Google My Business for Roofing Companies

Google My Business for Roofing Companies

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 30, 2022

Roofers and other small companies who have an internet presence might benefit from the Google Map 3-Pack. A roofer’s company may be made or broken by the number of local hits they get through Google Maps’ Map Pack.

Illegitimate addresses, on the other hand, might have a devastating effect on your business. Why? Fake addresses will be removed from Google My Business at Google’s discretion. In recent months, they’ve begun using that right more often. As a company owner, you have no right to make use of Google Maps. Even if it works for a short period, they will eventually remove your ad.

Google My Business Is A MUST for Roofers

Roofing companies aren’t the only ones that try to take advantage of Google My Business with bogus addresses. Violations may range from the less obvious, like using an actual PO Box as your address, to the more heinous, like using a random shared space you discovered on the internet.

Roofers are always looking for new ways to generate money and expand their company, and they will do whatever it takes to get there. Those contractors have had a difficult time, to say the least. As a result of Google’s crackdown on bogus addresses, the account linked with such listings may be suspended. You might lose your real address in the process of claiming phony ones.

Google’s Rejected Address Types

It doesn’t matter whether you have a sign in front of your shared or flex area if Google doesn’t care about it. They don’t care whether you pay for a PO Box or a virtual office since they don’t care about it. In the Guidelines for promoting your company on Google, there is a strong prohibition against numerous listings without storefronts. The following are some examples of addresses that were returned as undeliverable:

  • Space that can be reconfigured
  • Postal Service Box
  • Using a virtual office is a great way to
  • Communal areas

Needs Roofers have to be included on Google My Business

You have two options when it comes to running a roofing business: a storefront or a service area (SAB). Google My Business allows contractors who operate from home to set up a single SAB (that means one and only one). Google still utilizes your location data, but consumers can’t see your address because of privacy concerns. Having a storefront address in Google Maps makes it visible to the general public and provides an accurate location. For a storefront business, the following is required:

It is important to have a valid email address

  • Proper and visible signage
  • Business name on file

Using a legitimate email address will get better results.

A roofer’s livelihood is on the line if they try to take advantage of GMOs. That they can generate high-quality leads without breaching the laws is the most disgusting aspect of it. An SEO strategy from Rank Fire helped one of our customers rank well in their local area. During a hail storm, they got more than 1,500 calls from concerned citizens.

They’ll be able to retire on the back of a hailstorm that hit a town with less than 50,000 residents. What would happen if a hailstorm struck a city with a large number of people in it? In the long run, doing things the correct way pays dividends.

Rank Fire Is a Great Place To Begin

Our unique program, BrightLocal, can help you rank higher on Google Maps. The BrightLocal app enables roofers to take photos of each job and upload them to the app, which then automatically populates the relevant web pages and requests reviews from the customers of the services they provide.

Google boosts your local engine position as you acquire more reviews and relevant web material. High-quality work for legitimate roofing firms is what we specialize in. Start getting more traffic to your website by contacting us right away.

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