Local Citations: What Are They?

Local Citations

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

July 1, 2022

A local citation refers to your company’s location on the Internet.

Information about your company’s location may be found in the “local” section.

If your company or brand is mentioned on other websites, even if they don’t connect to you, then you have “citations.”

If you own a local company, you need to understand how to use local citations.

We’ve put up a page on the subject to help you understand the importance of local citations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 833-777-RANK.

The Importance of Geographic Citations

Search engines like Google and Bing place importance on citations from local sources in their algorithms.

There’s a good chance that people will speak about your company if it’s respectable enough for them to do so on the Internet.

These citations have a direct effect on your site’s SEO.

Because of this, it is much simpler for Google to find out the correct information about your firm via citations.

Google won’t have much information about your business if you don’t.

Having local citations might provide you with a significant advantage over your competition. Set them up on a few different sites if you want to get an advantage over your competitors or simply make it simpler for clients to locate you.


Citations are found in a variety of ways by search engines. Websites that host them are the most common method of gathering information.

Many of these sites include Google My Business, Superpages, and others.

Posting your company and its location is possible on any of these websites. Some, on the other hand, require payment.

That’s why Google My Business is a good place to start, as are most other SEO firms. This enables you to tell the most significant search engine who you are, what you do, and where you are in direct communication.

It’s not only Google that offers free listings.

Bing Places is Bing’s service for citations in the local area. To have your website listed on the second most popular search engine globally, you may use this service for free.

Yext, Manta, and a slew of other sites allow you to list your business in your area.

While some local citation sites are reputable, not all of them are. In reality, the number of “hostage” local citation sites has expanded tremendously over the last few years as the popularity of local SEO has skyrocketed.


It is possible to find websites intended to steal information and put it on their site. Some of these sites even misrepresent the data.


As a result, they have the option to charge you to have it changed.

This kind of site can be found all over the Internet, and it is quite profitable for the people who run it since they threaten the owners of other websites with false information.

We at Rank Fire have come across a few websites that have attempted to harm our rankings in this way. We’ve chosen not to reimburse them.

We believe that these sites may be of interest to Google at this time. As Google’s algorithm improves, these fake sites will lose their hold on the market.

Search engine giant Google is always looking for unethical business practices to provide its users with the most relevant results possible.

Accordingly, Google should punish firms that use such techniques. These “hostage” local citation sites that require you to pay to update your information will eventually be included.

Even if Google hasn’t already started working on a solution, we expect they will in the next year or two.

Indeed, it’s in their best interest to continue giving authentic results to their customers.

Their users will go elsewhere if they do not.


To the relief of company owners, creating local citations isn’t difficult. A few minutes is all it takes, and the greatest citation services are completely free.


When it comes to establishing local citations, the sooner you start, the better!

Google My Company and Bing Places should be the first places you list your business information. As a result, you’ll be well-positioned on Google and Bing, the two most widely utilized search engines.

Yandex, the most popular Russian search engine and the fourth-largest in the world, is another option if you choose.

Only if you intend on selling to or servicing Russian consumers should you do this. There is nothing to worry about if you stick to Google and Bing.)


Local citations rely on your NAP information to be accurate. Obtaining a customer’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) is a prerequisite to doing business with a company.

The footer of many websites includes the company’s name, address, and phone number. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see it.

Search engines like Google will always know where your firm is situated, thanks to this method.

As Google crawls every page on your site, they will check whether you’ve updated your NAP information.

You may also use it to inform them of your location. Anyone visiting your website and like what they see will be able to contact you immediately simply scrolling to the bottom of your page.

A consumer can’t be made to convert any simpler!


In certain businesses, such as food service, review sites like Yelp are the lifeblood.

You may still earn from review sites, even if you operate a service-based business like plumbing or electrical.

To host reviews, these sites demand your company name and NAP information. Even if you share a name with another firm in another location, this is the greatest approach to identify your business.

Coincidences happen more frequently than you would think. (It is nearly always a coincidence.)

In addition to Yelp, you may get local citations from the following 20 business review sites.

Because Google and other search engines look at these citations, your clients will be able to locate you more easily online.


You may register a company account on every major social network and publish your NAP information—free exposure on some of the most popular websites in the world. No strings attached.

Particularly useful are the likes of Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest in the social media sphere.

All of them may be used to promote your products and services. That provides you an additional local citation for every social network and the ability to connect with your audience on various platforms.

After completing these steps, you can increase your local citations by two or three times just by spending an hour or two each day on social media.

First and foremost, it will not cost you a penny!


A contact page is a must for every website.

Customers should only find information on how to contact you on this website.

Consumers may contact you with a form field, complete with your NAP, logo, and another branding.

This page is relatively simple to construct, and many CMS-based websites include it as a standard feature (like WordPress).

Create a contact page and link to it from all across your site to get local citation listings. You’ll even see an increase in conversions as a result of this.


We have a dedicated staff of local SEO professionals that work tirelessly to develop citations for our customers. From San Diego to Boston, we’ve helped local companies get more clients from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yelp.

Let us assist you in this endeavor if you so choose.

We’ll provide you with the same high-quality service so that you may simultaneously grow your client base and money.

Please contact us right now to get started on increasing your local online presence!

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