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Roofing SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

September 19, 2022

At some point in your career, you’ve undoubtedly paid for roofing SEO services. Truth be told, most SEO firms don’t give customers enough value. The outcome is that 70% of firms are dissatisfied with their SEO company.

What if roofers were able to do their SEO?

Roofing SEO is referred to as “DIY Roofing SEO,” and you may do it entirely by yourself. It’s possible to gain the abilities you need here: Learn Roofing SEO Right Now!

To what extent should roofing firms take SEO into their own hands? You should ask and answer a few questions.

  • In terms of SEO, how much money do you have to spend?
  • Have you had previous success with SEO services?
  • During the workweek, do you have any spare time?
  • Is your workforce capable of taking on more responsibilities?
  • Do you have a lot of local competition?
  • Do you specialize in a particular area of service? This includes tile and metal roofs in addition to commercial roofs.

When it comes to search engine optimization, can roofers do it themselves?

Yes. Roofers may execute SEO without spending a penny if they have the necessary expertise. But, of course, you need to factor in other costs like site hosting and domain name registration, which are essential to an effective SEO plan. But roofing companies may do their SEO for free.

In a nutshell:

When it comes to SEO, it’s free as long as you have the necessary competence. Web hosting and domain name registration are examples of additional costs to consider.

There is a monthly cost associated with the usage of 3rd party technologies by SEO firms.

DIY SEO for Roofers: advantages and disadvantages

DIY optimization has both advantages and disadvantages. By far the greatest benefit is the ability to save money since the cost of learning SEO is significantly lower than that of paying for SEO services monthly. Time commitment is the most apparent drawback since you’ll have to add a set of weekly activities to your calendar. You can see the whole comparison here:


  • Slash Your Monthly Spending by Up to $3,000!
  • Become More Involved in Marketing
  • Acquaint yourself with the Essentials of Your Operation


  • A Huge Effort Put Into It
  • Lessening the number of SEO personnel (Tools, Employees, Etc.)
  • For comparison, there is a lack of in-house data

To do-it-yourself SEO for Roofers

Like an agency, you’ll need outside help if you decide to handle your search engine optimization for your roofing business. SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs are some of the most popular keyword research tools used by roofing SEO services. Naturally, a content creator or artificial intelligence (AI) content production software like Jarvis is also required.

To sum it up, you’ll want:

  • Research Tool for Keywords
  • Plugins for WordPress
  • Writer of content
  • Web Design Company

Using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you may monitor your results without the requirement for 3rd-party reporting software. Additionally, you won’t have to send yourself a monthly report since you already know how your website performs inside. By not paying for reporting software, you may save hundreds of dollars a month.

Are There Any DIY Roofing Website Design Options Available?

In the same way that SEO complements web design, so does DIY web design. A roofing website builder like BrightLocal, Duda, or WordPress Block Editor may help you create your concept. It’s also possible to use a pre-made roofing business WordPress theme to get your site up and running quickly.

The truth is that you don’t need to be a professional web designer to create a professional-looking website. Today’s website builders are technologically savvy and do not need any knowledge of HTML or CSS. WordPress themes may be expensive, so keep your budget in mind while you shop around. Roofers may easily create their websites using open-source software.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Roofers

DIY SEO success depends on where you learn about SEO. For those who choose not to pay, there is an abundance of free resources to be found on the internet. Misinformation and sensationalism are prevalent in the SEO sector to fool newcomers.

The good news is that, as of 2022, you can learn the basics of SEO from an active roofing SEO firm. Nolen Walker teaches roofing contractors how to rank on the first page of Google using his proven SEO strategy. This blueprint is the only resource that can compete with it.

Roofers Need to Have These SEO Skills to Be Successful

No matter how many SEO abilities you pick up, there is a select handful that is more critical than others. Because Google updates its algorithm so often, there is never a dull moment when it comes to learning about SEO. Even yet, the following abilities are all that’s needed to go to the top of page one.

  • WordPress or another content management system: the ability to plan, create, and publish content.
  • Understanding how to analyze and prioritize keywords is an important part of keyword research.
  • Internal and external link equity acquisition and distribution are key aspects of link building.
  • Understanding how to rank in the Local Map 3-Pack with a Google Business Profile
  • When it comes to on-page SEO, it’s important to know where to place your keywords.
  • SEO Analysis: Using Analytics and Search Console to monitor and analyze SEO data
  • An understanding of how Google’s bots scan and index your website’s content is known as “technical SEO.”

Is SEO for Roofers Possible to Do on My Own?

It’s possible to get the task done with help from our Roofing SEO. You may get your roofing firm on the top page of Google by following the blueprint provided by a reputable roofing marketing agency.

To top it all off, the academy costs only $297 a month, a savings of more than $1,000 in SEO costs. You may also terminate your subscription after you’ve learned enough to regularly rank your pages in the search results.

The Benefits of Long-Term Attendance at a Roofing SEO School

You have the option of joining up for a trial period and then canceling at any time. However, the smarter choice is to keep improving your talents over time. Students can stay on top of Google’s most recent modifications with the help of the Roofing SEO Academy, which continuously refreshes its library of resources.

Additionally, long-term students may receive an SEO certificate and participate in a community of roofing professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in SEO. Your industry peers, many of whom will not be direct rivals, may help you brainstorm solutions to common problems. It’s more fun to discuss ideas with real contractors than it is to yell at a web guy on the phone.

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