How to Design a Logo for Your Roofing Company

Logo Design for Your Roofing Company

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 10, 2022

As part of a larger marketing plan for commercial roofers, we are creating a corporate logo is essential. Commercial roofing logos need to portray a strong feeling of professionalism and skill. These characteristics are difficult to convey via written and visual media, but they can be done. The logos of commercial roofing firms are all too familiar to us here at Rank Fire; as a result, we can speak from experience.

Commercial roofing logo principles may be useful to anybody, whether starting a new commercial roofing firm or thinking about a rebrand for a current one.

To assist your commercial roofing firm in generating more leads, Rank Fire has provided a list of design components that make fantastic logos for commercial roofing companies. As a bonus, you’ll get some pointers for creating your logo.

In the logos of established commercial roofing firms, there are several commonalities. It’s easy to find logos with a similar theme by doing an online search for commercial roofing companies near you.

Because we develop logos for commercial roofers throughout the United States, we can attest to this. The following are some of the more important ones:

Enlarged Typefaces

It is always a good idea to use legible fonts that don’t need folks to don their reading glasses. Your logo has failed if typography issues hamper the name’s pronunciation. The typeface should not be too busy, and the text should be legible and free of distracting design features. Keep in mind that your goal is not to go over the top but rather to establish credibility.

Impressive Artwork

Take into account the area’s natural geography and topography. Use some of these natural features in your logo if you’re stuck for logo inspiration. Adding cactus to your logo could be a good idea, for example, if your business is based in Arizona. If you’re in a big city, a skyline can be a good choice for your logo.

If you choose artwork that evokes the region’s most notable features, it will be easier for you to establish a connection with the present and future clients. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to the neighbourhood, where local companies like to locate.

Palettes with a Few Colors

You should use no more than three basic colors in your logo design. We’ve previously spoken about the need not to overdo it when it comes to avoiding unprofessional colors. It’s ideal to choose two colors that complement each other in a business roofing logo design.

Play around with a few different color schemes until you discover one that appeals to the eye without seeming cluttered. Think of your logo like a team’s uniform. Which teams’ outfits have the greatest historical significance? Simple color palettes are the best.


Look at your company’s name and think about some of the keywords in it. They may provide you with some ideas for your logo’s images and style. Using terms like peak, pinnacle, or apex in your business name, for example, conjures images of soaring heights.

As a result, a simple picture of a rooftop or mountain might serve as an effective design element for your website. You don’t want to produce a piece of art with your images; instead, you want to build a recurring theme that gives your commercial roofing business credibility and trustworthiness.

What Not to Do When Designing a Logo for a Commercial Roofing Enterprise

Most people can tell a good logo from a poor one just as easily as they can tell a good one from a terrible one. However, these logotypes all have a few things in common.

Whatever your commercial roofing company name is, avoid the following at all costs:

Colours that are too bright

Professionalism is what you want your commercial roofing logo to represent. Unfortunately, handing out a business card in a bright hue is a way to turn away prospective consumers. Your logo design should avoid colors like pink, lime green, and fluorescent orange. You’re not marketing products or services to youngsters; instead, you should aim for your adult target market.

Intricate Names

Your business name does not have to appear in its whole in your logo. It’s a good idea to initialize or shorten the business name if it’s lengthy. In most cases, it’s a terrible idea to try to squeeze a lengthy company name into a logo. It’s too cluttered and distracts from the purpose of making the logo stay in the customer’s memory, which is what you want.

Templates for creating logos

You may come across internet sites that provide logo templates when contemplating your logo. Although some of these sites allow you to copy and paste without paying for a royalty-free version, you should be aware of this. This collection of logo templates may persuade you into creating a new one. Even yet, it’s likely that dozens, if not hundreds, of commercial roofing companies, are working with identical design files.

Don’t use a template if you want your logo to be memorable. Templates may go unnoticed by your customers, but the similarity they share may be enough to scare them away.

Logo Design Ideas for a Business Dedicated to Roofing

Don’t worry if you’re still struggling to develop a business roofing logo design. In reality, most company owners of commercial roofing companies do not have backgrounds in graphic design.

Tips to help you get the logo of your dreams:

Hire a Logo Maker

It’s possible that hiring a professional graphic designer is the most effective strategy for developing a successful logo. Even if you already have concepts in mind, working with a private designer allows you to communicate your thoughts to a third party who can put them into action.

Create the First Draft.

Sitting down with a pencil and paper to scribble down some of your logo concepts before hiring a designer might be beneficial. To develop a simple design concept, you don’t have to be an excellent artist. You’ll probably discover some things that work and others that don’t as soon as you begin sketching preliminary ideas. Consider new ideas and subjects that you hadn’t previously considered.

Listen to what others have to say

It’s never a bad idea to have a brainstorming session with close relatives and friends. They may provide insights and opinions you hadn’t previously considered. As a bonus, if you have connections in different sectors, ask them to help you test your ideas.

Take a closer look at your competition.

Look at the logos of some of the greatest roofing firms in your region (or elsewhere) to discover what they’re doing properly. It’s important to remember, though, that plagiarism is a serious offence. Even yet, looking at other firms’ logos may provide you with some inspiration for your own. When it comes to avoiding reinventing the wheel, this is essential. You want your logo to blend in among the other roofers’ logos.

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