How to Get More Roofing Clients from PPC Ads

Roofing PPC

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 1, 2022

There’s just one thing roofing contractors care about: getting good leads at a good price. Several methods can generate leads for roofing firms, but PPC advertising is the most effective. There are several ways to get your roofing company’s name out in front of potential customers looking for roofing services.

Any ‘roofing marketer’s objective is to keep Google Ads expenditure to a minimum while maximizing conversions. If you don’t figure out a strategy to keep your return on investment high while cutting expenses, roofing PPC might be a waste of money.

One of the most important metrics for any roofing PPC campaign is the cost per acquisition, which estimates the average cost of gaining one lead. It is based on real-world results.

Cutting your marketing budget by lowering your cost per acquisition (CPA) is a great idea, right?

Google will accept your money regardless of whether you know about cost per acquisition (CPA) or not if you want to minimize your CPA.

Which of the following can help you save money on your roofing PPC campaign?

Take a Look at Your Locations

Non-converting locations are a significant reason why roofers squander money on Google Ads. Roofers may want to target as many places as possible, but doing so may put your advertisements in front of people who aren’t interested and waste your money on unqualified clicks. Analyzing geospatial data at a finer scale allows you to be more strategic when retargeting places. That way, you’ll be able to figure out how to save money on your roofing Google Ads right away.

Once you’ve identified the places that aren’t converting, you can either reduce or turn off the bids in those areas. The cost of getting leads may be reduced by focusing your roofing PPC on a certain area.

Optimize Your Website for the Internet Search Engines

Roofing SEO services, for example, play a significant role in minimizing your Google ad spend, especially on keywords, which are the foundation of every effective PPC campaign.

Your roofing marketing efforts will be more effective if you prioritize conversion rate optimization and ensure that your website ranks well in search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is possible to manipulate the results of Google advertising to get desired outcomes. The result is a better quality of leads and a greater number of sales.

The cost of getting new leads may be reduced if you adhere to the fundamentals of CRO and SEO. Contact our roofing SEO professionals if you’d like to get further into this topic.

Retargeting Helps You Recover Expired Prospects

After researching online, asking for recommendations from family and friends, and shopping around for the lowest price, a homeowner will ultimately choose a new roof. When a prospective customer is ready to contact your roofing company, something comes up that prevents him from doing so. It’s possible to reclaim that lost lead via roofing retargeting.

You may receive more quality roofing leads at a lower cost by retargeting those who have previously shown interest in your roofing website.

Incorporate video into your roofing advertising campaigns.

Using a video to illustrate your roofing services may help you stand out from the competition and increase conversions since potential customers have short attention spans. It’s rare to find a roofing video that doesn’t include a first-person account of the installation process. As a result, leveraging videos may help your organization achieve greater conversions and lower Google advertising costs.

Use Mobile to Your Advantage

Smartphone usage has risen as a result of advances in technology. If this is the case, you can expect many of your customers to utilize their mobile phones to interact with your roofing company. So, how can you make your roofing website more user-friendly for mobile visitors?

In most cases, roofing companies concentrate on more desktop-optimized website advertisements, not realizing the enormous potential of mobile advertising.

You may utilize in-apps to target certain customers if you concentrate more on mobile-friendly sites. As a result, more quality leads may be generated, and the cost of getting them can be decreased.

Enhance the Performance of Your Roofer Website

Prospects will not spend much time searching for your roofing services if your website is badly constructed. As a result, you must improve the user experience on your website to keep visitors interested in learning more about your roofing services.

Keep an eye on your website’s loading time to make it more enticing to potential customers. If prospective customer encounters a slow-loading roofing website, they are inclined to look elsewhere.

As the last step, ensure that your roofing website is compatible with a wide range of screen resolutions, browsers, and smartphones.

Use a Variety of Marketing Channels

A greater conversion rate means more business for you in roofing marketing. Various platforms, such as Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, and Amazon ads, must be used. You’ll be able to reach a larger audience and generate more sales leads in a shorter period.

It’s no secret that Google and Facebook have adapted to the changing habits of internet users and tweaked their advertising strategies to meet their own goals. Additionally, you must think about various forms of marketing to make certain the proper people are seeing your message.

Next, what? Maximize the Potential of Your Roofing Enterprise

We hope that the recommendations in this article will help you build your roofing company using Google Ads by lowering your expenses and increasing your ROI.

When it comes to your roofing company’s success and profitability, you must remember that enhancing your conversions is a critical part of that success and profitability.

You can get help from our specialists now if you’re trying to run effective PPC advertisements for your roofing company.

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