How to Optimize Google Business Profile for Roofing Companies

Google My Business Optimization

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

July 5, 2022

Improve your online visibility by claiming, verifying, and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Offline and online exposure is essential if you want to see continued growth in your roofing firm. In addition to traditional methods like door-to-door canvassing and internet marketing, this post will provide a cost-free method for establishing your company’s online presence and enhancing your roofing brand’s visibility. With Google My Business, roofers can manage how their businesses appear in Google Maps and Google search results without paying a fee. Additionally, you may respond to and keep track of client feedback, see how potential customers find your business, and upload images. For those who haven’t yet improved their Google My Business profile or are just getting started with Local SEO, this post is for you. As soon as someone searches for roofing services or visits your business’ website, they should be able to access all the information they need. Continue reading for additional information on creating, validating, and improving a Google My Business profile for your business.

Where Can Customers Find Your Roofing Company on Google?

There are numerous sites where your GMB listing for roofing might be found. The most popular type of search is a branded search, in which potential customers search for your company’s name. Your Google My Business (GMB) listing can also appear when potential customers conduct a local search on Google or Bing. Ads for local patio builders and a small map with pins will appear when someone searches for a “patio builder near me.” Map Pack pins are always 3 to 4 pins closer to the searcher’s position and are referred to as such. Finally, if a potential customer or client searches for a roofer in Google Maps or through their phone’s map app, your roofing GMB profile may appear. If you have a physical presence for your business, potential customers will look to your Google My Business profile for information on hours of operation and driving directions.

A Guide to Using Google My Business to Obtain Free Listing for Your Roofing Company

  1. The Google account associated with your roofing business should be logged in.
  2. On the upper right-hand corner of, select “Manage now.”
  3. Your roofing company’s name should be entered here.
  4. Including your roofing company’s name and location is optional but highly recommended.
  5. Enter the regions that you cover in this field.
  6. Select a business type. As a result of this, Google will know exactly who to show your listing to.
  7. Your roofing company’s website and contact information, such as a phone number, should be included in your profile.
  8. Select a method of verification. As a result, when potential customers search for your roofing services, your business must be verified by Google to show up.

How to Verify Your Roofing Company Listing on Google My Business

You may validate your GMB listing for your roofing business using various methods, but Google may not allow you access to all of them. You have to choose from a list provided by the company.
The Postal Mail
In general, people choose this route. Google will send a tangible postcard to your company (through snail mail). Verify your listing by entering the verification code on the back of this postcard.
Verification in a Flash
The option for “immediate verification” may be available if you have already confirmed your roofing business with Google Search Console. Use the same Google account that you used to access Google Search Console when logging in.
Not every roofing company will be able to take advantage of this. Verification codes can be sent to a user’s email account if they are authorized to do so.
If you choose this option, a verification code will be sent to your roofing company’s phone number. Your roofing business will be verified by entering this code and clicking submit. Maximize Your Roofing Firm’s Profits For more qualified leads, list your business on Google My Business While claiming your roofing GMB listing is critical, keeping your information current is equally important. To receive qualified roofing leads, you’ll need to enhance your GMB listing. To convince property owners that your company has a web presence, you must optimize your roofing GMB profile. However, this piece provides a list of ten actionable recommendations that can help you improve your listing and stand out from the competition.
Verify your facts before you post them on social media
Customers will be annoyed if you provide inaccurate information about your roofing company. According to a survey, as much as 80% of clients lose faith in local roofing businesses if they see inconsistent or erroneous contact details and business names online. Your roofing company’s internet reputation will be harmed as a result. To avoid this, make certain that the information on your GMB listing is accurate and up-to-date. Your company’s name, phone number, address, and hours of operation are all included in this information package. It’s important to let Google know if your business will be closed for a special occasion or if there’s an emergency, such as the COVID-19 that the world is currently experiencing. As the last step, you may want to remove any obsolete data from the internet, such as an old phone number or address. You should also be on the lookout for GMB listings with your old phone number or address; if it’s no longer valid, report it.
Decide on the Correct Subcategory
Google My Business (GMB) listings can have categories added to them. To Google, this reveals the nature of your enterprise and the products or services you provide to customers. The first category you add to your Google My Business page is the most important. Make sure you select the correct type for the first category, as Google treats it differently. For the first category, we recommend being as detailed as possible (such as “patio builder” before “roofing firm”).
Set the Area of Responsibility for Your Business
A real showroom or office where potential customers can come in for consultation must be included in your GMB listing. Roofers can hide their real location and designate the service areas they cover, even though Google does not require a physical address for verification. This allows them to designate the cities, towns, and counties they serve.
Create Service Catalogs
An essential new feature has been added to GMB. You can include the services you offer, their costs, and a brief description of each service under each category. Even those you don’t provide, all services should be listed on your website. For example, if you specialize in commercial roofing, you may not be able to work on homes. It’s easier for your personnel to do quality jobs over the phone if you make your business appears online.
Think About Expanding Your Product Line
Roofing companies may take advantage of the GMB product editor in their profile in several ways that merchants do not. Examples include roofers who want to promote specific brands or manufacturers of roofing products or those who want to describe the types of material used in their work.
Publish Your Pictures
A new roof can be installed, an old one can be repaired, or a complete roof replacement can be completed in one fell swoop. The GMB profile of a roofer should be constantly updated with new images. It’s important to ensure that the images are well-framed, large, and prominently display your work. After and before photos should only be used when they are part of the same image. As a result, customers may assume that your work is of inferior quality because they only see before and after images. As long as it fits within the recommended file size, you’re welcome to include a video in your GMB profile. Make sure to include the name of your company somewhere in the graphic. Prospects will immediately recognize your work if they see it in a Google search result.
Option to Send Messages and Obtain a Quote
According to a recent poll, most property owners prefer to schedule meetings with roofing contractors using online platforms, smartphone apps, and email. Adding a message or quotation request button to your GMB profile is simple. Roofing contractors would be wise to install the Google App for Business on their mobile devices. Using this software, they can receive notifications whenever a message is sent to them and respond immediately through the app. The ability to respond to reviews, monitor statistics, and create Google posts will be easier with this app.
To post to Google+, you must first create an account.
Google posts, first introduced in 2017, are excellent additions to your GMB profile. A Google post can include images, videos, and other text elements similar to those seen in social media posts. Your GMB profile will only show these posts for seven days. Roofers are urged to continue posting to Google to increase their internet visibility.
Respond to Issues
Most roofers neglect the answers and questions area of their Google My Business profiles. So Google concludes that they are not paying attention to customers. To assist property owners, you should look over the questions that they have posted on your profile and provide thoughtful responses.
Review Requests
Most of your new business will come from existing customers referring you to others who need a roofer. Many of these happy customers may now help advertise your roofing company on Google by writing reviews on your GMB listing. It’s always a good idea to ask your customers for a review on your Google My Business page after a successful roofing project. Increase the number of reviews, maintain or improve the star rating and stand out from other roofers online by using this marketing method.

For Roofing Contractors, an Optimized Google My Business Listing is an asset.

A hassle-free approach to get recognized when potential customers look for your services online is to put your roofing business on Google My Business. If you want to reap these benefits, you’ll want to make sure your Google My Business page is set up and optimized.
Maintain control of the details of your life
With Map and Google search results, you can be confident that potential customers will be able to readily locate your stress location, phone numbers, business website (if applicable), and opening hours.
Assemble Feedback
Your Google Map Listings is a terrific place to gather customer evaluations and display them to future customers.
Interacting with Customers is a Must!
The GMB profile allows you to read and respond to reviews from your clients and post images of your most recent project.
Get a better understanding of the situation.
Roofers will be able to learn more about their customers’ search habits and the areas in which they originate.
Boost One’s Reputation
When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, property owners have many options. Verify your Google My Business profile to ensure your roofing company appears reliable and genuine.
Roofing Contractors: How to Handle Negative Google Reviews
Google’s review mechanism is built right into your Google My Business profile. When a potential customer searches for your roofing company on the internet, the listings that appear will be accompanied by an average review rating. One 5 star and one 1 star review will give you an average rating of 3/5. As a result, surveys are an essential part of your Google My Business presence. Prospects and customers can see the full text of reviews left for your business after visiting your GMB profile page. In both favorable and negative reviews, it’s important to respond to the customer, either thanking them for their kind words or repairing the destroyed relationship. If possible, try to continue the conversation with the client in a more private setting.
Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation with Rank Fire | SEO.
Maintaining a positive brand image in the eyes of potential and current customers is made easier with online reputation management. It is becoming more common for roofers to commit more resources and effort to online reputation management as they realize its importance to their business. This means that it’s impossible for roofers to get good online reviews because they have so many responsibilities. Rank Fire | SEO can help you with this by removing bad reviews, increasing the visibility of your roofing keywords, and more. Are you prepared to handle your roofing company’s online reputation? Learn more about how our team can help your roofing company’s image in the eyes of your customers by scheduling a free planning session.

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