Roofing Contractors Guide to Google Ads / AdWords

Roofing Contractors Guide to Google Ads

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 15, 2022

What are Google Ads for Roofing?

Formerly referred to as “Google Adwords,” the term now denotes both the online advertising platform as well as a single advertisement that appears in Google search results or elsewhere on Google’s display network. Google Ads A Google ad promoting roofing services within a certain service region is useful for roofing firms.

In the world of PPC (Pay Per Click), Google Adwords is one of the most popular. Your ad will appear on relevant SERPs because of Google’s PPC brand. Let’s imagine you own roofing business in Muncie, Indiana. On their computer, they type “roofers in Muncie, Indiana” or anything of that effect into Google, and a list of results appears.

If you use Google Adwords, your company’s ad might show up at the top of the search results, resulting in many hits. Spend your money on an ad that shows up towards the top of relevant searches instead of slogging it out for months and months to get to the top of the search rankings.

Roofers pay for Google AdWords Clicks.

It would be best if you were visible to succeed in this industry. You need to get the word out about your business and what it can do for individuals. When it comes to being visible in today’s digital world, it typically means showing up on search engine results pages (SERPS) (Search Engine Results Pages).

It’s also tough for a new roofing business to appear on the first search results page, much alone towards the top. Hard, but not insurmountable! When starting, many smart company owners use Google Ads (also known as Google Adwords or just Adwords) to bring their brand in front of prospective customers.

Using Google Ads for roofers is a wise decision that provides several advantages, which we shall discuss later. If you’re thinking about using Adwords to market your roofing company, keep reading because we’ll explain how Adwords operates and how you can use it to get more consumers.

What is the significance of Google Ads?

It’s no secret that most individuals have to work hard to make it to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Nearly all of the clicks go to the top search results, which means they have the best chance of converting visitors into consumers. For small enterprises, this has several benefits, such as the following:

Exposure Right Away

In the beginning, you need as much exposure as possible. Google Adwords may bring you to the top of search results and in front of your local market in days, while organic SEO might take months.

Ad Optimization

As a roofer, you can use Google Adwords to ensure that the advertising you pay for is seen by those most likely to need or want your services. There are various ways you may target your audience based on their region, their age range, certain keywords, and even their preferred time of day.

Pay for each impression.

Pay-per-click advertising is the basis of Google Adwords. As a result, you will only have to pay Google when someone clicks on the ad — not every time your ad is shown.

Perspectives on the Market

Your advertising performance may be tracked using AdWords. You’ll be able to see who’s clicking on your advertising and taking action, which is a priceless piece of market intelligence.

Google Adwords: A Quick Guide to Getting Started

With the help of the instructions, it is a rather simple procedure to get set up. To begin your first campaign, create an account here. We won’t bother you with self-explanatory details, so that we won’t bother you with them either. Instead, read on for some pointers on properly setting up your advertising strategy.

It is based on where you live.

We previously discussed how Google Advertisements for roofers might be beneficial since they let you focus your ads on a certain place. In addition, as a roofer, your focus is mostly on the community. The “Location” option in the setup procedure allows you to specify a particular city name so that your ad is only seen to people in that location. As an alternative, if you choose the “Advanced Search” option, you may more precisely target your advertisements based on postal code or location. Additionally, you may choose a radius in miles for how far you want your ad to be shown from your current location.

Networks for both search and display

Search Network is the best choice for new roofing firms since it guarantees that your ad will appear on relevant Google searches. As an additional option, you will be able to choose whether or not your advertising will be broadcast on either a Display or a Search Network. Ads from Google’s Display Network appear on websites that have partnered with Google Ads.

Selecting Key Words

Selecting keywords is the next challenge that the majority of people face. Because these keywords are the ones that will bring up your ad, it’s important to choose intelligently. Think about how customers could find your most popular services.

Choosing a Specific Group of Keywords

There are various keyword selection choices available in Google Ads, including wide match, broad match modifier, and phrase match.

Enormous clash

Advertising on searches that aren’t even somewhat linked to your target term is now possible. The benefit of this is that you may reach a wider audience, but the drawback is that your ad may be seen by individuals who do not need roofing services.

Modifier for Broad Match (Broad Match)

When a “+” is placed before a keyword, it works. Your ad will show up if the term following the plus sign is searched for.

Match of Phrases

This means your ad will only show up when someone searches for the precise keyword you entered. Your ad won’t appear in searches for “Colorado Springs shingle repair service” since one of your phrase match phrases is “shingle repair Colorado Springs.”

Identical Pairs

Your ad will only show up if someone searches for your keywords exactly as they appear in your ad copy.

If you’re a local roofer, it’s usually better to use wide-match modifiers for most of your keywords.

Optimizing Google Ads’ Landing Pages

It would be best to consider where your visitors would end after clicking on your Google ad. This is a landing page, and the following are some pointers for creating one that works:

Make it a Priority.

Make the landing page as similar to the ad as possible. If your ad promotes shingle replacement, then the landing page it directs to should be on shingle replacement rather than new roof installation.


It’s important to ensure that your landing page’s content is well-written. 350-400 words should be plenty.

Messages that Inspire Participants to Take Action

The headline and call to action on your landing page must attract the reader’s attention. If your headline includes a call to action, most visitors will see it, so make sure it encourages them to take action.

To be successful with SEO, roofing firms must have certain characteristics. Every customer is different, but certain common habits contribute to success. When the roofer and the marketing agency have mutual regard, the greatest outcomes are achieved.

Nolen and Jason discuss the top roofing SEO clients in today’s episode.

Engagement in Marketing on a Personal Level

Instead of allocating a marketing task to a marketing manager, the most successful SEO clients opt to do the marketing themselves. Even though many marketing managers lack expertise, they are often delegated to save time for the company owner.

The roofers that thrive online choose their marketing agency and take responsibility for their efforts. Work with specialists in the sector instead of delegating marketing choices to a so-called marketing manager. Any time invested will be worth it if the immediate and long-term results.

Honoring Expertise

Trust in the marketing agency’s expertise in marketing and SEO is a key factor in a company’s success. A mistaken idea that you know more than the expert regarding marketing-related duties is counter-productive.

Roofing owners that value marketing knowledge prefer to cooperate with marketing experts rather than command them to do their tasks. Remember that you should only engage a marketing firm if you are certain that they can help your business achieve its goals. Then, after employing them, you have to put your faith in their abilities and believe that their method works.

Creating and Managing a Successful Brand

SEO can help you take your business to a new level and profit from its branding. Because SEO and branding are intertwined, its online visibility will improve as its brand recognition grows. As a result, the most successful SEO clients treat their roofing business as a brand and make significant investments in its growth and maintenance.

Roofers, on the other hand, who neglect their brand and rely only on search engine optimization (SEO) are doomed to fail. It doesn’t matter what marketing agency or strategies they employ since these clients don’t care about their brand.

Focused on the Future and the Long Term

The most successful clientele prefers a long-term strategy rather than a short-term ploy. SEO is a long-term strategy that has to be approached with that mindset. Even though most roofers experience short-term SEO advantages, using organic traffic like PPC undermines its fundamental goal…

It all boils down to a mindset. A roofing company that treats Google like a gig economy won’t provide the greatest outcomes for its customers. On the other hand, those roofing firms who recognize the importance of long-term rankings on Google Search and Google Maps will continue to dominate for decades.

SEO for Roofing Companies: What It Means for Customers

Although your SEO agency is responsible for delivering results, it’s not a matter of satisfying them. The traits described above aren’t requirements for SEO clients, but they generally contribute to successful campaigns. To achieve success in 2022, you need to consider these elements.

Great roofers that care about their brand and business are a pleasure to deal with. Our customers nearly always satisfy these requirements, which is why Rank Fire is regarded as the best SEO firm for roofing businesses. To learn more and join up, please visit our SEO services page.

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