Interesting Ways Roofers Can use Digital Marketing to Increase Profits

Digital Marketing to Increase Profits

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 26, 2022

Increase Your Roofing Bookings by Using Qualified Roofing Leads (Without Cold Calls or Begging)

As a roofer, you’re well aware of how difficult it can be to generate new business. If you want to get additional work for your firm, there are various things you may do.

Knowing which roofing marketing methods are most efficient at attracting new customers does not have to be hard. This article will provide you with several cost-effective and practical roofing marketing ideas that you may utilize to grow your company.

Let’s go right to the point and not waste any time!

Put Your Roofing Company on Google Maps

Your roofing firm will benefit from local search marketing, which will help clients discover you in relevant local searches.

For roofers, nothing beats a well-executed local search marketing plan. When done correctly, it may assist clients in finding your roofing company.

It’s also worth noting that local search roofing marketing isn’t something that can be done immediately, and expect to see results. Roofing marketing professionals best handle marketing for the roofing industry!

The Client-Ready Roofing Website Is Yours For Free

It’s time to re-evaluate the design of your roofing website.

You need to take care of it immediately!

It’s 2022, and customers will begin their search for a new roofer online before deciding which one to hire.

Because most people have short attention spans, today’s customers need immediate results.

So if your roofing website is unsightly, sluggish to load, or difficult to use, potential customers will go elsewhere.

You should ensure that your roofing website is simple to use and loads quickly so that customers may spend more time on your site.

You should also add clear call-to-action buttons on your website so that visitors know exactly what they should do next.

Our staff is happy to assist you with the makeover of your roofing website! For your roofing website, we’ll make it client-ready!

Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation for Your Roofing Company

It’s a misconception that reputation management is exclusively for big roofing companies. Maintaining a positive internet reputation is critical to the success of your roofing company.

You’ll be able to keep tabs on how customers see your goods and services and what your rivals are up to if you use reputation management.

You should always ask your clients to submit positive reviews on your Google My Business or Yelp pages after completing a job for them. This is essential if you want people to hire you.

Use Roofing Marketing Keywords to Your Advantage

An important aspect of a roofing marketing plan is keyword research. Several things might be done with your roofing keywords!

You’ll better understand the search phrases potential customers or clients use to find your roofing goods or services. There are a variety of resources available to help you find roofing-related keywords.

Your first goal as a roofer should be to concentrate on operating your company, not keyword research. We’ll assist you with Roofing SEO and keyword selection to rank your site well in search engine results.

To attract new customers, provide free roof inspection and estimate services.

Offering a one-time offer like free roof estimates or inspections is a great way to get additional work. As a result of their positive experience, your customers will remember your company the next time they need a roofer.

Get Qualified Roofing Leads Through Social Media

It’s 2022 now. Social networking is essential for promoting your roofing services.

As more and more people turn to social media for information, your roofing company may be missing out on potential customers if it does not have a Facebook profile.

Make sure to re-market your roofing services to those who haven’t contacted you when you have a superb roofing website with a lot of traffic.

When creating social media messaging for each platform, you will be utilizing, make sure that you tailor your messages to the specific platform your clients will be using.

For Roofing Contractors, networking is a must.

Do you remember the last time you went to a Local Chamber of Commerce event in your area? Attend local networking events for small business owners and promote your roofing business there. You should also work hard to build solid business ties with real estate businesses and property management organizations that may need your roofing services at some point in time.

Attempt Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

For roofing businesses, pay-per-click advertising is a cost-effective method of promoting their products or services. Using relevant and specialized keywords might help your site rise in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is simple to compare your outcomes to your marketing expenditures with PPC advertising. You need to offer visitors a cause to come and click on your roofing website to get effective PPC results.

A free roof inspection report, webinar, or other freebies are all possibilities. A reliable roofing PPC advertising firm can help you accomplish your marketing objectives more quickly than if you were to do it independently.

Install Google My Business to Improve Your Roofing’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To help your roofing company show up in search results and on Google Maps and Earth, you may use Google My Business, formerly known as “Google Places.” Local search marketing requires it, and it’s a great location to begin your roofing marketing efforts!

Do you want more scheduled jobs and qualified roofing leads? Dominating local Google searches for “roofing” is the first step. Get to the top of your game with the help of roofing marketing experts!

In 2022, if your roofing company is not in the top three results for local searches, you are already behind the competition.

The Rank Fire | SEO staff can assist you. Roofing firms and contractors may rely on our team of seasoned marketing specialists to help them get more website traffic and generate more leads.

Looking for an online marketing and web design firm to help your roofing company get an advantage over the competition? You’ve found it.

In the roofing industry, we are the top marketing agency.

After reading this piece, you now have a plethora of roofing marketing ideas to put your firm on top of the competition.

At Rank Fire | SEO, we keep a close eye on the latest social media and SEO developments.

For a free consultation on your online roofing marketing plan, get in touch with us.

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