How to Delete Fake HVAC & Plumbing Google Reviews

Delete Fake HVAC & Plumbing Google Reviews

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 4, 2022

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Having a Google page is essential for plumbing and heating business owners. Many Google sites are used as placeholders for false Google reviews to the detriment of brands and the promotion of negative, insulting, and racist viewpoints.

To avoid this, plumbing and heating service owners should do everything to remove bogus reviews as soon as possible. Search engine giant Google has put together a team of experts to help plumbing and HVAC businesses deal with the chaos of bogus reviews on the internet.

Negative reviews can be quickly removed by contacting Google, identifying eight types and deleting them promptly. If you don’t have a GMB account or Apple Maps, go here.

Should You Be Concerned About Fake Google Reviews?

Sadly, the answer is yes. The advent of cell phones has altered the purchasing habits of the general public. Before making a purchase, shoppers always search for reviews and product information on the internet.

Even if the reviews are bogus, they can significantly impact sales. Because Google is the most popular trusted search engine globally, a large percentage of purchasers naturally turn to Google company reviews for advice.

A 2022 study found that only four negative reviews deterred 70% of potential customers from purchasing a product. Currently, Google is the most prominent website on the internet, with over a billion visitors each month.

It is possible to remove Google reviews that are not genuine.

Authenticity and purpose are two of the three criteria that Google uses to evaluate whether or not to remove a review. There is no way for businesses to remove bogus reviews from their websites. Fake Google reviews may only be removed by directly contacting the Google Business Plan staff.

  1. Identifying red flags such as .
  2. Is the review untrue, spam, or a competitor’s ad
  3. Is the review threatening or abusive?

It’s not always straightforward to remove phony reviews from Google because there are so many plumbing and HVAC services and so many reviews. Google Business Plan can be approached, but it’s not impossible. Spam and fraudulent reviews are far easier to remove than violent or irrelevant ones.

How Can I Remove FAKE REVIEWS?

Report a Violation of the Rules

Do not dismiss as phony any unfavorable evaluations; here’s a helpful hint: Instead, investigate the problem and work to resolve it if it is real. When in doubt, report policy infringement if you’ve double-checked everything and are certain the review is fraudulent.

Any negative evaluations that are flagged as fake, improper, or illegitimate might be removed by plumbing and HVAC companies. To mark a review as “flagged,” simply click the flag icon on the review itself.

Businesses in the plumbing and HVAC industries must submit their email address when a review is identified as a violation. The Google team will be notified after clicking the “submit” button.

Amass Documentation and Make contact with Google.

You should verify your allegations before submitting a request to Google to remove a specific review. Fake reviews can be verified using CRM or sales data.

When it comes to difficulties with reviews, Google offers a dedicated team called the Google My Business Team. The Google My Business Team can be contacted by going to the reviews area and selecting the channel you want Google to contact you.

Once everything has been validated, a member of the Google team will be in touch with you. We recommend providing a phone number because phones allow for more direct communication, eliminating any room for misunderstanding.

What Happens If Google Doesn’t Remove the Reports?

Google has the last say on whether a review is genuine or not. You shouldn’t be dismayed if Google decides not to remove a bogus or unfavorable review.

Even if you can’t get a negative review removed, you can counteract its impact by posting a slew of positive ones. Request a positive review from your long-term consumers by contacting them. In the long run, this will help you rebuild your brand identity.

On the other hand, fake positive reviews are against the law and can lead to legal action from both Google and the government. The same goes for dishonest methods, such as offering incentives to customers who write great reviews.

These strategies may be effective in the short term, but they will have a lasting bad effect on the perception of your company’s brand.

The Last Thing

Bad reviews must be dealt with quickly because they might have a detrimental impact on sales. Fake reviews that fall within Google’s definition of a violation can be removed.

On the other hand, Google is the only one that has the authority to erase any review. As a result, if you’re making a formal complaint to Google, be sure to include actual evidence to support your claim. Fake reviews can be difficult to remove, but it’s not impossible.

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