Digital Retargeting Ads for Roofing Contractors | Best Practices

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 17, 2022

As a roofing contractor, you invest significant money and time in marketing your roofing website. Also, fresh visitors to your website may be making you feel good about yourself. But if the new leads aren’t bringing in more income or profit, the thrill wears off quickly.

It’s not uncommon for only 3% of new visitors to your roofing website to become customers. In other words, for every 100 visitors to your website, your roofing company will book three jobs. This is because it takes time for a potential employer to decide whether or not to hire you.

The main issue is that these customers may never return to your site to search for roofing services or products. After all, your website had a large percentage of visitors leave after only a few seconds. When re-engaging with potential customers, you have one option: launch retargeting advertising.

This piece will learn everything you need to know about retargeting for roofing ads, how it works, and why it is so important for your business!

I won’t waste any more time, so let’s get to it.

What are Retargeting for Roofing Ads?

You can target your adverts to people who have already visited your website but haven’t made a purchase. This is known as retargeting or remarketing.

It’s possible to use roofing advertisements retargeting to reach out to a potential customer who visits your website but doesn’t fill out the contact form or book an appointment.

Retargeting relies on cookies and pixels because you don’t have their contact information. In this method, when someone visits your website and leaves without making a purchase, you may set up retargeting to keep delivering them marketing messages until they make a purchase.

Instead of squandering your marketing budget on acquiring new customers, you should use targeted messages and adverts to retarget customers who have already interacted with your website.

Investigate how roofing contractors might benefit from ad retargeting.

Remarketing and Retargeting are commonly referred to as the same concept, despite their distinct differences.

How Do Roofers Benefit from Ads Retargeting?

A pixel or cookie is typically attached to visitors’ browsers when they first arrive at your roofing website. You can use this to identify and target these potential customers while they are online.

To go out to clients who have left your website without making a purchase, you can use a technique known as retargeting. It allows you to remind them about your products and services. Your prospects will see more relevant adverts when they go to other websites because of this tool.

With real-time bidding technology (RTB), roofing retargeting is possible since it allows marketing professionals to bid and buy an ad impression in real-time.

Roofers Should Use Ad Retargeting as a Key Marketing Tool

Ads retargeting is powerful for performance-driven roofers for several reasons, including the following:

Raise the Chances of Conversion for Roofers Through Retargeting

Ad retargeting is unique in that it only focuses on people who have already visited your landing pages or roofing websites, making it more effective. This indicates that your brand and, most likely, your roofing services or goods have previously been introduced to these potential customers.

As a result, these potential customers are better qualified and more receptive to your marketing efforts in the long run.

Ads for roofs can be a good option if you have a lot of one-time visitors who would otherwise go away. To keep the prospect in the conversion funnel, you might use retargeting.

Ads for high-value keywords, like “roofing,” exemplify a successful PPC campaign. Typically, a roofer is charged when a potential customer clicks on an ad and has one opportunity to persuade that customer to arrange a service or product.

On the other hand, Roof retargeting allows the high-value prospect to be retargeted at a lower cost with subsequent ads. These advertisements serve as a constant reminder to potential customers of the benefits of booking work on your site in the hopes that they would return and complete the transaction.

Roofing Leads Flow Consistently via Retargeting, which Captures Your Prospects’ Data.

Search engine marketing and roofing SEO efforts can be enhanced by retargeting, which is a great supplement to your efforts. A regular stream of organic prospects arriving on your roofing site is a great opportunity to create a retargeting list for your roofing business.

This is especially important if a large portion of your traffic is made up of one-time visitors who would otherwise be lost time if they don’t convert.

Using retargeting to increase sales for roofers

Using retargeting as part of your online marketing plan provides the most important and distinct benefit. Roofers’ metrics vary depending on the services and products they provide. If you want to stay on top of your competitors, you must pay attention to your profits.

To connect with interested potential customers, roofing contractors can use retargeting ads.

Using retargeting, you can urge or remind visitors who have expressed an interest in your service or product to fill out the contact form at the bottom of your roofing website.

Because it allows you to target only those customers who are interested in your products or services, Roofing Ad Retargeting is a valuable tool for any roofing company.

Retargeting Helps You Build Your Roofing Company’s Brand Recognition.

Retargeting can speed up building brand awareness and making a purchase choice for your customers. Studies reveal that it may take up to seven times for your brand to make an impression on a customer to gain their trust before making a purchase.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t land a job right away because your brand will be the first one that comes to mind when they do decide. Retargeting can help your roofing business develop by increasing brand awareness.

Roofers benefit from using retargeting ads to increase sales.

With retargeting advertisements, roofers may achieve a high conversion percentage while lowering their cost per acquisition because they are only targeting the right prospects with the right ads. Retargeting ads are a great way for you to keep track of potential customers who have shown interest in your roofing services.

Using Retargeting Ads Can Save You Money

To maximize your roofing PPC investment, you should target customers most likely to buy your products or services. Retargeting is more cost-effective because it targets just those prospects who have not yet converted.

Types of Retargeting Advertising

Many factors, such as emails, search queries, and website visits, can be used to retarget potential customers. These approaches are essential for regaining traffic and gaining new customers. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent retargeting strategies for roofing ads now.

Retargeting in Search

When you use this strategy, you’re going after customers who have searched for your services using relevant terms. Based on the searcher’s goal, a roofer here will make assumptions. A property owner who has utilized keywords relevant to your business does not mean that they are interested in purchasing your product or service.

Website Retargeting for General Roofing

This is the most common method of retargeting for roofing. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter allow you to do this type of retargeting. Due to the limitations of these approaches, roofers will be left with limited options.

Sending Targeted Emails

Email retargeting is just as effective as other forms of roofing marketing!

How Do Roofers Create a Targeted Retargeting Offer for Their Customers?

Offers like this can help roofing contractors entice visitors to their website and convert them quickly via retargeting advertisements.

It’s great for roofers to utilize retargeting advertisements because they can target potential customers based on which pages they’ve previously viewed on their website.

For example, if a potential customer was interested in asphalt shingle roofs but did not get in touch with your roofing company. The following are some examples of retargeting offers:

Get up to $500 off new shingle roofs for a limited time only. The offer expires at midnight on December 31st. Make an appointment for a complimentary roof inspection and estimate as soon as possible.”

With the limited-time deal, this ad will get your target audience’s attention and get them to move quickly.

The effectiveness of your roofing retargeting campaign hinges on the existence of an offer. If you want the prospects to return, make them an irresistible offer. These are just a few examples, although there are many more. For example:

  • You can provide discounts to only a limited number of customers and offer free add-ons for your roofing services for a limited period.

The landing pages for Roofing Ads

You should also think about what happens if a potential customer clicks on one of your targeted adverts. So be careful not to send your potential customers to your homepage, which has nothing to do with the ad you’ve just posted there.

For a roofing landing page to be effective, it must have all the specifics of the offer and a way for customers to get in touch with your company.

If you want your retargeting advertising to succeed, this is essential.

Retargeting Ads for Roofing Contractors: Where Do They Go?

Roofers can use a variety of tools to build up retargeting campaigns, such as:


Ads on social media are a cheap and effective way to re-engage with customers who have abandoned your sales funnel.

Google’s Retargeted Ads service

As anyone who has searched the internet knows, Google has a large market share. To keep on top of the game, consider renting advertising space from them.


Prospects often want to watch videos. When viewers switch between videos, you can show them a remarketing video. They’ll pay attention to this!

If so, are you using retargeting ads?

Even if your roofing website has all the conversion factors and is correctly designed, just 20 out of 100 potential customers will likely request your services. And what about the other 80 hopefuls? They’ll go to your competitors’ websites and look around.

Retaining customers is an important part of building a strong roofing brand. For them to return and convert, you need to use retargeting. Your retargeted advertising will be shown to potential customers while they browse social media or other websites after visiting your website.

Retargeting is a certain technique for Roofing Contractors to expand their online presence.

A well-executed roofing retargeting strategy may enhance your company’s growth and visitors, all from the internet! It increases the likelihood that potential customers in your area will contact you because it puts your brand in front of them. Increased exposure to search results leads to an increase in traffic, which leads to an increase in sales.

Running a successful roofing retargeting campaign takes time and care, but the returns are well worth the effort. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You can rest assured that your marketing campaigns are being handled by experts with extensive experience in the roofing business.

Retargeting for roofing ads can be an affordable strategy for roofers on a budget. It’s a terrific way for roofing companies to advertise their products and services.

After visitors leave your site, you may retarget them by reminding them that your products and services are still worth trying! This is because you’re only focusing on those specifically looking for your roofer’s services.

Rank Fire | SEO for Roofing Re-targeting Ads: A New Level of Performance

Every roofer’s goal is to re-engage a visitor who left without purchasing their initial visit. You can bring back visitors who left your site before completing a transaction—using retargeting, But how can your roofing company accomplish exceptional retargeting results without teaming with skilled roofing marketers?

The roof retargeting campaign outcomes at Rank Fire | SEO are nothing short of spectacular. The ability to outrank your competitors on Google will be essential if you establish global dominance. You may get a free strategy session and estimate from us today if you are looking for a retargeting partner in the roofing industry.

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