Local Citation Building – A Basic Introduction

Local Citation Building

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 25, 2022

A look at the benefits of citation building and how to get started is provided in this article. Do you remember the last time you did a local internet search? The phone directory or your preferred search engine: Which method do you use when looking for a local business? It’s time to ponder: For example, if you’re a resident of Seattle, you may want to look up movie times, book a grooming appointment for your dog, and see what’s playing at the local theatre. Not to mention that your coat must go to the dry cleaners.
  1. A) Are you going to look for:
  2. B) Grooming services for dogs; Mexican eateries; both.
  3. C) Colorado Springs movie theatres
  4. D) dry cleaners Ballard
If you go with option D, that’s great. The survey found that “4 out of 5 people utilise search engines to locate local information.” According to a recent study, 80% of the global population searches for local information online. “It’s time to switch roles.” You’re the proprietor of a dry cleaning firm, for the sake of argument. In addition to an address, phone number, email, and blog, your firm has all the necessary contact information for customers to get in touch with you. Way to go, dude! You’re providing a service that everyone can benefit from. You’ve optimised your website’s on-page content to increase its visibility. Everything you do is correct! There’s a strange lack of customers, however. What can you do to remedy it?

Local Citations: What Are They?

An internet reference of your business – linked or unlinked – that includes your business location, phone number, and website URL is a “local citation.” Examples of this include Yelp reviews. Take a look at the first organic search result for “dry cleaners in Seattle Ballard.” Prediction: Yelp is most likely the culprit. Local companies may greatly benefit from citations, especially local SEO.

Citation Styles

Structured citations are distinguished from unstructured citations. Structured citations are similar to the listings in a phone book for small businesses. These citations are within your control. You have the option of submitting your company information and updating it as needed. Structured citations may be obtained on Yelp and Yellowpages.
  • Foursquare,
  • Google Maps,
  • Apple Maps,
  • other similar services

A structured citation on Yelp may be seen here:

Citations that appear in non-business directories are known as “unstructured citations.” Unstructured citations may be found on various websites, including those for magazines, newspapers, blogs, social media, and product reviews.

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