Leads for Roofers: What You Need to Know

Leads for Roofers

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 24, 2022

Rank Fire has evolved significantly in the decade since Nolen founded it. Roofers used to ask for “Roofing SEO” or “digital marketing for roofers” when they needed help. Things began to shift after years of being manipulated by deceptive advertising.

Roofer leads will be the most popular topic of conversation in 2021. As a contractor, you need to know the difference between a good lead and a bad one, and you need to discover a lead source that regularly generates the good ones.

To avoid the Roofer Gig Economy

Roofers are forced to work in a “gig economy” if they live to lead. When you purchase roofing leads from lead brokers, this is one of the most major drawbacks. Even though HomeAdvisor may provide a decent lead from time to time, the constant battle for shared leads hurts any company.

Every year, the roofers who produce a steady stream of high-quality leads from their online sites enjoy a relaxing day on the water. If you stay away from junk leads, you can do the same.

Invest in Branded Leads.

You can’t go wrong with branded roofing leads. What does it mean to be “branded”? In other words, the customer discovered your products or services by way of one of your well-known properties. This may be a yard sign or a billboard in the real world.

Digital assets such as a website, a company directory, or a social media presence may all be considered properties online. Branded leads are more likely to result in recurring business since they are exclusive. Reputation management creates word of mouth, which is a branded channel in its own right.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Roofers often seek the lowest-priced leads. Occasionally, they overlook the long-term viability and return on investment of the leads they generate. For a variety of reasons, organic search leads are the most cost-effective.

You can get them for nothing. Organic clicks, unlike PPC, do not incur a fee per click. Once you’ve risen to the top of search results, you’ll be inundated with free clicks. Free clicks that turn into repeat customers may increase your return on investment (ROI) by as much as fourfold over time.

Remember to pack the Local Maps Pack.

It’s common for people to think that “organic” search results are nothing more than the 10 blue links that appear underneath the advertisements and map pack. That is not the case. For constant lead creation, roofers need to be in the top three in their service area’s “organic” search results.

The quality of leads generated by the map pack is superior to those generated by typical organic connections. Callers are more likely to become repeat customers since GMB listings contain customer ratings, contact information, and the exact location. They are yours to have for life if you provide excellent roofing services.

When you combine branding with SEO, you get a boost in new customers.

Roofers begin to engage in SEO after they realize that branding directly correlates to lead creation. You can learn more about the process and how it may benefit your roofing business by reading our roofing SEO guide.

Changes in thinking must ultimately be motivated by a desire to improve performance and increase income. Online dominance or a gig economy business model are two options that roofing firms have to pick from when it comes to their service area. In the end, it’s up to you. To hear the whole audio, just press the play button down below.

Leads from Hail Damaged Roofs Have Gone Wild

The majority of roofing contractors are always on the lookout for new clients. It’s common knowledge that hail storms lead to a rise in the number of estimate and inspection requests from individuals who have worked in the sector for a long time.

However, just a small number of the area’s roofers get such calls. As a result, how do you become a roofer? Hurricane season brought some good fortune to one of the top customers in Rank Fire’s major service region.

Lead Generation for our Client.

This chart shows that organic searches are the primary source of leads. However, a wide range of prospects arrived through numerous means. On non-organic clicks, the consumer was able to find your phone number on your website or Google My Business profile.

Reviews, reputation management, and brand optimization all play a significant role in this situation. There was a lot of social evidence that this contractor was already well-known in the neighborhood. 15 percent of 3-pack clicks on Google Maps Organic Search Clicks account for 10% of all traffic. Recommendation rates for real estate agents are 10%.

Referrals from insurance agents: 10% Marketing on Facebook has increased by 10%. 10% of Nextdoor Advertising Ten percent of yard signs are advertising signs. Trucks and Neighbors comprise 10% of the population. Seventy percent of the congregation are members of the church. 3-percent pay-per-click advertising

Branding at the second level

For roofers, the organic search yields the highest return on investment. Traditional organic search results and the local 3-pack are both included in the term “organic.” However, Rank Fire | SEO is the second-best ROI.

It may not be as fast as PPC, but the long-term return is significantly greater. Several hundred hail damage leads were generated in large part because of our client’s Rank Fire | SEO.

What is Rank Fire | SEO, and how does it differ from Level 1?

High-return marketing activities like referral partnerships, pixel monitoring, and selected web advertising are all part of Rank Fire | SEO.

Rank Fire | SEO’s Long-Term Effects

The long-term advantages of Rank Fire | SEO cannot be understated. Even if it takes a hail storm to expose the whole extent of its reach, PPC advertising is still beaten by it.

What’s Wrong With PPC?

This roofing company proves that PPC is a waste of time and money when it comes to generating leads. Only a tiny fraction of the hail damage leads that led to this customer’s success came through PPC.

Our assertion that SEO and Rank Fire | SEO outperform PPC is backed by years of research. Yard signs, vehicle wraps, and a presence in local churches and other religious institutions are all good ways to get the word out about your cause. There is no substitute for branding when it comes to lead creation via PPC.

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