Is Plumbing Company SEO Worth Investing In?

Plumbing Company SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 8, 2022

It is possible to rank for phrases like “Colorado Springs plumber” when you’re a local plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs. Hundreds of other plumbing firms in the Front Range region target identical keywords and engage in plumber SEO to obtain desired results.

Consequently, whose local plumbing firm appears at the top of search results is determined by what factors. Look at this for yourself.

A website’s trustworthiness

According to Google, the most important SEO component is website authority, which analyses how well established a website domain is compared to others targeting the same themes and keywords and search ranks.

Although Google does not provide its specific ranking determinants, third-party metrics like AHRefs, MOZ, and Majestic may estimate website authority. Backlink profile, domain age, and monthly traffic all affect a website’s authoritativeness.

My Business on Google

Plumbers in Colorado Springs have numerous options for getting their websites to the top of Google’s results. Traditional search engine rankings can only be achieved by optimizing your website on its domain.

For Colorado Springs plumbers who want to be found on Google Maps, improving your Google My Business page is all that is needed.

Plumbers in your area may use the local search algorithm by claiming their listing and filling out the profile information. Customers may leave evaluations for local plumbers by clicking on a link that directs them to Google’s review page.

Performing a Search for Relevant Keywords

Keyword research tools don’t pick up the search volumes for local phrases. They feel that keywords with little search traffic aren’t worth pursuing on their sites. To find out how many people are searching for phrases like “Colorado Springs plumbing businesses,” plumbers may use tools like SEMrush and AHRefs.

Plumbers may still benefit from this terminology, even if they aren’t used. Once your website is up and running, you’ll begin receiving clicks from Google Search Console for these kinds of phrases.

Content that appears on the page

Plumbers have a significant edge over their competition to produce high-quality on-page content. Crawlers of search engines may assess the quality of the information in an automated manner, and language, structure, and readability all play a part.

Each service type and service area should have its page on a robust plumbing website, creating distinct information for each page. The goal of every content page is to meet the user’s demands and direct them to additional relevant sites. More leads may be generated by including call-to-actions (CTAs) within the content.

Structure of URL

The quicker your plumbing website ranks in Colorado Springs, the better. It is possible to have a top-level website for your primary services and a sub-page for your emergency plumbing services on the primary services page.

Sewer line repair, burst pipe repair, and other particular service pages are examples of this. Search engines can crawl websites with hierarchical site architectures more effectively, and visitors can traverse them more effortlessly. In both scenarios, the plumbing firm builds a customer base that will increase business in 2022.

In-Place Citations

Several internet directories where local plumbing firms may include their contact information, such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List.

In addition to a local business directory, other sources of information might assist in developing your plumbing business. For search engines, submitting the same contact information to many directories may help strengthen your company’s identity.

Nofollow links are also built up via citations. Although these connections aren’t directly counted as a ranking component by Google, they are considered ranking indications by the search engine.

BrandREVU SEO Tool for Small Businesses in Your Area

Regular search results and the 3-Pack of local map listings on Google may be improved by using BrandREVU, a plumbing SEO tool from Google.

BrandREVU is an SEO tool that may help your Colorado Springs, CO plumbing business stand out from the competition. This service, which enables plumbers to post their most current work and feedback, is BrandREVU.

Google and other search engines may even verify a plumbing service using the tool’s schema markup. BrandREVU helps plumbers produce more reviews on Google, Facebook, and their business website by sending automated review requests.

From Rank Fire | SEO, you can get Colorado Springs plumbing SEO services.

For plumbing-related SEO in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Plumbing Webmasters. An important part of our SEO approach is building and maintaining a positive online reputation. Each of these strategies will be dissected in detail, and their combined effect on Colorado Springs plumbers’ SEO will be discussed.

Plumbers’ Essential Guide To Social Media

The temptation to dismiss social media marketing as a waste of time for a small plumbing firm is understandable. If you don’t have an active social media marketing strategy, you will be limited in your success.

Social networking is essential for plumbers for two reasons. One of the advantages is that it’s completely free. Even while launching and managing an efficient social media marketing strategy might take a lot of effort, it is completely free unless you pay for adverts.

Because plumbing is a local company, social media is vital for plumbers because it helps them connect with more of the local population. In light of the significance of social media in the plumbing industry, please consider how you may use it to your advantage.

Do Plumbers Use Social Media?

There are a variety of internet platforms available to plumbing firms, including social media, that let them publish content that may be seen by other plumbing companies and others inside the network or community. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are a few examples of social media platforms.

In 2022, how will social media benefit plumbers?

Using social media to promote a plumber’s business, services, and marketing materials has become increasingly common. Companies in the plumbing industry may use social media to generate leads, increase traffic to their websites, and raise their brand’s visibility. As a bonus, plumbers may use popular social media sites to make public remarks and announcements.

What Every Plumber Should Know About Social Media Marketing

We’ll take a closer look at three of the most popular social networking sites for plumbers in the following tutorial. Do you know why they are so crucial?

People under the age of 18 should not be targeted for your products. There is a good chance that an 18-year-old will not own a home and be responsible for scheduling plumbing repairs.

Three platforms are ideal for plumbers to utilize because they have an average user age that falls perfectly in the sweet spot for plumbers. Each of these platforms follows the same fundamental guidelines.

Mimic the name of your company

It’s best to make all of your social media accounts use the company name as the account name. Brand awareness and internet visibility will both improve as a result of this. If the account name you want is already used, try to choose a name that is as near to your company’s real name as you can get away with.

When setting up your social media accounts, use your company’s logo as your profile picture or avatar. This is crucial for brand awareness once again.

Permissions for the Admin should be set.

Your social media accounts will be more successful if you have a team of people working with you. Make sure that you designate separate personnel to perform distinct roles in the administration of your site.

Using the Internet to Promote Your Plumbing Business

Most of the time, social media is a place where individuals can let their hair down and have some fun. The greatest approach to your social media postings is informal, entertaining, or casual. However, it’s also a good idea to be educational as well. Content ideas for each platform:


YouTube is a great place to share educational information with your audience. You may get a tonne of traffic huge your website by making instructional videos that people watch on YouTube.

Ninety percent of study respondents said they discovered new companies and items on YouTube, after all. To help your consumers, consider creating some “how-to” plumbing videos based on common inquiries.


Use Facebook to connect with your local community. Post pictures of you or your employees at community activities. Post photos of recent projects you’ve accomplished. Ask your followers what the most frustrating plumbing issue they’ve ever encountered is and see what they say.

Different material will elicit different responses from your audience, so be sure to experiment and discover what works before committing to a regular schedule of thought-provoking postings.


Instagram posts are a terrific method to advertise a business or product. You may post a picture of the service in action, along with a description and a call to action in the photo’s caption. You may use Instagram stories to introduce yourself and your team to your followers, highlight a recent project, or even start a poll to engage your audience. Adding music into Instagram stories encourages engagement.

Why Do Plumbers Post on Social Media So Rarely?

When it comes to posting frequency, there are a lot of conflicting results from various research. Many factors come into play, including your target audience, the size of your company, and the kind of social media platform you use. Any post frequency that is beneficial to one company might be detrimental to another. For plumbers, this is a typical social media post frequency guideline:

Postings on YouTube

However, YouTube is more forgiving since it doesn’t penalize you for posting numerous videos every day. In comparison, posting numerous times a day on Facebook is more intrusive. It’s also OK to publish videos regularly if they’re high-quality and provide value.

Posts on Facebook

You don’t want to spam your followers’ Facebook newsfeed. Even though experts dispute how frequently small companies should post on Facebook, the general view is that they should post once a day but no more than twice a day.

Posts on Instagram

A sector that isn’t readily apparent on Instagram is a good fit for the visual nature of Instagram. If you’re a plumber, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to capitalize on the success that eCommerce companies have had with frequent Instagram product posts. Your social media followers don’t want to see a slew of sloppy images of plumbing work in progress.

You’ll probably have more luck if you show them examples of the finished product. It’s normal to expect 2-3 Instagram posts each week due to this consideration. Just remember to keep your posting schedule regular.

Plumbers’ Social Media Marketing

Social media gives plumbers the ability to contact clients organically and via sponsored advertising, just as SEO and PPC do on Google. The latter is more enticing on platforms like Facebook, where organic reach for companies is almost impossible due to Facebook’s algorithmic changes.

As a member of Facebook’s ad network, Instagram users may be targeted by any advertising campaign launched on Facebook. Ads are also available on YouTube, but it’s far simpler to get organic followers than other social media sites.

Plumbers may advertise on Facebook.

It is expected that in 2022, Facebook advertising will be one of the most popular techniques to recruit new clients. Lead Ads on Facebook are ads that include a form for users to enter their information right there and then.

Demographics that are more inclined to use your plumbing services might be your target market. You may even enable Facebook to use its data and algorithms to target lookalike audiences. This means that by 2022, you’ll have a steady stream of new plumbing clients.

Plumbers may advertise on Instagram with these ads.

Like we said before, plumbers can advertise to both Facebook and Instagram users via Facebook’s ad network. Additionally, you may target Instagram users through Stories and Posts. The ad manager will, of course, make aesthetic adjustments to match Instagram’s requirements, but the ad’s content will stay untouched.

Plumbers’ YouTube Commercials

As a result of YouTube’s massive user base, it’s a great place to promote products and services. Ads are a terrific method to grow your YouTube viewership. Because plumbers can target certain groups on YouTube, they can make the most of their advertising budgets, just as they can do on Facebook. Users see YouTube adverts while watching videos on comparable subjects on the platform.

Some more things to think about in 2022 when it comes to social media

Considering Facebook

Plumbers should use social media strategically. If you’re also performing keyword research and looking for ways to include keywords into your social media postings, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition.

Considerations for YouTube

For your YouTube videos, it’s essential to come up with an eye-catching title that includes a relevant keyword. Remember to add a description with a link to your website and social media accounts. In addition, you may include precise keywords in the descriptions of your products.

Considerations for Instagram

Make your Instagram posts more apparent by including popular hashtags relating to what you’re posting. Create a witty but brief caption for your photos.

Plumbers may rely on a complete social media service.

One must remember that social media marketing for plumbers is only one part of a larger digital marketing strategy. The other things might be easy if it is done correctly. When it comes to digital plumbing marketing, Plumbing Webmasters has you covered. We can assist with local SEO, PPC ads, and anything in between.

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