Everything You Need to Know About Google Business Profile


Optimizing your Nashville Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business, listing is one of the most important components in achieving local exposure in Google.

You can modify how your business appears on Google and Google Maps using Google My Business. Take control of your local search results and attract more local traffic now! Time to get started!

Nashville SEO for Google Business Profile

Where can I find out more about Google Business Profile?

With GMB, you can build a free business profile and customize how your company shows in Google search results and the maps.

If you have a business on Google, you can use Nashville Google Business Profile (commonly referred to as GMB) to add photos and a compelling description to entice customers to come to see you in person, display your business hours and contact information, and respond to reviews that customers have left about your business.

When you’re not in front of your computer, you can watch your online presence using GMB’s mobile app.

Google My Business Nashville also provides free statistics to help you understand how your business is discovered on the internet.

What Is the Importance of Google Business Profile?

Search engine optimization company Moz says that Google Business Profile is a key ranking element for local map search and an important organic ranking component.

Setting up and optimizing your Nashville Google My Business account is a must if you want your business to benefit from increased traffic from search engines.

Customers will have an easier time finding you if you appear in local search results. Consumers who use Google maps for Nashville SEO and local searches to find a company are often ready to make a purchase.

See what comes up when I do a Google search for “Nashville pizza.” Above the organic search results, in this case, Nashville Google Maps, are shown.

People tend to click on Nashville Google map results even if they’re not at the top of the page, even if buried farther down the page. According to a heat map analysis conducted by Juris Digital, 32% of users clicked on Nashville Google maps results, while the rest users clicked on organic search results or sponsored advertising instead.

Using Google maps for Nashville SEO, clients can see your precise position and obtain driving instructions for your company. A considerable quantity of local business traffic may be generated by having your company listed on Google Maps.

An account on Google Business Profile also enables consumers to post evaluations for the company. Having a lot of positive reviews can also help you rank higher in local searches since search engines consider reviews a key ranking element.

You may also respond to unfavorable reviews if consumers post them. Customers will feel more comfortable doing business with you if they believe that your company cares about them and responds to their feedback.

Your Nashville Google Business Profile Listing may be claimed by following these steps.

The first step is to visit and click on the sign-up button.

To begin, Google will ask you for your company’s name once you click the button. As part of the registration process, you’ll also be asked to provide your company location, phone number, and operating hours.

Add photographs and a detailed description of your company to entice potential clients into your store. Customers are more likely to visit your company if your listing has a compelling description and attractive images.

You may also wish to include a logo. Your firm would benefit greatly from using our free, easy-to-use online logo builder.

Nashville SEO for Google will send a postcard to your company address when you fill out the forms to verify your location. You may verify your company ownership by entering a code included on the postcard. Google Business Profile is activated when you’ve supplied the verification code.

Google has also prepared a tutorial to assist company owners in setting up their Nashville Google Business Profile account if you want more information.

Another thing to remember is that anybody may make modifications or changes to your Google business listing for Nashville SEO. Consumers may use this tool to notify Google of any changes to a business’s information, such as when it shuts down or if the business’s information has been updated.

However, evil rivals or dangerous persons might update your information without notifying you, which is one of the drawbacks of this function. Check your Google My Business account often to ensure that your business information is correct and up to date.

Your Google Business Profile Listing Can Be Improved for Nashville SEO

Creating a Google Business Profile account is a good place to start for local search traffic.

However, you may take a few measures to enhance your Google Business Profile listing to get even more visitors from local searches.

While optimizing your listing may take some time, the process is not complicated. These measures should be followed by every company that wishes to be found in local search results.

Here are a few easy things to improve your Google listing.

Name of the Company and Contact Information

It is Google’s preference that the business name be entered exactly as it appears on its website. Taglines, geographical information, and product mentions in your company’s name should be avoided unless they are an integral part of the brand.

Others claim that including keywords in your company name can help you rank higher.

However, it is not necessary to include your keywords in the name of your GMB profile to rank. A fast search for keywords like “pizza” will reveal that numerous top-ranking companies don’t have the phrase in their name.

Your company description and website’s title tag should be filled with your keywords.

Fill out any additional business details, such as your hours of operation, website URL, and phone number. Google will place you higher for relevant search queries if you choose the correct company category.

Other alternatives, such as menus where you may add information related to your company type, may be provided by Google. Filling out this field fully and properly is critical for your company’s name and contact information.

Description of the Company

Although Google enables a description of 750 characters, only 250 characters will be shown in the compressed versions due to space constraints. Make sure that the opening 250 words of your essay are strong enough to stand on their own. However, if you believe that a lengthier explanation is necessary, utilize the remaining space.

No self-promotional language or rude or improper information is allowed in a business description. Don’t bring up the current specials you have going on. Linking is also not permitted in your description.

The best way to get people interested in your product or service is to provide a summary of what you have to offer.

Search online to see what other companies have said about themselves in their company descriptions. Take a moment to consider how you may make your description stand out.


According to Google, more than half of all driving directions queries and a third of all website link clicks are generated by companies with photographs.

Adding high-quality images and videos to your website might help you attract new consumers. Professional photographers and videographers aren’t necessary. Using a snapshot taken using a mobile phone might work in certain situations.

According to Google, photos should have a minimum resolution of 720 x 720 pixels and be saved as jpg or png. No more than 5MB in size should be used for these files.

If you’re a marketing or advertising firm, you may use a program called LocalPics to encourage company owners to submit photos. For example, you may post an image of your company on the LocalPics website, and it will be instantly added to your Google Business Profile page.

The following are examples of the sorts of images that may be uploaded to your account:

Photo on the front of the book

Because it’s the first image, people see when they visit your company page, the picture you choose for your cover is crucial. You may also use this picture as a thumbnail, so be sure to choose an image that distinguishes you from the competition or entices users to click on your listing:

This is your profile picture.

When you publish a picture or respond to a customer review, your avatar will display your profile photo. High-quality images of oneself or the company’s logo may be used for one’s Facebook profile picture, depending on the business owner’s preference.

Another set of images

Upload a wide range of different images to best reflect your company. Here are a few thoughts for you to mull over:

  • You should include photos of your business’s outside and
  • interior and your most popular items
  • satisfied customers using them.
  • You should also include photos of your team or workers.

Include as many high-quality images as you think are necessary to show the entire scope of your company’s products and services.

You may use a spreadsheet to submit images if you have a large collection or operate from various places.


You may also post videos to your Google Business Profile account.

The use of video may be an excellent approach to engage your consumer, display your location, or show off the features of your product. There are several ways you may include video into your marketing strategy, including a tour of your company site, a message from the business owner, or footage of delighted customers.

Videos are limited to 30 seconds in length and maximum file size of 100 MB. They should have a resolution of 720p or above.

Most local companies don’t need to have videos on their Google page since most don’t. However, creating and uploading a video might be an effective approach to stand out.

Google My Business SEO Strategy

Methods For Getting Positive Google Reviews

Getting reviews on Google Business Profile is essential for gaining traffic from Google and acquiring new customers.

People trust online evaluations as much as personal recommendations, according to a poll by Brightlocal, and 86% of consumers check online reviews for local companies.

What you need to do to earn more reviews is ask for them!

Using this formula, you may construct a URL to deliver to your consumers.

  1. To get your “PlaceID,” use the Google Places lookup tool.
  2. In the following URL, replace the phrase “placed” with your actual PlaceID:

A good example of this is

Sending an email and asking for a review is the next option (if they join your email list).

The greatest SEO tools we use every day are included in a PDF that you can download for free!

The following is an easy way to get started:

Pleased to meet you, [Name of Customer].

[Business Name] appreciates your patronage. It means a lot to us that you selected us out of all the [service] possibilities.

Let us know what you thought of the whole thing in the comments section below. Do you have a few seconds to give us some feedback?

A link to [insert URL] is provided.

We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing you again in the future.

If you have any more questions or comments, please feel free to press reply so that I can respond directly to you.

Sincerely, \s[Name]

Don’t entice people to leave reviews with discounts or freebies.

When possible, respond to favorable reviews to thank your clients for their business and express your gratitude.

When responding to unfavorable evaluations, you should do it diplomatically, apologize when required, and provide a remedy.

Keep an eye on your Google Business Profile page.

Be sure to check into your Google Business Profile (GMB) account regularly to keep an eye on your website’s local search rankings.

Make changes to your company description, photos, and other data to enhance your business listing. Your clients will appreciate your efforts if you respond to their feedback.

Google Posts: How to Use Them

Google Posts are a useful service for Google Business Profile subscribers. Posts on Google Business Profile enable businesses to post announcements, offers, news, etc.

When someone makes an internet search in Google, this information may appear in Google search results or Maps.

According to some marketers, creating Google Posts may also help firms rank better in organic search results. A marketing firm worked with a local garage flooring business and a local church for three weeks to enhance organic traffic and search rankings by publishing two Google articles every week.

Using Google Posts boosted the number of appointments scheduled by an average of 11 percent for Patient Pop’s customers.

The greatest SEO tools we use every day are included in a PDF that you can download for free!

Google Posts allows you to generate a variety of different sorts of material. And how can you get the most out of your effort?

What do you think?

Regular vs. Event-Based Posts

Regular posts and event posts are both possible with Google posts. A minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 300 words are needed for each post.

Regular postings may be used for company announcements, news, or status updates. They expire after seven days. Because Google Posts have a 7-day lifespan, you should aim to publish anything fresh at least once every week.

Event posters may continue to attract visitors and buyers even after the event has ended.

Both sorts of postings have the potential to increase the visibility of your website and the success of your company. Your Google Posts are indexed and might appear in separate search results from your Google business profile.

It’s also possible to store your Google posts as draughts and then publish them later. Detailed instructions on generating Google posts may be found on Google’s help site.

Images For Google Posts: How To Use

Including a picture in your posts is another excellent feature of Google Posts. Use this option and include a picture to boost user click-through rates and engagement.

Images must be no greater than 10,000 × 10,000 pixels and no less than 400 x 300 pixels (10 kb) (25 MB).

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