How to Rank for Roofer Near Me Search on Google

Roofer Near Me Search on Google

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 28, 2022

Get discovered by “Roofer near me” searchers in your local area to increase conversions and book more jobs.

Location-based searches for customers are becoming more popular. As a result, having your roofing company listed on Google maps and letting potential customers know where you are has become more important.

80% of Smartphone buyers use nearby searches to discover services or goods, and 90% of those prospects click on the first few items in a recent survey by search engine land.

Searching for a specific location is no longer the primary goal of Google’s “next to me” algorithm. It’s not just about getting them to where they want to go; it’s about helping them get what they need. As a result, we will talk about ways to make your company more visible in searches for roofing contractors near me.

The Place to Begin

Profiles on Google My Business

It’s never a simple effort to develop a fresh roofing marketing approach, and it’s almost always a struggle. Your Google My Business roofing profile is the ideal place to begin. That ought to be a simple process, right? Make sure you fill out all required areas to maximize your profile. You’ll be increasing your roofing company’s visibility on Google Maps by doing this.

Having an outdated account might hurt your listing. It’s important to ensure that your listing doesn’t include any redundant information. Your roofing website will seem better if you choose a consistent company name across the board.

Verify that your contact information, including phone number and address, is up-to-date and consistent throughout your website.

For “roofer near me” searches, verify your business.

Many roofers aren’t aware that Google offers a useful service. Roofing companies may write a letter to the address shown in their listing to request that Google verify their physical location. This is a critical step in ensuring that your roofing company appears prominently in searches for “roofing near me.”

In addition to verifying the actual location of your organization, you must ensure that you are referring to the right URLs. If you have many locations, you must ensure that all of your customers can access your site.

Hours of Operation, Description, and Images

Adding business hours for your clients is always important. Your firm will seem more legitimate and trustworthy if potential customers discover you during these hours.

Having a well-written and engaging explanation of your company’s capabilities and services. The fact that so few roofing contractors are now doing this means it’s an excellent area to focus on if you want to rise above your competition.

Every homeowner enjoys looking at pictures of their home improvement projects. You may either show off your finished products or your present geographical location for these images. A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to the clinch.

Get Authentic Reviews on the Web

Isn’t it time to confront facts? To dominate local searches for roofers near me, many roofing companies spend time attempting to falsify reviews. Inconveniently, no. If you’re a roofer, you need to put yourself out there and ask for authentic web evaluations from your customers.

You’ll be surprised by the number of consumers who are prepared to share their honest opinions regarding your services Your customers are more likely to give a good review when your firm asks for them frequently. Your inbox will be flooded with roofing leads if your firm has a good internet reputation.

The power of a simple positive remark may go a long way toward attracting new roofing customers.


Using Schema to mark up your HTML code might aid Google in promoting and indexing unique events at your roofing company location. There are several challenges that roofers face while learning to code. If you’re not sure you’re up to the task, Rank Fire | SEO can help you with the implementation. Check out Moz’s piece to learn more about Schema’s potential for your roofing company.

Optimization of mobile devices

In today’s roofing marketing, “mobile optimization” appears to be the phrase. So why do so many roofers do it wrong? Ensure that your roofing website is mobile-friendly. Many potential customers are now searching for a roofer near me on their mobile devices more than ever before.

Mobile responsiveness is critical for your roofing website. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers over time. Even Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Other Websites’ Anchor Texts

Webmasters are still seeking authors even though millions of blogs are launched annually. High-quality content has a higher demand than supply. It’s a good idea to reach out to other roofers and offer to write a blog post for their site.

A city name in your anchor text can help you rank higher in the “near me roofing” search results.

City Landing Pages

Your roofing company should have separate landing pages for each location it services. Having a GMB profile for each location is a good idea, but having a full landing page is better.

The Rank Fire – SEO Advantage

If you’re having trouble, you can count on the Rank Fire SEO team to help you dominate the Roofing near me search results. For years, we have helped several roofing companies get to the top of Google search results in their local area. To provide long-term value to our customers, we use a straightforward but organic approach to Roofing local SEO.

Your business’s strengths and limitations will be used to develop a personalized roofing SEO road plan. There is a lot of competition in the roofing sector, and it’s developing at an incredible pace.

Using cutting-edge techniques, our SEO specialists create and put into action the most effective plans for your organization. With our help, your roofing firm may gain a significant edge in the marketplace.

Contact us to set up a free strategy session for your roofing business if you want to dominate local search results.

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