How to Build Backlinks using Podcasts

Build Backlinks using Podcasts

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

March 23, 2022

As a guest on another podcast or as a host of your podcast, you may earn high-quality backlinks. Here’s how to create links using podcasts.

There has been an incredible rise in popularity for podcasts since their inception less than ten years ago.

However, the potential of podcasts isn’t limited to the individuals who are already listening to them; they can also be used to reach new audiences.

Podcasts may have a significant influence on organic search if used correctly.

For the most part, this is due to two factors.

  • Podcasts may compel listeners to look up the name of a person or business. Using this form of the branded search may give Google good signals that can impact search recommendations and overall rankings.
  • Even if you can’t find a podcast on an aggregator such as iTunes or Stitcher, you can almost always find it on the host’s website.

Linking in both directions is common.

The guest’s website is frequently linked from the podcast’s entry on the host’s website.

On the podcast website, they will link to that episode, and in certain instances, their fans may connect to that episode.

There are several ways you may get high-quality backlinks from your podcast, as well as via guest appearances on other podcasts.

It’s not uncommon for these connections to bring in the vital referral traffic, as well.

The Art of Running Your Own Podcasting Station

Creating and hosting a podcast is a terrific method to get exposure and a devoted following all at the same time.

It’s also a terrific approach to building lasting ties with individuals in your business. I know what I’m talking about from personal experience.

As soon as I started my podcast, I saw how simpler and more successful it was to connect with strangers.

In this article, we won’t discuss the specifics of getting a podcast off the ground. I don’t consider myself an authority on the subject, even if I have my website.

If you’re looking for advice on starting a podcast, I recommend checking out John Lee Dumas’s tutorial.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get high-quality backlinks to your website using your podcast.

Once you’ve figured out all of the technical aspects, the first step is to develop a product that people will truly like. Instead of boasting about your brilliance, you should focus on delivering relevant knowledge to your audience.

You may use a monologue or an interview style, which seems to be the more common choice.

Interviewing individuals is often a more efficient way to get links than writing a blog post.

In addition, it’s a lot simpler to use.

I recorded a monologue for my very first podcast.

I was the only one mentioning the significance of setting your business apart from the competition. But I felt like a big jerk because I was chatting to myself in my office all day.

In contrast, interviewing someone or having a co-host makes it a lot less awkward and more comfortable. It’s more like a normal chat than a strange one with a lone individual in a room.

  • The Search Engine Journal Show, presented by Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker, is an excellent example of this format in our field.
  • Dave Davies and Jim Hedger’s Webcology
  • John Calcutt and Ross Dunn’s SEO 101

The most important thing is to constantly publish unique and worthwhile content, regardless of the format you choose.

Reaching out to folks you’d want to interview is as easy as sending them an email—people who can provide value to the lives of others by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

When you interview someone, you can almost always count on them to provide a link to their episode as soon as it goes online, even if you didn’t ask them to. Then then, if you choose, you can just ask them to do so.

Right after you’ve interviewed them, it’s an excellent idea to do this. They’ll be more open to the idea.

This is not possible until the app is released, but it will make it more probable when the time comes.

You may also encourage their readers to connect to the content.

Join Other Podcasts as a Guest.

In addition to creating attention for yourself and your brand, becoming a guest on other podcasts is a terrific method to get backlinks. Most hosts will link to your website from the episode post since it’s common to practice for them.

In the case of interview-based podcasts, the hosts are continually on the lookout for informed and intriguing guests. As a result, it should be simple to be a guest on relevant podcasts if you have a specific skill set, unique expertise, or an intriguing perspective.

That’s presuming you’re able to captivate the presenter with your tale pitch.

Emails soliciting interviews for their podcasts are common among well-known podcasters. Because they are solely self-serving, many such emails go unanswered.

The most important thing to remember here is to pitch from the audience’s viewpoint rather than your own.

If you can’t find out what matters to their target audience, you’ll need to craft a proposal that does.

Don’t mention how you found their podcast by accident regarding praises and fluff. They don’t care how you discovered their podcast since they all know the praises are phony.

Simply keep the pitch brief and to the point.

Also, refrain from sending follow-up emails regularly. They’ll respond if they’re interested. Attempting to harass them will only serve to ensure that they do not interview you in the future.

In the worst-case scenario, they may even spread the word about you to other podcasters and harm your prospects of getting on more shows in the future.

Mentioning that you have a following on social media, writing a regular column for a major newspaper, or hosting a podcast may aid your case, but don’t overdo it.

If you go on and on and on about yourself, the presenter will lose interest, and your chances of being on the podcast will be nil.

Do you know which podcasts to focus on?

Compiling a list of podcasts and sorting them according to various SEO parameters may seem appealing.


The presenters will be more likely to interview you if you focus on websites with big traffic, but you’ll have a greater shot of being noticed if you filter them by relevancy.

It’s also possible to categorize them by engagement, which may be determined by looking at customer testimonials and social media activity.

Additional advantages include increased interest in your message from their audiences. This implies that they’ll be more inclined to listen, click, link, and possibly purchase your items or services due to your content.


Timeframe: This is a really easy and clear procedure – prepare a list of relevant podcasts and pitch them to have you (or your customer) as a guest on one of them. Depending on the specialty and the number of podcasts you want to pitch, this might take as little as an hour to do. Some niches may only have a few players.

The following results were found: Some podcasts are already scheduled months in ahead, so it may take a while for you to start earning connections. Depending on the subjects you want to rank for and the authority and relevancy of the websites the links are on, they may start influencing ranking almost immediately. Still, in most situations, you can anticipate a delay of many months.

The following is an average of the number of links sent each month: How many podcasts you listen to will be determined by how much time you have available to listen to them. So why spend all of your time being interviewed on podcasts when there are only a limited number of hours in the day? Podcasts may be found in most categories, but a few are so popular that there may be as many as a thousand of them.

There are a few things you’ll need:

  • Email
  • Thick skin (You’ll be told “no” a lot.)
  • Google


  • Earning high-quality, relevant backlinks may significantly impact search engine rankings. As a result, you get an edge over your competition in search results by using links that your competitors may have overlooked.
  • Listeners of podcasts tend to be more engaged, which implies that these links have a better chance of generating referral traffic.
  • Additionally, when more people become aware of and search for your brand, this might be a favorable signal to Google.

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