article if the editor permits it.


Linking to your site is like “voting” for the quality and value of your material. The more connections to your website you have, the more trustworthy your site seem to visitors and the better your search engine rankings will be as a result. As a result, getting them is time well spent even though you should never openly ask another site owner to only link to you, search for ways to create connections that may ultimately lead to links.


The good news is that you’re reading this page if you already have an SEO plan in place! If it incorporates our three most important aspects, we hope it will bring the most visitors to your website as feasible.

A company like RankFire can help you implement the methods we’ve discussed if you don’t already have an SEO strategy in place.

We have a complete staff of SEO experts that can help you take your company to the next level via SEO.

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