How Being Socially Responsive Can Improve SEO

Being Socially Responsive Can Improve SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 26, 2022

Brands that take a stand on social issues are linked to. Learn if link building through social responsibility is good for your business by reading this article.

Several years ago, I embarked on a large-scale study to determine how a brand’s social stance influenced consumer preferences.

A brand that takes a social stand almost always sees an SEO benefit from that stand. While this isn’t a definitive solution, I did come to one clear conclusion.

Taking a social stance is a challenge for the majority of businesses. Taking a stand means that a segment of your audience will not agree with you – usually the most outspoken segment.

Anyone who has their products or services boycotted doesn’t enjoy it. Responding to dissatisfied consumers who don’t agree with your stance might consume a significant amount of your company’s resources.

There’s a lot to consider when making a decision. Search engine optimization (SEO) results for brands that take a stand are analogous to the ancient adage, “Say anything you want about me, but spell my name right.”

Links Flow to Brands That Stand Out

Link juice accrues when a company takes a social stance. Period.

Both sides will link a brand that makes a statement on behalf of a social issue.

Those who oppose the position will link to the brand to raise awareness of a perceived atrocity, among others.

Those who agree with the brand’s stance will link to spread the word to others who share their beliefs. The brand comes out on top in search engine optimization (SEO).

Almost often, the links that come from taking a social stand are high-quality links.

I believe you can gain links from large media outlets by taking a strong stance on social issues. This is particularly effective if your social attitude is out of the ordinary.

Making a statement is not the same as joining a bandwagon.

Take the #MeToo movement as an example. Don’t expect a flood of links just because your organization supports it.

Even if it’s the correct thing to do, it won’t have much of an impact on your search engine rankings.

The media will be interested in you if you take a stand, stating that your company will not allow certain medicines to be purchased through employee benefits (e.g., Hobby Lobby). You may be given backlinks as well. Links that are of high quality.

Is It Right for Your Brand to Take a Stand?

SEO is not a one-way street. The term “website coders” was used to describe us for years.

For the SEO team to be effective, they must be included in decision-making processes. As part of the decision-making process, marketing and SEO must be considered.

Taking a stand is more effective for firms that know their customers.

Chick-fil-A is a great illustration of this. Even though Chick-fil-A did not intend to take a position on same-sex marriage, its founder’s comments put the company squarely in the middle of the argument.

Customers continued to pour in, despite repeated calls for a boycott. And the number of high-quality links the company received was staggering — some estimate over 50,000!

Take nothing away from the fact that their main consumer base did agree with Chick-fil-position. A’s And the corporation was recognized for its efforts.

This can backfire as well.

Look at Susan G. Komen’s foundation. The organization took an anti-planned-parenthood attitude.

Several long-standing donors were enraged by this. Even though Susan G. Komen reaped the SEO benefits of several links from reputable news outlets, it wasn’t enough to quell the public’s outrage. The organization is still trying to reclaim the lost audience due to a problematic social position.

How do you determine if you should take a position?

The SEO team should be the ones to make this decision. It’s all about the numbers, duh!

How well do we know who we’re talking to?

What is the consensus among our clients about the position we want to take?

Search engine optimization specialists conduct similar investigations daily when developing campaigns.

The decision-makers can use your data. As a result, SEO experts and analysts play a critical part in corporate social responsibility and corporate social attitudes.

What Does It Matter If You’re a Social Misfit?

According to YouGov research, 59 percent of Americans would boycott a company for political reasons. Millennials are considerably more likely to fall into this category.

Consumers’According to our research findings, consumers’ reactions to a stance is affected by geography.

  • As an illustration, people in the Pacific Northwest are more inclined than southerners to support or boycott a business because of its social or political views. In contrast, the opposite is true in the South.

According to our research, women are more concerned than males about political opinions.

Additionally, younger customers (under the age of 18; we don’t have statistics on minors) are more likely to be aware of a brand’s position on social issues.

What to Keep in Mind When Making a Decision

A growing number of companies are taking positions on both political and social issues. The decision should not be taken lightly, however.

Taking a stance that resonates with your core audience has enormous advantages. Making the wrong decision can have dire consequences for the company’s financial health.

The most important thing is to know your audience. As a small firm, your audience is more likely to be comprehensible.

This decision can be a lot more challenging for large corporations. Analysts and SEO experts should be included in the decision-making process at all times.

The greatest way to learn about our audience is to use digital data. So put it to good use.

Take a stand, but make sure you do it the proper way.

Even though the dangers are terrifying, the rewards are enormous.


This is a long-term strategy.

The following are the findings: based on the outcomes of one’s efforts

Monthly link distribution ranges from 0 to 5

  • Email, social media, and a tool for identifying influencers are all necessities (optional)
  • Using this method, you can build links in a completely ethical manner.
  • Boosts morale by doing good deeds and provides branding value.

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