How Voice Searches Affect Roofing SEO & How to Win

Voice Searches Affect Roofing SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 4, 2022

Outrank your competition and book more roofing jobs using voice search to provide an unmatched client experience.

Many roofers know that SEO is a constantly changing area, yet it is a crucial part of any online marketing plan. The way people look things up on the internet has changed as well. Roofing services and goods may now be sought for using voice search. Your roofing company must have a voice search strategy to compete with the rising popularity of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri. What does voice search involve, and why is it so popular in roofing marketing? What’s more, why is voice search so critical to your roofing business? You may be shocked to learn how disregarding this rising roofing SEO trend might harm your roofing website’s visibility and traffic. This article will find the answers to all of your voice search questions.

What is Voice Search, and how does it differ from other search engines?

Property owners may utilize their voice to browse your roofing website or app using speech recognition technology. Instead of entering their search phrases into the search query box, people in this location speak them out loud. In addition to saving time and eliminating the need for a screen or keyboard, many property owners prefer voice search because it is easier to use when they have a full set of hands.

Voice search is making waves in roofing marketing for a variety of reasons.

Most of your consumers will locate your roofing company on Google these days. With the help of Google, they just search for “roofing services” and employ the first contractor that appears. As Siri and Alexa have become more widely used, the search game has changed. Why? Because individuals don’t type in the search query box the same way they talk, your internet marketing keyword research may be useless. For the following reasons, roofers who wish to stay visible to property owners in the next years will need to find a method to include voice search into their online marketing strategies:

User Experience Can Be Improved Through the Use of Voice Search.

Implementing a voice search strategy will keep your roofing company current and provide your customers with a unique experience that will strengthen customer loyalty and raise the profile of your brand. A better user experience may be achieved thanks to Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa distinguishing various voices, which allows for more tailored information and messaging. When it comes to building customer loyalty and retaining them, voice search technology may assist. For busy property owners who want fast satisfaction and a spectacular experience every time they connect with your roofing brand, voice search encounters are more convenient than text-based ones.

Your Roofing SEO Is Affected by Voice Search

Because voice search affects best practices for roofing SEO, roofers must include it in their internet marketing plans. As a result of this phenomenon, people’s interactions with search engine searches have changed significantly. Including long-tail keywords in your content may help you overcome the problem of voice searches being lengthier than text-based searches. The significance of Local SEO is set to rise as more people use their mobile devices to find a local business, such as a roofer in their neighborhood, which will affect SEO. Additionally, Google Assistant focuses more on the highlighted snippets while responding to users. As a result, your roofing company’s SEO strategies must embrace these best practices.

Roofers Use Voice Search to Increase Website Traffic.

Roofers who are willing to put in the time and effort to adopt voice search methods may expect to see a significant increase in their website traffic. After receiving an answer, a voice assistant encourages the user to visit a website that provides the answer. Voice-optimized SEO may lead to a rise in traffic for roofers who often appear on the first page of search results or as an answer to user queries.

Your Roofing Company Can Rank Higher Than Your Rivals with a Customized Voice Search Strategy

Your roofing company’s online visibility depends on having a strong voice strategy, but it also helps keep potential customers from going to your competitors. For example, if your rivals have adopted a voice search strategy and your firm has not, your competitors will rank higher in search engines and be discovered more often by customers. Many roofers haven’t yet gone on the voice search trend; this allows you to separate from the competition.

Helps Your Business Be Available for Clients When They Need Your Services through Voice Search.

With voice search, property owners use it when they need certain roofing services or goods quickly. Modern customers seek services and goods that they can utilize immediately. If a roofer uses voice-optimized SEO, their company will appear at the top of search results for anyone looking for roofing services. Voice search will have the same impact on the digital marketing world that mobile-first indexing did, forcing roofing websites to rethink their SEO strategy. If your roofing company wants to remain on top of the competition, it must implement a voice search strategy. Fortunately, this piece will help you get your roofing website ready for voice search in 2022 by providing useful ideas.

Roofing Website Optimization for Voice Search

Organize Your Data
Structured data, such as schema markup, is critical in helping search engines identify and organize your material. Google uses this data to better comprehend your roofing website’s content. For ranking purposes, this information is not necessary. However, it will help you appear in voice and highlight snippets. Schema markup is essential since property owners often look for office hours, phone numbers, or addresses when searching for nearby roofing companies. Conversions, an enhanced digital footprint, and higher rankings are made possible by providing comprehensive, up-to-date information about your roofing firm. How can structured data be implemented on a roofing website? Look for schema plugins in WordPress, and you’ll find hundreds of schema markup features. If you have a lot on your plate, you may consider hiring a respected roofing marketing firm to handle your SEO needs.

Your Google My Business Listing Is Yours!

Claim and enhance your roofing business’s Google My Company profile to ensure it is suitable for local search. Make sure to provide the right phone number and the name of your company and your opening hours. Consider including an overview of your company and the roofing services or products you provide in your summary. Make certain that all of your listings have the same contact information. Last but not least, be sure to choose a appropriate category for your company. Additionally, make an effort to include high-quality photographs of your company’s products and services and yourself and your workers. With this, potential customers will be more likely to trust your roofing company. It’s a good idea to put your company phone number or email address in the header or footer of your website.

Boost the Speed of Your Roofing Website!

Customers/prospects that use voice search may be in a rush since it is quicker than typing in a search query field. Make sure your website loads in fewer than three seconds to guarantee that you meet your prospect’s requirement for speed. Search engine rankings are heavily influenced by a page’s response time. Your roofing website’s loading time may be checked using several tools, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The benefit of using this tool is that it provides many recommendations for speeding up your website. Minimize the CSS and HTML files, optimize the pictures, eliminate extraneous plugins and theme components, and enable browser caching.

Adapting Your Roofing Website to Work on Any Device is Critical.

All of your SEO efforts as a roofer should make your site as user-friendly as possible on mobile devices. Most voice search inquiries are made on smartphones and other mobile devices. The following considerations should be kept in mind while developing a mobile-friendly version of your roofing website:
  • Use a mobile-responsive roofing website design to deliver an exceptional user experience across various devices. ‘
  • Don’t use flash for media or effects on your site; instead, use HTML5.
  • Make your site simple to browse by making clicks and links substantial enough to read.
Google’s mobile-friendly compatibility test will help you determine whether your roofing website is optimized for mobile viewing.

Search Engine Optimization for Long-Tail Roofing

As conversational search queries become more common, short-tail keywords will lose relevance. Prospects that use voice search ask more specific inquiries to get more accurate responses to their queries. Roofing long-tail keywords are the answer. Long-tail keywords tend to be more specialized than short-tail keywords. It’s a nod because they are lengthier terms than the normal search query. During a voice search, potential customers pretend to be interacting with a live individual. Prospects may use terms like “best roofer in Tennessee” while searching. Ask Siri (or Google): Where can I find the greatest roofing contractor in Tennessee when performing a voice search? The inclusion of conversational terms that prospects would use is strongly suggested. Search for long-tail keywords in your article and incorporate them.

Develop a Positive Online Presence

Roofers are well aware that a negative internet reputation may hurt their voice search ranks, and Google even displays ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 star being defined as the worst, 4-5 indicates that your service is the best). Customers and potential customers who speak well of your company can help you rise in the rankings on search engine result sites. Testimonials from satisfied customers may also prove your reliability and authority. Positive reviews on Home Advisor, Facebook, and Yelp are also good signs. Fortunately, Rank Fire | SEO may enhance your roofing reputation by publishing good client testimonials on your website and gathering evaluations from your previous customers.. customers.

Implementing a Voice Search Strategy in Your Roofing Website Now Is the Best Way to Stay Ahead of the Game.

Your roofing firm has to keep up with today’s competitive market. Voice search SEO is a must-have if you want to stand out from the crowd of other roofers. Your firm can provide unmatched service to its customers by using voice search. At Rank Fire | SEO, we strive to always be one step ahead of the competition. Combined with our expertise in roofing, we are the greatest option for your digital marketing requirements. As a roofer, you may have had to deal with various unfamiliar marketers with your field. Your SEO approach should now be updated to take advantage of the current trend of voice search since so many roofers swear by it. If you’re looking for SEO specialists to help you develop and execute a voice search strategy for your roofing company, contact us for a free planning session.

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