Responding to Reviews is Important for Your Plumbing & HVAC Business


Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 31, 2022

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Everyone knows that customer reviews are a given for any business owner. In their career, every firm will acquire bad evaluations, but it’s a good idea to have some favorite ones as well.

Even though favorable reading reviews can give you motivation and boost your company’s sales, reading negative ones can be demoralizing and even decrease sales dramatically.

The most critical aspects of running your business is how others see you. It’s up to you and your company to respond to both positive and negative evaluations positively or negatively.

But how can you make sure that you’re responding in a way that will benefit your business and not harm it, given all the different reviews? In this post, we’ll show you how to reply to both positive and bad reviews in a way that benefits your company.

Make sure that all of your responses are polite and proper. Negative or positive reviews don’t matter, but how your consumers see and read your comments will impact how they perceive you.

Their impression of you will determine whether or not they’ll continue to be your customers. You must safeguard your own and your company’s reputation, so reply to online evaluations with care, especially when dealing with negative feedback.

The last thing you like to do is respond inappropriately to a negative review that already reflects poorly on your business.

There are three primary steps that you must do to deal with positive reviews:

  1. The first thing to do is to look at the reviews of the tracks. If your firm is receiving positive reviews, you’ll want to know who is writing them. Many websites, such as Yelp, Product Review, Trip Advisor, and others, can assist you in keeping track of everything. They will notify you each time an evaluation of your company is conducted.
  2. Determine who is in charge of responding to customer reviews. You need to assign a person to read and reply to the feedback you receive. You want to be sure that the person you choose for this position is well-versed in business etiquette and has relevant experience; otherwise, they could do more harm than good.
  3. Take ownership of or construct a business page. Online data is used to construct a page for your business on sites like Yelp, Zomato, and Google Places, just to name a few. The good news for you is that some will do this automatically, while others will only do it once you’ve been reviewed.
When dealing with customer feedback, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1) React to compliments whenever you receive them. When you read a great review, you want to thank the author and show that you truly cared about their experience. A lack of response to customers who have taken the time out of their day to review your brand or business could result in losing customers, which is not something you want to happen.

2) Remain calm in the face of criticism. Because of the terrible attitude they see when you argue with someone who posts a negative review, customers may decide not to do business with your company if you get into a fight.

As a business, you must conduct yourself with courtesy and professionalism. Always keep it in brain, even if you get a bad review. Taking into account what people have to say about unfavorable reviews is another way to combat them.

Even if the information is incorrect or silly, you never know when an individual’s candid opinion will help you better your business and lead to more customers if these concerns are solved.

3) No matter what you do, do not ever write phony reviews. Don’t pay someone else to leave a review of your work; instead, compose your evaluation and post it. The reviews may take a long time to come, but let them do so independently. Your business and reputation will suffer if you are ever found to be making false ones.

4) Comply with the regulations of the review site. Doing so could result in an unfavorable reputation, which is something your firm does not need.

Here are some things you don’t want to do no matter what you do.
  1. Not bribing your consumers to write positive reviews is a no-no. The people will view you and your company negatively because of this.
  2. Do not send emails asking for good evaluations from everyone on your email list. Bribery is just as terrible as asking for reviews.
 Listed below are a few suggestions for improving the reviewing experience for your clients.
  1. In your store and on your website, display the logos of review sites.
  2. Distribute comment cards with the logos and online addresses of popular review sites in your store.
  3. Your website should have a “Review Us Now” option on it.
  4. Provide your clients with new and compelling reasons to discuss your business online (examples of this would be new offers, products, etc.).
  5. Ask customers who have expressed their satisfaction with your brand or business to post a review.

6.To get at least a couple of new reviews each month, set a goal for yourself.

A business can be a challenge to start and maintain at any time. There are so many ways to get reviews that may either help or hurt your business.  fine line between having too many negative reviews and having too many positive ones.

There are ways to reply to negative reviews, even if you don’t influence what people write. This post at least laid out the options for you to consider. Responding in a manner that harms your company’s reputation is the last thing you’d want to do.

A terrible response on your part can cause further stress for you and your organization. You should always respond to customer reviews, regardless of how positive or negative they may be. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you need to act professionally.

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