Get Roofing Clients Every Month with these 4 Tips

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Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 25, 2022

A regular supply of skilled roofing leads is what you’re looking for.

Are you fed up with squandering your marketing budget on ineffective customers?

I wrote this post specifically for those looking to boost their roofing revenue by generating more qualified leads…

Any roofer will attest to the difficulty of constantly producing distinct roofing leads.

However, if you’ve set up the systems and processes to consistently generate roofing leads, the potential for expanding your roofing business is limitless.

In this piece, you’ll learn how to turn your roofing company’s website into a lead creation machine.

However, let’s start from the beginning!

I’m curious to know what an Exclusive Roofing Lead is.

To generate more leads, let’s make sure we understand what roofing leads are, how they work, and how they can boost your roofing sales.

When roofers buy leads, one of the most common problems is a lack of satisfaction because so few of these leads turn into actual sales.

Lead generation companies are frequently responsible for providing subpar roofing leads. Some roofing contractors do not grasp what they’re spending their money on.

“A sales lead is a potential customer who expresses interest in and offers contact information for a product or service.” ~Source

Many marketers disagree on what constitutes a qualified sales lead. A lead is not a sale or an appointment, which is critical to understand.

A roofing lead is a company or individual that has indicated an interest in your service or product and provided contact information to learn more about it.

When a customer inquires about roofing products or services on a directory-type website, they aren’t explicitly looking for your company’s services.

The problem is that leads turn into sales. You also needed leads for your roofing company to secure business. And for this reason, a process or system for creating them regularly is vital.

It’s important to know the difference between commercial and residential roofing leads.

There are two primary types of leads in the roofing sector: B2B and B2C. (B2C). Prospecting for business leads is more difficult than prospecting for residential ones.

Get Roofing Leads Online (Without Any Guesswork!) by following these simple steps.

1. SEO for Local Maps

SEO causes a lot of concern among roofers. Some say it’s a waste of time and money, while others believe it’s still alive.

Here at Local roofing SEO, we can tell you that it is possible to grow your sales and visitors with SEO. Most of your leads will come from the people who live near you as a local roofers.

You need to employ local SEO mapping strategies to ensure customers can find your roofing company online when they need your services if you want to be at the top of local search results.

Google Maps leads can be generated from queries like:

  • Roofing installation[City]
  • Roofing Repair[City]
  • Roofing Repair [City]

Your business must be included on Google My Business if you want to dominate local search results for roofing. GMB roofer profiles can be created using the techniques provided on this page.

It’s important to have positive reviews on Google so that potential customers may learn more about your business’s reputation.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Roofing Leads

Your roofing website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) can be improved through organic SEO. Many of your leads and traffic come from Google Maps, but there are additional options for SEO that you can take advantage of.

Competitors’ long-tail keywords can be yours, which they don’t think are important to rank for. Your roofing company may be able to generate an additional 100 leads per month due to this.

This is where creating high-quality content on relevant industry issues that is both instructive and engaging comes in help. Most roofers’ organic rankings in search results are based on two types of content.

You can begin by listing your services and the cities in which they are offered. A few of the headlines here are:

  1. Roofing Contractor/ Neighborhood City, state
  2. Roof Replacement Companies[City, Town or State]

It’s also possible to boost your search engine rankings by writing high-quality articles. The following are a few examples of high-quality roofing products:

  • Is there any other reason to hire a roofing contractor?
  • Which shingle kind is best for the winter?

If you partner with a professional SEO provider, organic SEO can take your roofing lead production to the next level. The SEO professionals at Rank Fire | SEO will design a custom roofing SEO strategy to help your roofing website rise in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

3. Get Exclusive Roofing Leads by Using Pay Per Click Advertising

You might have heard of Google Adwords before if you’re a roofer. When it comes to PPC lead generation, roofing firms have varying opinions. Some think it is pricey, while others are more than happy with the results.

You may want to consider the following stats before making a decision:

-The average firm gets $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on PPC advertising (Source)

When search advertisements are paused, -90 percent of organic traffic cannot be replaced by clicks. (Google).

According to a top PPC business, AdWords may produce more leads than any other marketing campaign for roofing. To ensure the success of your campaign, we will assist you in determining which keywords are most important to your business and calculating their conversion prices.

4. Directory Sites and Local Review Sites

Having your business phone number, name, service, and address included in local directories is not a new way to generate leads. Still, it can encourage customers to visit your roofing website and turn into future leads.

One way to increase your company’s online visibility is to boost your internet reputation. Before contacting you, many potential customers will conduct research on your company online.

The following are some of the greatest local directories and review websites.

  • The BBB
  • Yelp
  • It means “yellow pages.”
  • As a -Home Advisor

Here are my final thoughts on the matter.

To receive more exclusive roofing leads, there are thousands of options. SEO for local maps, improving your search engine ranks, and developing an attractive roofing website for potential customers are some tried and true methods.

Roofer leads can be generated in various unconventional methods, as the strategies presented here demonstrate. Schedule a free planning consultation with us if you want to turn your roofing website into a lead creation machine.

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