How to Increase the Number and Quality of Backlinks

Quality of Backlinks

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 9, 2022

Get more and better links from your link building initiatives by following the tips in this helpful checklist.

You need backlinks if you want to rank high in organic search.

As Google has revealed, links are one of the top three ranking determinants.

High-quality connections boost a page’s overall authority and trustworthiness.

It’s possible to gradually improve your domain’s overall rating by consistently including high-quality links to numerous pieces of content.

As recently as a few years ago, link-building went through a period when almost all of the links we generated were tedious and spammy. There is no need for a customized email, no content, and simply a few references of the company’s name.

Quantity was more important than quality when it came to linking building.

However, the phrase “link building” started to change.

We were introduced to new words such as link earning, link donating, link acquisition, and connection building.

To earn links, you need to make connections, participate in the community, and create content that others want to share.

This focus on quality, purpose, and engagement has been implemented to reestablish equilibrium in the link building universe.

However, you must also have a varied network of links.

So, here’s a handy tool to help with link building: the link building checklist.

Our link building guide has already covered a lot of ground, so here’s a summary of everything we’ve covered so far, broken down into activities for each month and week.

For your convenience, I’ve included links to the appropriate chapters of the handbook so that you can acquire more in-depth information on the issues that most interest you.

Good luck with your link-building endeavors!

SEO tactics

Inquire into the following questions:

  • Creating backlinks to a subpar website has unintended consequences.
  • Can a website be ranked just on the strength of its backlinks?

This could just be an issue for me, but I’m certain I’m not the only one.

Fast, responsive, and clean websites fill the vast search engine pool.

No, even if you have a lot of high-quality backlinks to your site.

If you have a quick, mobile-friendly, and well-linked website, will Google give you a higher ranking?

Before you worry about backlinks, focus on the technical aspects of SEO. Alternatively, you might work on a tangent to accomplish both tasks at once.

For one thing, if your website is well-built and easy for users to navigate, a webmaster is more likely to connect to it.

Activities for Creating Backlinks

I’ve put up a year-by-year calendar to keep track of everything I’ve covered in the following chapters.

The template may be found here. Please save a copy of this document for your use.


What I do monthly to build backlinks:

Inbound Link Check

Google Search Console allows you to export a list of all of your backlinks. Afterwards, you may start disavowing low-quality websites by personally reviewing them.

Refresh the list of people you’d rather not offend

Quarterly, I go over my disavow file. Remove or add sites to the list during this time.

Analyse of Competitor Backlinks

I check the backlink data of three of my main rivals every three months. Data analysis helps me construct a list of sites that might benefit my customers.


The following are the link-building activities that you should schedule each month:

Sending a Letter to Everyone You Know

My goal is to pitch at least ten new sites every month while retaining my existing editorial ties. Emailing websites I’ve mentioned or referred to in my articles is also part of this process.

Keeping tabs on brand mentions

Start by setting up Google Alerts or mention monitoring to monitor discussions about your competitors, your brand, and even your C.E.O.

Posting as a Guest Blogger

Getting links by writing high-quality guest articles on other people’s blogs is a terrific method to spread the word about your brand. A monthly contribution should be established with editors via long-term content connections.

Syndication of content

You may syndicate your material if you’ve previously published something of high quality, like Larry Kim-worthy stuff. Win-win!

Feedback & Client Testimonials

Monthly testimonials and reviews are an underutilised link-building strategy. You may get a link back to your site if you write a positive review for another company. Love is contagious!


When building strong backlinks, directories aren’t all that antiquated. You should keep an eye on the N.A.P. even after you’ve submitted your site.

Another great strategy to acquire links is establishing a devoted, affiliate audience. As a bonus, your backlinks will be able to earn a little more cash!

To repair a broken link,

Despite its age, it’s a classic! One of the fastest and simplest methods to get backlinks is to use broken links. Your name is written all over that broken rival link you just found!

All of us are familiar with the fact that content reigns supreme. One of the greatest methods to utilise content to develop links is ego bait, controversy, or facts to produce exceptional content.

Donations & Special Occasions

Charities and events may also be a valuable source of backlinks for your website. The more you provide, the more likely you will acquire a backlink from or a government domain name.

You may even co-sponsor an event if you’re like that kind of thing. And you’ll be able to tap into a network of partners that can help you score swift victories.

What You Need to Do to Build Links Every Week

In Weeks One and Two.

If a link builder is looking for new subjects to target, they do an internal backlink audit and a competition backlink audit.

Week 3

Create a list of article titles to use in your writing.

Send the titles of the articles to the customer for their review.

Week 4:

Prospective links to explore.

  • Create email templates that the customer approves.
  • Look for co-citation possibilities.
  • 50 high-quality prospects are contacted.

Week 4

During the fifth week, begin writing and have the customer examine your draughts.

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