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How to Increase Brand Perception with a Great Roofing Logo

Increase Brand Perception

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 13, 2022

Roofers realize that a logo is vital to constructing and maintaining a successful company. If done right, they may remain in the minds of potential customers for a long time as the first thing they notice about your organization.

Consider including the logo in the layout of your roofing company’s website.

Your roofing website design must have a distinctive logo to make a long-lasting impression on prospective customers. If your firm has a well-designed logo, potential customers are more inclined to employ you.

It’s easy to see how a distinctive roofing logo design can attract new customers, keep them loyal, and grow your business online.

Online, your logo design conveys a sense of professionalism.

In the eyes of prospective customers, a well-designed logo conveys a feeling of dependability and integrity. If you go to most roofing websites, you’ll see a logo in the upper left corner. Finding your company’s emblem where they’ve learned to expect increases your business’s trust with customers. A well-designed logo also helps to establish your brand identity.

Including a distinctive logo in the design of your roofing website may demonstrate the professional approach used by your roofing brand when disseminating information or doing business.

Website design and logo are marketing tools that send a sense of trustworthiness. Customers will believe that your company is capable of providing high-quality services or goods when they see them working together.

Differentiating your roofing website with a logo design sets you apart from your competition.

Consistency in your roofing company’s brand online is achieved via a logo. It will make it easier for potential customers to identify your company anytime they see it online. Having a roofing logo that stands out from the crowd can help you establish your company as a leader in the field and attract new customers. Using this as a marketing technique is a terrific way to keep ahead of the competition on the Internet.

Your company’s mission is reflected in the design of your roofing website. You should always try to match your roofing website design and company logo in theme forms or colors for branding reasons.

In other words, your roofing company’s website and logo should seem to be inseparable. This visual link establishes your authority and professionalism, and it puts you head and shoulders above the others.

The logo of your roofing website contributes to the development of your company’s brand

That much is obvious. A logo is essential for a company’s brand identity to be established. On the other hand, branding encompasses more than simply the visual representation of a corporation. With a logo on your website, social media accounts, and even your employees’ shirts, your roofing company will have the competitive edge it needs.

In your career as a roofer, you may have worked tirelessly to ensure that the goods and services you provide meet your high standards.

No matter how unique your goods and services are, other roofers will always compete for the same work. The correct logo design for your roofing company will help you stand out from the competition.

This strategy aims to ensure that prospective customers get exactly what they desire from your company, rather than an inferior replica of your competitors’ goods or services.

Customers are less likely to be perplexed when faced with a distinctive roofing logo. Including a logo in the design of your roofing website has an additional benefit. Your company’s name will be remembered more readily if your roofing website logo is attractive.

As a result, customers will have no trouble associating your roofing brand with the quality of your offerings. Your roofing website incorporates your brand’s primary emblem, the logo.

As a result, more than 80% of Americans choose to employ roofing contractors on the Internet. How do you explain it?

Eighty percent of your customers will go to a competitor if you don’t have a strong web presence for your roofing firm. A year of that is a lot of money to lose.

It’s wonderful to know that at Rank Fire | SEO, we have an in-house team of skilled graphic designers. They may add your company’s logo to your roofing website, which can help you get more visibility for your business.

Your company’s online brand recognition is enhanced by having a distinctive logo on your website. Additionally, it aids in recognition of your roofing company by current and potential customers alike when they are surfing the web. (Aren’t you aware that your company’s online presence extends beyond your roofing website?)

Your current social media accounts should be examined

Are your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter cover pics all different? Because of this, it may be difficult for customers to tell whether the accounts belong to your firm or a rival with the same name. Customers will recognize your roofing firm if your profile picture is always the logo.

Directory websites like Google My Business and Yelp follow the same rules. A logo for your roofing website is important, but it should not be the only place you utilize it to promote your business.

It was not difficult to develop a logo for a roofing company since you didn’t want to confine it to a single location. As a result, you may use it on a wide range of web platforms to maintain a consistent look and feel.

An eye-catching logo for your roofing website helps to establish your identity

As your equine (possible customers) follow your roofing logo, they will! (your business). Because they are the symbols that customers use to distinguish your company online, logos aid in developing your roofing brand identification.

Customers should be able to associate your roofing company’s emblem with what it does and how it makes them feel. Your roofing company’s name alone may not evoke favorable feelings about your business, but a well-designed logo may.

If we’re being honest, some of your potential customers will be unable to recall the name of your roofing company. It’s human nature. However, your logo design will still be associated with memories of your roofing company by your customers.

Consistency is important to your customers, didn’t you know?

For a roofing company to gain a reputation for being accessible and trustworthy, its logo design must become more visible to many clients.

Your potential customers will notice your Roofing Website if it has a memorable logo.

Nowadays, consumers have a limited attention span

There are just about two seconds for a prospective client to decide whether or not a roofing contractor is worthy of their time and attention. A logo for a roofing website may catch the eye of potential customers and excite them about the company’s beliefs.

If you have a strong logo to represent your company online, you can take advantage of prospects’ short attention spans and create a good first impression.

To refresh your audience’s interest, add a logo to your roofing website

Do you want to improve the look and feel of your roofing website? It’s also possible that you’re just establishing a roofing business and want to communicate a message of “trendy and cutting-edge.”

Modernizing and refreshing a company’s logo is an excellent strategy for increasing trust and generating excitement about the brand. While it’s beneficial to keep some of the previous logo’s characteristics to aid brand awareness, no roofing firm should ever become tied to the old design.

For this reason, it is important to evaluate the logo’s shape and purpose before adding or redesigning your roofing website or adding a logo to your current site.

Projects for roofing website logo adaptability of a brand

Websites for the roofing industry must have responsive design. Customers in the roofing industry demand a consistent brand experience, regardless of the medium via which they communicate with the company.

This means that a customer working with your company through a smartphone must be aware that they are now working with your company via a laptop. The design of your logo may have a significant impact on this need for stability, similarities, and stability.

On a Roofing Website, How Should a Logo Be Used?

Roofing contractors’ websites are a natural first stop for showcasing their freshly developed company logo. Digital marketing for your roofing company would be incomplete without a website dedicated to the subject.

Clients looking for a roofing company online will visit your website first. It’s critical to have a prominently displayed logo on your roofing business website since it’s your brand’s initial point of contact. If you have a roofer website, where would you place a logo?

Top left:You may place your roofing website’s logo in the upper left corner. Improve user experience and brand awareness by using this location. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind while deciding where to place your logo, such as:

Assuring the perfection of your logo. It is difficult to maintain visual harmony with a cluttered site if you use a large logo. The user’s experience on a roofing website may be greatly improved if given special attention. Your logo should have a translucent backdrop to make it stand out.

If you want to use your roofing logo design on a colored block or area of your roofing website, saving it as a PNG will give you a transparent backdrop. Typically, the navigation bar for a roofing website would be colored. Thus a logo with a translucent backdrop is required.

For the most part, the logo design should be horizontal. Because the header section and the navigation bar are both vertical, roofing website logos appear best when they are horizontally aligned. As a result, the logo will take up less vertical real estate.


Contrary to common assumption, your roofing website’s footers are the most visible areas. We strongly suggest that you include your logo and the most important links or business features in your footer.

It is possible to insert links to your privacy policy page, HTML sitemap, and terms and conditions page in the roofing website footer. Increased conversions may be achieved by including your company email and phone number and social media contact information. Socket or above the copyright section is a great place for roofing business logos.

Off-site A blog or a subdomain

Do visitors to your roofing website end up on a subdomain or a separate blog? If this is the case, your roofing website should have a logo. You may not get as much traffic as the top roofing websites, but adding a logo to your blog can help you become better known in the industry.

To get in touch, please visit our contact page

Your tagline and roofing logo design should be included in addition to your contact information, such as an email address and social media icons. The contact page on your roofing website is the last stop before a customer may ask a question or request a roofing service, so you want them to have the greatest possible experience there. On the most important pages of your website, display your roofing motto and brand.

Thank You or Confirmation Page

When a customer uses your website to order a roofing service or fills out a form, you should let them know that the transaction was successful. Redirecting consumers to a confirmation page is an option for many roofers.

Thank you for contacting us; a representative will get back to you as soon as possible on these pages. Please dial 833-777-RANK if you need emergency help.

When is adding a logo to your roofing website a good idea?

We’ve previously spoken about the importance of a well-designed logo for your roofing company’s online presence and website.

Let’s talk about how you can bring your ideal logo design to fruition.

At Rank Fire | SEO, we have a team of skilled graphic designers who can help you build a simple and effective logo. Our graphic designers can assist you with creating a logo and other elements of your company’s identity.

Are you looking for a roofing website logo that stands out?

The result is as follows: Having a logo on your website is vital to developing a successful roofing brand online, as you may have seen.

To do this, you must work with Rank Fire | SEO to create a custom logo for your company. Schedule a free consultation with one of our SEO experts to get a logo design that will set your roofing business ahead of the competition today!

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