Don’t Lose More with Google Ads (PPC) with These Best Practices

Google Ads (PPC)

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

April 22, 2022

An Adwords campaign that generates a steady stream of leads is possible.

“We attempted PPC advertising, but it didn’t work.”s

“it was a waste of money; it didn’t work.”

Every week, we have a slew of meetings with roofing contractors.

Ninety percent of the people polled felt that PPC ads were ineffective.

Yes, is Google Adwords inefficient in generating leads for roofing companies?

Do you think that Google Ads (Adwords) is the biggest con ever?

Let’s be honest here…

Yelp’s representatives appear that PPC advertising is as simple as certain Yellow Pages ones.

A PPC campaign might go wrong for a variety of reasons.

With over a decade’s experience, we can show you why PPC advertising is a great way to create roofing leads.

Three major reasons why PPC campaigns fail to generate roofing leads will be discussed in this post, and suggestions for a successful campaign to expand your roofing company.

1. Most roofing companies direct potential customers to their website’s homepage, which is a big mistake.

Even though your roofing homepage is the first thing property owners see when visiting your website, it is not the greatest location to direct your PPC advertisements.

What’s more is…

There’s a lot to take in on your roofing website.

Because of this, clients have a hard time reading and converting.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to focus on one thing at a time, and having multiple tasks to complete on your roofing website can cause them to forget why they came to your site in the first place.

To receive a price quote from your business!

A landing page is better than your homepage for directing potential customers and clients. A landing page should explain the primary benefits of doing business with your company and ask them to complete an online form or phone your office.

You may only get 10% of your clients to call you if you direct them to your homepage.

A landing page can generate at least 30 percent of phone calls from potential customers.

You’ll obtain three times more roofing leads without breaking your marketing budget.

2. Roofers are the second most common cause of this error. PPC ads should be simple to ignore.

To get them to leave Google and go to your roofing website, you need to use Ad terms.

PPC advertising comes in handy in this situation.

Ads need to make a strong point and stand out in a crowded field.

A roofing ad that is now running will highlight your company’s advantages and unique selling points compared to the competition.

Your PPC ad can rapidly attract the attention of property owners if you develop an ad that is full of advantages.

3. No one should ever let a roofer be behind the wheel if they don’t know how to drive.

Before stepping on the gas pedal, you should be familiar with the operation of difficult and powerful equipment.

As a novice driver, you can’t win a race.

We’re not suggesting you can’t run an Adwords ad for your roofing services.

In all probability.

However, when working with a reliable roofing marketing agency, you have a better chance of creating a continuous stream of Adwords roofing leads.

AdWords PPC Marketing for the Roof

In need of a greater number of roofing leads or a desire to increase the size of your roofing company?

Adwords can appear to be a waste of money for many roofers. To attract the proper customers, you must first convince them to click on your advertising, persuade them to become leads and convert them into customers.

It has taken a long time and extensive experience working with many roofers for us to realize what it takes to get 6 percent or more conversions on click-throughs to quality leads.

The following are the parameters you must follow to run a successful roofing PPC campaign:


Improper roofing keywords are a common Adwords problem for roofing businesses.

In the short term, it can be tempting to bid on nearly every roofing keyword you come across, but in the long run, it creates more problems than it fixes.

We’ve started handling generate leads less than 9% of the keywords in most roofing PPC campaigns. As a result, ninety-one percent of the population is completely pointless. If that wasn’t bad enough, your marketing budget is sucked dry by these needless roofing keywords.

Not good for your roofing company, then.

Increasing the number of incorrect clicks you make increases your cost per conversion.

Making the most of your Pay-Per-Click advertising, Focus on the Correct Roofing Search Terms.

Our team at Rank Fire | SEO has taken quite some time to figure out the most relevant search terms for the roofing business. We have evaluated many roofing keywords to create excellent outcomes for our consumers.

If you divide the overall marketing budget by the proportion of wasted ad spend, you can quickly see how much money you squandered on the wrong keywords.

Make adjustments based on the results of the analysis of the low-performing keywords. As a result of this, it may be necessary to rewrite landing pages and adverts and remove some terms.

Most roofing companies waste their marketing budgets on the wrong keywords.

Their Google Adwords account is too time-consuming for them.

We finally get it. You’ve got a lot on your plate, from procuring raw supplies to overseeing a workforce. On a weekly or daily basis, you don’t have much time left to monitor your Adwords account.

One of the key reasons to hire an expert roofing marketing agency to manage your Adwords account is this. It doesn’t mean that your account will get the attention and time it needs to perform efficiently, even after bringing the correct agency on.

It’s little wonder that a typical roofer wastes so much money on PPC ads!

Make it a point to check in on your Adwords account at least once every week if you want to get the most out of it. We check in on your Adwords campaign two or three times every week to keep your Adwords campaign on track.


High-quality tracking is the final rule for a successful PPC campaign for roofing. Spending a lot of time on your Adwords account is pointless if you can’t get any actionable data from it.

Tracking new contracts and conversions is an important part of high-quality tracking. A successful PPC campaign can be set in motion after carefully tracking sales and conversions.

PPC Ads Can Help You Grow Your Roofing Business

We’ve discovered that it all boils down to how successfully the three components outlined above are implemented to operate a successful PPC campaign.

It’s possible to impact your roofing business if you use the proper keywords and track your outcomes with PPC.

Set up a free strategy session with our specialists if you need assistance setting-up your roofing Adwords campaign today.

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