How to Speed Up Keyword Research

Speed Up Keyword Research

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 15, 2022

These unusual keyword research tools may not be on your list of preferred paid or free SEO keyword research tools, but you should still consider them.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).

As a result, you need to conduct keyword research to identify where your consumers are in the customer journey.

“How to [something]” is a common search term, while “[product] sale” is used by people who want to buy the product.

Customers are more likely to click through and convert if they provide relevant material.

Keyword research determines the most important terms for your website’s goals.

A well-executed A/B test can help guide your efforts to increase awareness, consideration, or conversion.

Most SEO experts start with Google’s Keyword Planner and its related tools, which might be time-consuming or difficult to use because of Google’s prominence.

The good news is that there is a slew of free keyword research tools out there.

Keep an eye out for unusual keyword research tools when you’re feeling stuck and need some new ideas.

Some Unusual Keyword Research Equipment

  1. TagCrowd.

2.Ample Use of Keywords

  1. MerchantWords.
  2. Keysearch.
  3. Keyword.Guru.
  4. GetKeywords.
  5. QuestionDB.
  6. Soovle.
  7. Dominator of the Keyword Tool.

10.Data from Google’s search results.

  1. AlsoAsked.
  2. StoryBase.
  3. Keyworddit.


In terms of free keyword research tools, TagCrowd is a standout.

Using this easy application, you may create word/text/tag clouds without the high price tag of products like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

On-page SEO strategies continue to emphasize the importance of keyword density.

If you’re trying to rank for a specific term but utilize it sparingly, you’ll have difficulty doing it. On the other hand, Google may penalize your site if you overuse keyword stuffing, considered a black hat SEO tactic.

You may use TagCrowd to determine the best keyword density for a certain topic by comparing your content to that of your competitors.

  • Supports competition SEO analysis
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Uploading a file is one of several ways to add content.

O, Enter the URL of the webpage you want to see.

O, Copy and paste the page content.

The best tool for visualizing the frequency of a certain keyword

Free of charge

2.Everywhere You Look: Keywords

Over 15 of the most prominent keyword research tools are included in the Keywords Everywhere service.

Firefox and Chrome extensions are available for this free SEO keyword research tool.

It’s made by the same people who created Keyword Keg.

  • Data from popular keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest and Answer the Public is collated into a single database for easy access.
  • Information on keyword search volume and cost per click is provided, which is rudimentary but useful.
  • PDF, Excel, and CSV files are all supported.

Browser-based keyword research: The best tool for this

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. The pay-as-you-go model is used in the Premium version. For as little as $10, you may get 100,000 credits (one credit equals one keyword research).


If you have an Amazon store, MerchantWords is one of the best free keyword research tools for SEO. It analyses more than a billion Amazon searches to provide a list of relevant keywords.

  • Over a billion Amazon searches worldwide are used to generate actionable market insights.
  • Google keyword statistics shows the monthly search volume for various terms.
  • Unlimited CSV downloads and searches.
  • Customer service is available round-the-clock.

Ecommerce businesses should use the best keyword research tool.

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. It starts at $35/month for U.S. data and goes up to $149/month for premium plans (for global data).

4. Search engine optimization

Free keyword research tool Keysearch can assist you in gaining organic traffic and spotting prospects for backlinks.

YouTube and Pinterest keyword research tools are also included.

  • Keyword difficulty checker, rank tracking; backlink checking;
  • website audit analyst; competitive analysis are just a few of the many tools available.
  • Individuals and small businesses on a tight budget

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. Premium plans start at $17 per month.

5. Guru Keyword.

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and e-commerce sites (Amazon) are all included in Guru’s keyword research tool, which is unusual (Amazon, eBay).

Even though it does not reveal term density or frequency, it swiftly returns the most popular keyword search results and shows real-time keyword search results in real-time.

For example, it analyses Google, Yahoo, and Bing search data and eCommerce websites (Amazon, eBay).

  • Delivers search results data in real-time;
  • Quickly displays the most prevalent searches.

Real-time keyword research is the best method.

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. The monthly premium fee is $5.

A free and unusual keyword research tool,

6.GetKeywords, caters to local SEO.

One of the most powerful free keyword research tools is GetKeywords, which has a wide range of filters that allow you to narrow down your search results to certain nations, provinces, and cities.

Feature highlights include

  • Filters that limit keyword searches based on location.
  • Grouping keywords into categories based on the aim of the search — eCommerce, video, and question-based queries.
  • A breakdown of mobile and desktop traffic is shown for each nation you put in.
  • Displays the SERP’s overall bounce rate, so you can see if the keyword is worth pursuing.
  • Local SEO: The best keyword research tool

Unlimited searches are included in the free plan. Advanced features like SEO difficulty and competition keywords are included in premium plans starting at $24 per month when billed annually.

7.In search of blog post ideas, QuestionDB is your best bet.

This free keyword research tool for search engine optimization (SEO) generates keyword ideas using Reddit and Quora queries.

Uses Q&A websites to find questions based on the provided term.

  • Keywords relevant to a topic are searched in a database.
  • For blogs, it provides a source of queries that may be used to find relevant content.
  • Create insightful blog content with the best keyword research tool

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. Premium subscriptions begin at $7/month when paid annually in advance.

8. Soovle

Soovle autocompletes with phrases to assist you to extend your ideas when you enter in a few search queries.

  • Generates phrases that are specific to each platform.
  • There are no limits to the number of searches you may conduct, and an idea generator is also available.

Ecommerce or businesses with many channels seeking keyword ideas: This is the best keyword research tool for you.

Free of charge

9.Keyword Dominator:

The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Tool

Using data from Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google, Google Shopping, Walmart, and YouTube, the Keyword Tool Dominator determines the most popular search terms.

Keyword Tool Dominator’s drawbacks are the lack of keyword analysis and a daily limit of two keywords in the free edition.

  • Unlimited keyword searches in real-time (premium plans only).
  • Long-tail keywords are included in the keyword suggestions.
  • Search engine rankings.
  • Reports can be exported.

Multichannel marketers should use this tool for keyword research.

Offerings: No cost, but with a few restrictions. Starting at $49.99, you get lifetime access to all our tools.

10.The Google Search Data

Is this an original thought?

It all comes down to how well-versed you are in using the free keyword research tools at your disposal.

There is a variety of keyword data available through Google that newcomers sometimes overlook.

  • Search suggestions that incorporate long-tail variations of your primary term based on actual user data are shared via Autocomplete.
  • Another frequently asked question is: Questions that people are asking about your keyword are included in this section. Subheadings and featured excerpts can also be used to answer common questions.
  • The following are some related searches: Semantically relevant searches are shown, even if they don’t contain the exact words you entered. Using these searches, you can see what kinds of topics your readers are interested in learning about.

Suitable for everyone:

Free of charge

11. AlsoAsked

People also ask for data from Google is the focus of AlsoAsked’s freemium keyword research service.

Also asked suggests connections between topics when you submit a seed keyword. You have the option of downloading data in the form of.CSV or.PNG images.

Similarly to AnswerThePublic, AlsoAsked provides additional context to Google data, with AnswerThePublic focused on autocomplete data in particular.

  • Shows similar keywords.
  • Create a visual representation of the relationships between the keywords.

Use the.CSV or.PNG files to export keyword data.

This is the best tool for finding out what people are talking about and how those topics are related.

Free, but with a limited set of features. Starting at $49 a month, you can access the service.

12.The StoryBase

Search intent and searcher characteristics are the emphases of StoryBase, a premium keyword research tool.

This is a powerful tool for brands to reach their ideal customers via search.

To make sense of your data, StoryBase provides a visual representation of it.

A subscription plan also gives you access to various important content analysis tools, including keyword performance and heatmaps.

  • Heat maps and a tool for measuring clickthrough rate (CTR) are included in this package.
  • Google Search Console integration.

Ideal for: Businesses looking to establish a relationship with the ideal customers they seek to reach.

Pricing: $49/month as a starting point.

13.Keyword research is a vital part of this process.

Reddit’s free keyword research tool, Keyworddit, provides an additional option to interact with your target audience through keyword research.

Ideas abound on the social media platform Keyworddit. You can use it to search keywords based on Reddit questions that are frequently asked.

Find subreddits (groups) that represent your target audience’s demographics and interests.

Run the subreddit names with Keyworddit to extract keywords that best describe what active individuals are discussing the most often.

  • Remember that Google search data, not Reddit search data, is used to estimate search volume.
  • You can use this feature to find out what your audience is searching for most on Reddit.

Brands who want to market on Reddit should use this service.

Pricing: There is no charge to read this post.

An important part of any successful SEO plan is keyword research.

No longer does it make sense to rely entirely on data from Google’s SEO tools, as Google frequently adjusts its algorithm.

The good news is that this is a positive thing.

There are many SEO keyword research tools available, both for a fee and for free. Even though paid tools offer the most information and the quickest way to get it, free tools can still be quite useful — without the price tag.

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