Google Ads Strategies for Roofing Businesses

Google Ads Strategies for Roofing

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 2, 2022

With Google Ads, you can increase your click-through rate, lower the cost of acquiring leads, and earn more money (AdWords).

Google has more than a 75 percent market share in search engine market share, but nowadays, Google is increase than just a search engine. Thanks to AdWords, your roofing website may rise in the search engine ranks, a fantastic tool for determining the correct keywords for your target audience.

Contractors in the roofing industry are continuously on the lookout for new clients. There are several methods for roofers to get leads, but Google Ads is the best of the best (AdWords). Roofing companies may use Google Ads (AdWords) to reach property owners needing new roofs or roof repairs via an intention-based platform.

If done properly, Google Ads (AdWords) may help you build your roofing business and produce quality leads for your firm. It’s unlikely that a homeowner would require a new roof more than every two to three decades, so putting your firm in front of them when they do is the perfect lead generation tool.

But some roofing companies don’t see the point since they can’t get the ideal customers to respond to their advertisements. With the support of Google Ads, you can increase your lead generation and job bookings (AdWords).

  • We’ll go through the top 10 Google AdWords (AdWords) tips in this post.
  • If you want to stand out from the competition, you’ll need to use call-only ad campaigns,
  • distinctive ad text,
  • a variety of ad extensions like callouts,
  • structured snippets, and call extensions.
  • Negative keywords are just as urgent as the intended keywords; therefore, include them.
  • For your roofing brand, put up a bid.
  • Your marketing campaign should be organized in a way that ensures its success.
  • Make sure you’re aiming at the right places.
  • All you have to do is keep at it.

Avoid falling behind by using calls-only marketing campaigns.

As the name implies, call-only advertising are ads that can only be used to make a phone call. With this advertising, your sales reps can complete more deals over the phone since they’re constantly on target.

You may offer your company an advantage by allowing potential customers to call you directly from your ad rather than waiting for them to get in touch with your competition.

Call-only advertisements are ideal for roof repairs since customers want to speak with someone right away. Using local keywords is a better way to find a roofer since the objective is to chat with someone rather than research.

For calls-only advertisements, here are some keywords to consider:

It is great for roofing contractors that want to get their phone ringing to generate more leads. The professionals at Rank Fire | SEO can assist you with setting up a Google Ads (AdWords) call-only ad campaign.

Always check to see whether your landing page is converting

You’re losing a lot of quality leads if your advertising is driving people to your website’s homepage. A well-executed Google AdWords campaign relies heavily on a well-designed landing page.

The failure of one choice might be the death of your roofing firm. This means that you should concentrate on converting visitors on your landing page while designing it.

An inbound phone call is the primary goal of a landing page in a Google Ad words campaign. Calls will be generated by including a call to action in your advertisement and providing your phone number in the right-hand corner.

The following items should be included on a roofing landing page designed for conversions:

  • Make sure that it has an eye-catching title that explains the advantages of your company and an enticing call-to-action.
  • The primary keyword(s) used in the headline conveys the advertisement’s message.
  • In order to distinguish oneself from other roofers, there are a variety of factors to consider, such as a large number of favourable client reviews, testimonials, or star ratings.
  • It’s easy to use since it provides clear and relevant information.

Step-by-step instructions: Illustrates the ease with which you may work with your roofing business.

Create a one-of-a-kind ad text.

Competing with PPC and directory websites like Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and others in the roofing sector is a challenge. Your ad text should stand out from the competition in the roofing industry.

Google will provide you with three headlines and two descriptions for your ad text, but none of them may appear in search results. The keywords you want to target should be in your first headline, and the call to action should be in your second headline (something like schedule a free roofing estimate or call us for a free quote).

When writing your web business description, you should clarify what sets you apart from other roofers. Licensed, insured, and bonded are just a few examples.

Keep a close check on the outcomes of your marketing efforts at all times.

Someone who works in the roofing industry and does not have a system in place to assess the effectiveness of their advertising efforts is completely insane. It’s imperative that you set up conversion tracking so you can see the difference between good and poor calls.

Roofers may choose to make calls that last for a certain time in Google Ads (AdWords). Google AdWords campaigns might be difficult to enhance if you aren’t monitoring your ad ads effectively.

Without measuring your conversions,

you can’t find out which keywords produce leads or which ones have a high click-through rate. The following are examples of parameters you should keep tabs on:

Phone Calls.

Setting a call extension and keeping tabs on the length of time you consider a lead is one way to do this.

Sixty seconds is a good starting point, but you may go as long as you want.

Make an online appointment by completing this form.

Form submission over the internet.

Consider using callouts, structured snippets, and extension calls in as many of your ad formats as possible.

Your roofing Google AdWords (AdWords) campaign will be a success if you use extensions. They raise the visibility of your roofing website in Google’s search results, bringing in more potential customers. Improved click-through rates will result in a better Quality Score, which lowers the cost per click and increases income for your roofing company.

Roofing contractors should immediately add the following extensions to their Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns:

Extending your website’s hyperlinks in the following ways: Other pages on your roofing website have sent people here. The “Why Us” or “About Us” page would look great here. Sharing additional pages on your roofing website using site link extensions is a great way to use them. The testimonials, service, FAQ, or contact us page may be shown here. Sitelink extensions take up a lot of real estate on the search engine results page. ”

A callout extension is a way for roofers to highlight their distinguishing characteristics or benefits to customers. Additionally, they may be utilized to tempt potential customers by highlighting your A+ BBB rating, giving a Lifetime Guarantee, and a free estimate, among other things. After the description lines, callout extensions are often appended.

Search Engine Optimization: Google provides roofers with various headlines to choose from when they upload structured snippets. Highlights, kinds, services, and neighborhoods are the best headlines for roofers. Use this to promote your services (repairs, deck, siding, windows). When displaying the many types of roofs you provide, types might be used (TPO, flat or metal roofing). Those roofers who specialize in a certain city or town will do well to locate their business in a neighborhood.

Prospects may reach your roofing company by phone via call extensions. It’s a good idea to restrict the use of this extension to normal business hours.

Expansions of the location: It is unlikely that a prospective customer looking for a roofing firm would show up at your door, but this extension will assist them in finding your location, business hours, and a listing on Google Maps.

Expansions of the cost: A unique method of presenting costs using Google’s price extension may be used to represent the cost of roofing services. You don’t want to entice them to click on your extension but rather show that you’re a completely risk-free roofing service provider.

The extensions mentioned above may or may not appear in your advertisements. Your keyword, quality score, ad location, and competition will all play a role in your ad’s performance.

Optimize Your AdWords Campaign Using Negative Keywords

When establishing a Google ad campaign, negative keywords should be introduced immediately. There will always be new search phrases to target as your campaign progresses. Negative keywords are very important for paid search marketing for roofing. Without them, you’ll be wasting your money on traffic that isn’t interested in what you have to offer.

AdWords campaigns may benefit from a few of these fast and easy negative keywords.

  • When looking for employment,
  • it’s important to keep an eye out for
  • potential competitors, as well as those in your area who you don’t want to deal with
  • (i.e., F150 Roof Leak)

Continue to search for new phrases and add negative keywords to reduce the cost per lead and increase the quality of searches your advertisements appear in. If you don’t have the time and resources to devote to this, you might waste money on an ad campaign.

Bid on the Name of Your Roofing Company

The idea of bidding on the keywords associated with your roofing company’s brand is complex. People want to work with you if they’re looking for your brand online, right? Because if you don’t receive the lead/client, why would you spend money on marketing?

It would be great if they become a buyer every time someone searches for your brand. However, this isn’t always the case. As a result, most roofing contractors are now leveraging their company names in their marketing efforts. For example, Johnson’s windows and roofing or Terry & Sons roofers are two examples.

PPC advertising is more likely to appear in the search results when a potential customer searches for your company’s brand names. Due to their concentration on keywords like “roofing” or “window and roofing,” this is the case. When your rivals emerge in the search results, bidding on your roofing company’s keywords will help you remain at the top of the list.

Your roofing business keywords will cost less to bid on because of their high relevance and quality score. A cheaper cost per click will result, and you’ll get an edge over your competition by capturing more leads as a consequence of this.

Plan Your AdWords Campaign for Google Ad successfully

AdWords campaign structure has a significant impact on lead acquisition costs. Because of this, the cost of acquiring roofing leads is likely to increase. Your marketing plan should consider the fact that roofing contractors often extend beyond the items or services they provide. If you’re in the asphalt shingle business,

  • Doors
  • metal roofs
  • windows
  • flat roofs

The services mentioned above should be placed in different ad groups so that users may learn more about them and be sent to the appropriate landing sites after clicking on them. After you’ve established a solid foundation for your campaign, you’ll want to craft an ad text that sets your company apart from the competition.

Ascertain the areas you want to attack.

All of the city’s most profitable zip codes and areas are familiar to all of the city’s roofers. To bring your roofing business in front of potential customers seeking your services online, you need to focus on the right areas and raise your bids in those lucrative areas.

In some sectors, your cost per click and lead may go higher, but they are beneficial in the long term. As an alternative, you might lower your bids for lower-priced areas and zip codes in the metropolitan area. Your marketing expenditures will be better spent if you do this.

There is no better time to retarget than right now.

To get a new roof, a property owner will first do research online, ask for referrals and recommendations from family and friends, or shop for the lowest pricing.

In many cases, the property owner is ready to call your roofing company, but they are distracted by their children coming home from school or their pet that knocks on the trash can. The good news is that you can bring this potential client back to your company with the use of ad retargeting.

Promoting your roofing website to individuals who have previously visited it is an excellent approach for increasing the quantity of hot roofing leads you get online.

Take Advantage of Google AdWords (PPC) Now to Expand Your Roofing Company

Google Ads (AdWords) are powerful marketing strategies for roofing contractors since they give instant results. As a result, it’s important to consider a wide range of variables when developing a Google ad campaign that’s both cost-effective and efficient. Follow these ten ideas to help your roofing business generate more leads, lucrative projects, and quotes.

If you are a roofer who has never used Google Ads but wants to keep on top of the competition, please organize a strategy consultation with our specialists immediately!

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