Ongoing SEO Tasks You Should be Doing Now

Recurring SEO Tasks

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 8, 2022

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is among the most effective methods to promote your business regardless of what field you’re in, the number of clients you’ve got, and the scale of your business.

Brands across the United States alone are expected to invest up to $79.9 billion for SEO-related services by 2020. If you’re still not on the SEO bandwagon yet and aren’t ready, now is the better time to do so.

If you decide to go with the SEO strategy, it’s aiming for higher rankings on your website as well as more traffic and an increase in revenue over time. However, there’s a small problem.

SEO is far from a “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy. In fact, it’s actually quite the contrary. If you decide to apply an SEO plan for your business, you’ll need to nurture it over time to see positive outcomes.

In this article, we’ll discuss some regular SEO jobs you’ll have to carry out regularly to reap the benefits of an SEO campaign. However, when you employ the services of an SEO firm to handle the work on your behalf and you want to gain an understanding of the tasks they’ll complete each month to ensure your site is in good condition.

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Why are repeated SEO tasks so crucial?

If you think why you shouldn’t simply launch the SEO campaign, let it in place, and then watch the results roll in, You’re not the only person. There are other methods of marketing, like paid ads or a brand new web design, that is completely different. It is possible to invest the time in the beginning, but apart from minor things to maintain and periodic changes, you’ll be able to let the project alone produce results.

SEO is different it’s not the same, and here’s the reason why.

The goal of SEO is to increase your rank in search engine results pages. If this is achieved, you’ll notice an increase in revenue and traffic in time.

The issue is that the search results pages are always changing. Rankings are changed because new websites are built, websites are added to existing websites, and every other company that appears in the results of a search is constantly trying to outdo their competition on the internet.

The world of search changes rapidly, and it’s difficult to keep up with the pace, so should you wish to climb up to the very top of the search results and remain there, you must be on top of the SEO-related tasks. In other words, don’t be shocked if your site does not make it to the top of the results or is relegated towards the lowest.

Are the SEO tasks you do on a regular basis automated?

There are two choices in the realm of SEO: you can manage the process by yourself or hire the services of an SEO agency to manage and manage your SEO campaign on your behalf.

If you decide to opt for the latter, you’ll need to handle these ongoing SEO tasks by yourself. If you manage your own business, you’ll need to take care of paying the bills, payroll, and so on. Directing the business’s SEO campaign might not be the best option.

If you are looking to get the results you deserve as an owner employing the services of an SEO company to complete the work is the best choice. If you choose to do this, the agency you select will handle all maintenance required to ensure your site is in good standing with Google.

In short, SEO tasks can’t be automatic, but if you would like to achieve the most effective solution, consider hiring a skilled SEO agency to complete the work.

7 recurring SEO tasks to keep your website in tip-top shape

When it is about SEO, there are lots of moving components. Here are a few regular tasks that are required to ensure that your site is running smoothly for the years to come.

1. Be aware of the keywords that aren’t performing.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the world of search is changing fast, and it is essential to be aware of all aspects of an SEO campaign. The keywords you choose to target aren’t any different.

As an example, you could have written a blog article in the past year that targeted one of your top keywords. Let’s assume that the keywords came from “fresh dried tea leaves.” Prior to publishing your blog post, you, as well as you or your SEO agency conducted a lot of keyword research. You discovered that this particular keyword was one that could propel you to the top results of results for search — and it did!

But, after a few months and the search results show that the keyword has been removed from the list of keywords people are searching for, which means that your blog is now down just a few places in the search results. Don’t worry. However, it’s time to conduct some additional research on keywords to identify another keyword that can replace the one that’s not performing.

Being aware of your keywords is among the most crucial ongoing SEO tasks, as it will determine the way you rank for the keywords that bring you, customers.

2. Create new content for Google to crawl

The next natural step following conducting keyword research and analyzing the existing keywords follows the creation of the content. If you’ve heard the expression “content is the king,” it’s an SEO general rule of thumb to be followed. Content is king since it’s what ultimately ranks on the search results pages.

If you don’t have high-quality, useful information, it’s likely that your pages on your website will be found in any search results. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the content is in line with these standards.

Another thing that’s equally important as producing content that is beneficial it is making sure that you’re creating original content and publishing regularly.

Google is a fan of seeing fresh content regularly and consistently since it shows that your company is always learning, growing, and providing your site users with fresh information.

It will also allow Google an additional reason to rank, which means that, naturally, the more content you have, the more chance that you’ll be featured in results for searches.

3. When we’re discussing content, be sure to review it regularly

If you wish to make sure the quality of your highly-rated content remains ranked well, make sure you examine it frequently for clarity, quality, and relevancy.

Google’s mission is to offer users the very best in terms of the quality and usefulness of the information. This is why, every couple of months, it is recommended to revisit old content and read it using a fine-tooth comb.

Here are a few things you must be aware of when reviewing the content on your website:

  • Data that is time-sensitive: In order to make your article more relevant, it’s simple to use time-sensitive data. If you’re looking to give an estimate, you’ll likely include a reasonable date in order to convince readers that the information is relevant. After a few months have passed, the information might not be relevant; however the date may be. You’ll need to keep track of the sensitive information within your content to ensure that it does not appear outdated to new readers.
  • The Partnership Businesses Trust :Their emphasis on ROI and their ability to convey the information in a manner that I have observed is the only missing link to other digital marketing companies I’ve worked with before.
  • Qualities issues You’ll be able to verify how your website’s content is quality. A student’s article might have been an excellent chance to create new content. However, after a low number of visitors, you may decide that it’s not the best quality. In this instance, the best choice is to enhance the content already on the web because Google already knows about the website. Try adding multimedia in order to make the text more readable and also add new, fresh keywords.
  • Keywords that are out of date: We’ve already talked about obsolete keywords, but because they’re important enough that it’s worth mentioning them once more. If you’re looking through material, make sure you be looking for keywords that aren’t performing, or you can substitute with new ones that are more effective and convey basically the same thing.
  • Update meta descriptions and title tags using new keyword phrases:Don’t forget to include the latest target keywords within your titles tags as well as meta descriptions. If you change the targeted keywords within your content, make sure to change the locations of those tags to reflect these changes.
  • Double-check to ensure the quality of your call to action:Providing users with a call-to-action within your website pages is among the most effective ways to move them further along your sales funnel. After having read your pages, you want users to move on to the next natural step to the process of converting, which is pressing a call-to-action button. These buttons could lead to a webpage that lets the user convert, read more or give contact details.
  • Create new links for new pages within older pages:One of the best ways to make sure that your site’s pages are found in Google is to establish an effective interlinking structure. This means that the pages that you have on your site link to other sites, ensuring your entire site is interlinked. This assists Google in indexing your site faster and also allows users to spend longer on your website.

Perform speed tests on pages often

Google utilizes pages speed for determining your site’s position. This being said, it’s crucial to add ” check page speed” to your regular SEO checklist.

To accomplish this, it is possible to utilize tools such as Pingdom to provide you with valuable data about your website, including speed. Once you have that information, you can make the necessary changes to ensure that your website runs faster for your visitors.

However, what if your site loads speedy enough? Without testing, you won’t determine for certain the speed at which your website loads. Given how often demands information change are, “fast enough” might not be fast enough.

Did you realize that if your site takes more than two seconds to load, the users could begin to lose interest? It’s not easy for you to accept, yet it’s actually true. We live in a time that is instantaneous, and the time it takes to load a website is not one’s only concern.

5. Be sure to check for broken links frequently.

Broken links don’t just appear unprofessional to people who browse your web pages. However, they don’t look as appealing to Google as well. To ensure your site’s credibility, you must check for broken links and check them often.

It happens more frequently than you realize. If the page on your website is moved and you don’t do the follow-up steps, as well as if an image has been removed from the server, you’ll end in a broken hyperlink.

It’s not nearly as hard as you’d think to find broken links, but. Consider using a Chrome extension such as SEO Minion to assist you in finding broken hyperlinks on your sites.

Talk about a great tool!

6. Continuously monitor and analyze performance

If you’re not monitoring and analyzing what’s happening with your site and the pages on it, you may be better off not having any website even. If you don’t keep a close eye on how your website is operating, you’ll be missing crucial indicators that indicate something is off.

In the case of analytics, for instance, you don’t be able to tell if or when one of your pages experiences an increase in traffic. If one of your pages shows an extreme decrease in traffic, this could lead to a loss of revenue and sales — and, without analytics, it may be too late for you to recognize.

A drop in traffic to pages could be caused by broken links, content that isn’t there, or something else more serious. Whatever the cause is, analytics can assist you in bringing your page back online and running before losing revenues.

7. Make sure your website’s design is working correctly

Have you got a unique video that plays when your pages for service are opened? A button that takes the user to a site with all the bells and bells? These fun and exciting components are vital to having an appealing and visually appealing web page; however, you must check them regularly to make sure that they’re functioning well.

Sometimes it happens that sometimes the “bells and bells” on our website don’t work as they ought to. You must regularly examine these aspects of your site to make sure that they’re always in good condition for your site’s visitors.

Rank Fire can help to keep on top of the SEO checklist

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of an SEO campaign and the maintenance required, We understand. SEO is a commitment to the long term that will yield results unlike any other campaign in marketing.

If you’re searching for the best SEO campaign that will deliver and an agency that can keep up with your regular SEO chores, Rank Fire can help.

The SEO experts at our company are the top SEO company around and we’re not taking that lightly. We’ve been delivering awe-inspiring SEO results for our clients for a long time, and we’re not planning to slow down anytime in the near future.

We’re not just providing SEO services. However — we’re a complete Internet marketing company, which means we’re able to do everything.

If you’re looking to collaborate with us on any of your marketing efforts, We’d love to talk to you!

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