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Google Business Profile for Roofers

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 9, 2022

You can choose how your roofing business shows in Google Search and Maps using Google My Business, a free tool. Customers will believe you don’t exist if your firm is listed on Google’s Business Directory as a roofing contractor. To prove your existence to businesses or homes, you must enhance and verify your roofing Google My Business page.

Property owners who need a roofer may easily find one by searching online for “roofing contractors near me,” stopping by your place of business, or scheduling an appointment for the same day.

This means you need to ensure that the information about your organization that appears when potential customers or clients search Google is accurate and comprehensive. Your local roofing business requires a GMB listing, and this article will explain why and provide you with some advice on how to improve your existing listing to create more leads for your firm.

There Are Five Reasons Why Every Roofer Needs An Efficient Roofing System

Search Engine Optimization

Property owners seeking your goods and services are likely to begin their search online with a Google search. According to Google, most of half of all searches have a local purpose, and the location of a company is one of the most sought-after factors by local customers.

A Google My Business listing is a must to appear in local search results as quickly and easily as possible. In this example, you can see how your roofing firm stands to gain from a Google search appearance.

Here are some of the features of having a roofing GMB profile that is optimized:

1.Roofing That Has Been Correctly Optimized Increases Your Online Visibility With A Google My Business Profile.

Having a GMB listing for your roofing business is a great way to increase your company’s online exposure. You’re more likely to see paid Google Adwords ads for roofing services or products at the top of the search results page than organic search results while looking for them.

The original 7-pack has been reduced to only three items. Thus it’s now known as the local 3-pack. Many roofers across the globe have tried different SEO techniques to enter into this distinct group of roofers, but none have been successful.

However, most of them do not seem to be aware that enhancing your Google My Business listing might increase your chances of being included in the list. Since Google shows your company on Google Maps and places it before organic search results, having your roofing website appear in the local-3 pack might help you tap into potential income.

2. GMB Makes It Easier For You To Share Your Products And Services With Your Potential Customers

Your shingles may publish important information about your company, such as hours of operation, contact information, and a physical location, with a Google My Business listing.

These postings display on Google Maps and Search, letting you stay in contact with potential customers and clients. It facilitates the dissemination of information, such as new products and services, special deals, and breaking news.

3. Customers Will Have More Trust In Your Company If It Has A High Gmb Roofing Ranking

One of the biggest challenges that today’s customers encounter is establishing enough confidence in your roofing business to schedule a service appointment. It’s your job as a roofing contractor to assist property owners in making that transition as quickly as possible. Helping clients and customers believe that your business has a physical presence is one easy way to do this.

When your roofing business comes up in a local search, prospective clients are more likely to trust your roofing brand because of the natural faith and trust that most prospects put in Google.

4. A Google My Business Listing For A Roofing Company Boosts Sales And Traffic.

One of the biggest challenges of local roofing firms in retaining high-quality traffic and a continuous stream of qualified leads. It is impossible to prevent seasonal fluctuations, but having a well-optimized GMB for Roofing may help your business grow in all areas.

5. Distinguish Yourself From The Crowd

Potential customers may easily get the information they need to contact you by visiting your GMB page. The first time a potential customer finds a roofer online, they’ll see your Google My Business page, so don’t waste it! It also includes a short description to help potential customers quickly determine whether your organization is the right fit for them.

There are some points to keep in mind when it comes to claiming, verifying, and optimizing your roofing GMB.

This is how you can get your Roofing GMB set up correctly and outrank other local roofers in your area.

Make a Roofing Claim Search Engine Optimization

Consequently, if you want to dominate the local search results, your roofing firm must be in Google’s local-3 pack. A great place to start is to increase your roofing company to Google Maps if you haven’t previously done so. Here are the procedures to get your roofing business a Google My Business listing:

Go to and choose “start today” in the right-hand corner

  • if you don’t already have a Gmail account linked with your roofing company.
  • You’ll need to fill in your roofing company name and your business address
  • if you’d like to transport products and services to your clients rather than having them come directly to you.
  • It is important to choose a company category that reflects the kind of people who would be searching for your roofing GMB listing.
  • Choose the appropriate verification option from the drop-down menu to verify your roofing website or phone number.
  • Try an alternative technique or “later”
  • if you aren’t ready to verify your roofing company yet.
Check The Condition Of Your Roof Search Engine Optimization

There are various methods to authenticate your Google My Business (GMB) profile, but not all alternatives listed below may be available. Google may give you the following options for verifying your listing:

  • By mail
  • By telephone
  • Verification in bulk,
  • through email,
  • in real-time
Verification Of A Postcard

GMB verification of a roofing company’s legitimacy is most often performed. Google will send you a postcard based on the location of your company’s headquarters. You may confirm the accuracy of your listing by entering the verification code provided on this postcard. You may use a postcard to validate your listing:

  1. First, if you haven’t previously done so, log in to your GMB account and pick the company you’d want to verify (if you have already logged in, you will be at the verification step)
  2. Your roofing company address should always be accurate. An optional contact person may be added to the mailing list.
  3. Send an email. You should get the postcard within five days, at the latest.
  4. Log in to your Google My Business account when you’ve received your postcard. Depending on the number of locations your organization has, choose the one you wish to check. Click “verify now” if you only have one.
  5. Enter the five-digit verification code from your postcard into the code area. “Submit” is the only option available.

The “request another code” banner may be seen at the top of your GMB roofing listing if you haven’t received the postcard or misplaced it.

  1. Verification by Phone

There may not be a phone verification option for all roofing companies. This option is only available if Google gives it to you. When you’re done, press the submit button.

B.The use of an email address to confirm your identity

If this is an option, Google will send you a verification code through email if your email address is up to date. Verifying your listing is as simple as clicking the verification link in the email sent to you.

C.Confirmation in Real-Time

Using the Google search console, you may be able to get a quick verification for your company.

The Name of the Company

Your roofing GMB profile has been confirmed; therefore, now is the time to continue filling up your page. Verify your business on Google My Business and sign in. Then, fill in as most of information as possible about your organization.

It’s easy to change your company information by clicking on the “info section” tab on the left. Once your GMB listing is confirmed, make sure your company name is consistent throughout all internets.

It is important for roofing SEO to ensure that your company name, address, and phone number are consistent across all other websites, including HomeAdvisor and directory sites, the local chamber of commerce, and BBB HomeAdvisor.

Choose the category that best describes your roofing company’s products and services.

Improving your roofing GMB listing begins and ends with this step. For your company to rank locally in Google maps for roofing keywords, you must choose the correct main category. So, what’s the big deal?

Choosing the right category for your roofing company is essential. If your principal service is Roofing, include your company under the “Roofing contractor” business category. That’s the only choice available.

Subcontracting services such as gutters, siding, windows, and more should be included in the extra categories section.

Hours of Operation, Website, and Phone

If your roofing company hours have changed, it is important to update them as soon as possible. Google allows users to choose their hours for holidays and special occasions. Make sure to state your company hours accurately.

Customers may get concerned if you advertise that you’re open 24 hours a day yet shut at 6 p.m. Make sure your operating hours are accurate.

Make sure your principal office line is your phone number since this is the number that potential customers and clients will see on your website.

Add Images to Your Rooftop Search Engine Optimization

Adding photographs to your Google My Company Listing is essential for boosting interaction and letting Google know that your business is active. Double-check that your profile images, cover photo, and logo are all complete.

In addition to your workplace’s outside and interior images, you should also include photographs of completed projects, team members, etc.

What the Company Does

What skills do you have that set you apart from the rest? In what ways do customers enjoy working with you? Google and potential customers may learn more about your firm via the business description area.

Don’t be spammy while describing your roofing firm. Avoid stuffing your content with keywords hoping that this will improve your search engine ranking.

The bottom of the knowledge panel is an excellent place for property owners researching your organization to see who you are.

Review Sources

Because Google understands that customer reviews impact purchasing decisions, this is a crucial ranking element. Even if it takes some time for you to get Google reviews from clients with whom you have previously worked.

Google reviews have shown that customers are more inclined to conduct business with a firm if they see “Gold stars” in the search results for that company.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your Roofing Google My Business page:

  • You can keep the momentum rolling by starting with long-term customers.
  • Allow customers to post a review in a matter of seconds.
  • Ask! Do it using email, text, face-to-face chats, and social media. When requested, more than 60% of your customers will provide a review of your company.
  • Put a “evaluations” link on your roofing website so customers may provide feedback.
  • Respond to customer feedback whenever possible (including negative ones). Encourages other customers to post a review, discloses many facts about your roofing company to potential clients, and improves local SEO.


A list of the new services in Roofing GMB is a wonderful addition if you offer roofing services like repair, replacement, or installation and have a “menu.”

Using the services list, you can classify and display all of your services and their rates so that prospective customers can see what they provide. It’s a new GMB roofing feature, but it’s essential.

Use subcategories and categories to organize your services. You must be given as much information as possible. So, for example, a category like “Roof Installation” may be quite important. There might be subcategories based on the kind of Roofing you put in. If you can, describe these roofs in detail you can.

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing should include roofing map optimization.

As the optimization process progresses, it becomes more important to have a Google My Business listing with excellent map ranks. Rank Fire | SEO’s internet marketing services include Google optimization, which includes everything from your Google My Business profile to the optimization of your roofing map.

Post on Your Roofing Blog Frequently Profiles on Google My Business

You can use your roofing GMB profile to promote specials, news, goods, and events, just like you would on your social media channels. The updates at the bottom of your profile display posts you’ve made in your listing Dashboard. Clients who encounter your profile are more likely to take action if you often publish on Google. Having a social media presence will encourage customers to follow your roofing business and stay up to speed on new postings and changes.

Improve Your Roofing Google My Business Listing Immediately!

Google is constantly interested in the degree of interaction your roofing GMB listing has with your customers. You’ll have a better chance of appearing higher in Google Maps and organic search results if you get more people involved. Consequently, you must continue to improve your roofing Google My Business page.

Local customers will discover your company more easily if your GMB listing is active, and encouraging them to submit good reviews will help you attract even more customers.

You may now have another motivation to get into your Google My Business page and work. Schedule a free strategy session with our roofing GMB listing specialists if you have more concerns or inquiries.

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