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How Branding and SEO Go Hand-in-Hand

Branding and SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

February 16, 2022

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We’ve all heard that long-term marketing success hinges on the strength of your brand. Building a strong brand identity is critical to your success, and this article will discuss the best methods for accomplishing that goal.

There have been a few pricey, conventional print and radio commercials in the legal marketing space:

A full-page or half-page ad in the telephone directory

  • Public transportation, including buses and bus stops
  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Television

Let’s say you want to promote in a densely populated region using a billboard or another sort of locally tailored marketing. There’s a good chance you’ll get more calls as a short-term payoff, which is great news! You’re off to a great start when they visit your website, type in your name, and then search and Google it.

However, your total brand recognition has a secondary, but no less important, effect. People that view these commercials daily are not the intended audience. Consider an advertisement on a billboard for a lawyer specializing in personal injury or auto accidents. The majority of individuals avoid vehicle accidents.

We’re bombarded with advertisements every day, on television, radio, Google, and Facebook. Consumers must view a brand or ad at least seven times before making a purchase, according to the “rule of 7.” In addition, WordStream did a study revealing that the average conversion rate from AdWords advertising across 16 sectors was 3.75 percent, even when visitors are looking for a product, service, or company.

Building a brand isn’t a one-to-one relationship with marketing. It takes time to build a brand, so it’s an important aspect of marketing. As a result, when people see your ads—whether they’re on a billboard, a tv commercial, or a Facebook post—make sure your brand is prominent enough that they’ll remember it after viewing it many times.

Advertising like this is still successful, and people still watch it, but the return on investment (ROI) is declining. You need to spend time in the locations where your adverts and brands are often seen. We’ve compiled a collection of old-school advertising techniques.

What’s the aim of this? When it comes to eyes and attention, GaryVee has a fantastic point. He has a fantastic point to make concerning billboards and outdoor advertisements. Think about how many people on the street and in cars are staring at their phones instead of looking at them. That’s what he’s getting at.

On the contrary, everyone is engrossed with social media! Including Facebook, Instagram, and the likes. That’s where you should focus on creating your brand, he argues.

You should take advantage of the many social media platforms and well-known websites available nowadays when it comes to promoting. Advertisement, along with popular media, is always evolving. Because the internet is still in its infancy, new players will continue to emerge in the social media sphere for some time to come.

Even though today’s YouTube and Facebook dominate our attention, it is only a matter of time until they are overtaken. When compared to the history of mankind, the internet is a comparatively recent development.

The media platforms that garner the greatest interest will inevitably shift over time. Use your marketing spend wisely, both for short-term revenue creation and long-term brand image development, by keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.


Phones, tablets, and laptops are all getting more and more of our time these days. Even though we haven’t gotten rid of our cable connections, viewership decreased by 33 million US citizens in 2018. is the source of this information.

There is increasing competition for conventional cable and satellite providers from on-demand services. And it’s not because people aren’t watching anymore. A growing number of people are using popular on-demand video services such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube instead.

There were approximately 167 million monthly active users on YouTube in the United States and Canada as of 2016.

According to Statista,

As of 2017, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users globally.

TechCrunch is the source.

Social networks and huge websites affiliated with digital media companies are becoming more obvious to marketers as the areas where they can get the most viewers.

Large and small businesses alike may compete on these platforms on an equal footing since all advertisers have access to the same data about their campaigns and ads’ success.

2.What are the most important metrics you use to gauge success in brand development marketing?

Setting aside how many times a user must view your ad, a good marketing strategy includes figuring out how to provide your target demographic with a large number of impressions without going broke. Since we live in an ad-saturated culture, the rule of seven probably hasn’t held up as well. So, how much will it cost to make an impact on someone? with

It is possible to predict the number of monthly impressions an ad will get when working with television, radio, print, and billboard advertisers. Many indicators are available to marketers using digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google.



The cost per thousand impressions is often used. In print and television advertising, this is a common measure. If you want to see how much it costs to provide impressions to a certain audience on various platforms, you may look at this measure in Google and Facebook.


This is the total number of individuals who have seen an ad.


When a user sees your ad, it creates an impression. For example, if 5 people see the same ad 10 times, the number of impressions is 10, and the number of people reached is 5, respectively.


According to the rule of seven, the more often we post, the better our campaign performs in terms of frequency. This is a mean value computed. (Number of impressions) / (Number of users) = frequency. In this example, ads that get 10 impressions across five distinct viewers have a frequency score of 2.

Although certain people may have seen the ad more often than others, the frequency is based on the complete group of users who have seen the ad. No, not for every user.

As a result, we’d need 35 total impressions to show an ad to 5 people 7 times on average.

3.Aiming to stay ahead of the curve is crucial for this strategy.

Predict the direction things will go and then go there right away.

In the early days of Google’s search advertising, one might pay between $0.01 and $0.05 per click for a single ad. It’s been a long time since those days. Lawyers may expect to pay about $100 per click (CPC) on Google Search Ads. Facebook’s CPC is substantially lower, but it’s just going to become more expensive as time goes on.

The newbies to digital marketing platforms will take advantage of certain benefits. Advertiser demand has not pushed up the CPC to saturated levels, resulting in a low cost-per-click (CPC).

These newbie networks and apps may be a good fit for your target audience if your key demographics match theirs. You’ll make better marketing selections if you know who your audience is and what demographics they fall into.

4.Be patient, don’t be afraid to experiment, and keep track of the outcomes.

Test out new things if they’re inexpensive (whether that’s because there’s a low demand for purchasing advertisements on the platform or because it’s that much less expensive).


Determine how many new leads and customers the campaign generated when it is over. Determine the value of each customer by going over the list (LTV, Lifetime Value). It’s also a good idea to calculate your MCAC after the campaign (Marketing Customer Acquisition Cost). This is the total cost of the campaign divided by the number of customers you gained. It’s a high-profit industry for most lawyers.

What proportion of the entire customer lifetime value (LTV) does the MCAC make up? There is space to explore and conduct this campaign at a large scale if the percentage is less than 10%. If it’s more than 10%, you may be spending too much on your advertising channels, or your marketing procedures need to be improved.


These three indicators may be used for all of your marketing expenditures. Measure them throughout a calendar year and successive years. Get to the bottom of these numbers and see whether things are getting better or worse. Then you can look at year-over-year comparisons, as well as comparisons of which ads produce better client LTVs, larger MCACs, and so on.

Use year-to-date or year-ago campaign stats as a benchmark for your current campaign. Is the campaign exceeding or falling short of expectations?


We all know that change doesn’t happen in a matter of minutes. Determine whether or not a campaign has been effective after running it for a long period. This is because momentum is being built. There is a time lag between the time someone sees your ad and when they require your services in the marketing world. The term “Awareness Campaigns” or “Top of Mind Advertising” refers to a similar idea. As a law firm, your adverts must be seen often to the same customers for them to remember your firm when they need legal assistance. Because of this momentum concept, you may expect to see long-term effects even after your marketing initiatives have finished.


This point must be emphasized firmly. Great attorneys have been the victims of this. They are masters of their craft, but there was an area where they could use some marketing assistance.

Many print media were used for advertising their business, including the back of phone books, television, billboards outside the office, and many more. What did each of these advertisements have in common? Sadly, there is nothing.

A new sign outside of an office or a phone book advertisement, thumbnail, and watermarks in the tv advertising and YouTube videos all employed a different form of their logo and trademark.

Facebook’s Branding Guidelines provide further information on how the social media giant addresses such concerns. As an example, consider the following:

By Facebook’s guidelines, the use of their trademark is strictly banned.

The way you handle your brand should be this way. First and foremost, verify that the advertising business utilizes your logo exactly as it appears in your company’s marketing materials. Don’t be afraid to tell them if they aren’t up to par.

Make use of the services of a professional design team. WRITTEN GUIDE TO BRANDS

The Facebook Logo and Other Logo-Related Materials

Have your graphic designer (or whoever designed your logo and brand) write a Branding Guide so that you and your advertising partners may more easily police your brand (also referred to as a branding asset guide). All variants of your logo and brand should be included in a decent branding guide. Different slogans and taglines may be utilized with your logo and brand.

Whenever your advertising partners provide you a mockup of an ad, all you have to do is check the logo they used and make sure it matches one of the permitted versions of your logo that you’ve specified in your Branding Guide.

6.Your brand will change.

Companies adapt to the ever-changing world around them. Every year, you won’t see a dramatic shift in your brand, and you shouldn’t expect it to happen every time. While some organizations would fully change their image and brand, the majority will maintain and refresh their overall corporate image as the times change.

The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Brand over the Past 100 Years. The History of General Electric’s Brand Changes.

Observe how the two brands haven’t altered so much as they’ve been updated and suited to the times. There are other instances of companies that have altered more radically. The brand awareness of these organizations is so crucial that they don’t fool about too much when they have a good thing going for them.


You may be discouraged from changing your brand if you look at successful corporations like GE and Coca-Cola, who have remained loyal to their brands for decades. Even the world’s biggest corporations, on the other hand, are aware when it is time to improve their company’s image.

As a case study, there is no greater one than Amazon. There is no harm in exploring fresh ideas if you or your business partners feel that your company’s brand needs to be updated or changed completely.

Graphic designers and branding professionals can help you generate fresh ideas. A contract is only binding after the parties have signed off on it.

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