Best Tips for Content Syndication to Boost SEO

Content Syndication to Increase SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

January 17, 2022

Top-Rated SEO Company in Nashville, TN

I was recently looking at how some of the most popular websites on the internet were gaining links through content marketing and rising to the top of search engine results pages.

This all began with Nerdwallet, a site that has sway on the personal finance market. Organic traffic from Nerdwallet brings in over 21 million visitors each month and a reported $100 million in revenue per year.

Content syndication is one of the methods they employ to drive such a large traffic volume. In addition to raising your brand’s visibility, syndicated material can aid in link building and enhance your website’s organic traffic.

In this post, I will reveal to you the content marketing secret that successful firms utilize to increase traffic and sales and become thought leaders. You deserve an SEO company in Nashville that is willing to learn from others. Most Nashville SEO agencies believe they know what is best and everyone else is wrong.

What if you could use the power of content syndication to grow your business? Continue reading!

What is a syndication of content?

It’s an innovative strategy for republishing your work on other websites to reach a wider audience. The “rel canonical” tag on syndicated posts prevents Google from identifying these posts as duplicates.

Even though content syndication sounds like guest articles, it’s a completely different practice. A guest post is a piece of original content created just for a given website or blog. Republishing the same material on many platforms is known as content syndication.

Content syndication has grown in popularity as a content marketing approach due to its efficiency in generating many backlinks all at once.

Having a solid backlink profile can assist increase sales, increasing conversion rates, and generating leads.

Examples of Content Syndication

Nerdwallet and many other well-known organizations, including TV Guide, Value Penguin, The Penny Hoarder, and other large publishers, use content syndication as a primary strategy. Even Moz has a Friday whiteboard on the benefits of content syndication.

My investigation revealed that Nerdwallet was receiving links from various news outlets.

These citations almost always claimed they had already been published piqued my interest because they weren’t your typical news citations.

Put another way; they were simply republishing content they had already published and distributing it on high-authority news sites with links and CTAs back to their site.

Or, they’d use infographics or other original content they created and distribute it with a simple web link.

If you’d like to see an example, click here.

It’s not just Nerdwallet doing this. According to a survey of 39 nations, 94% of marketers put money into content marketing. Ninety-four per cent of the B2B marketers who participated in the COVID-19 pandemic said they would change their strategy in 2021.

What Are the Steps to Developing a Content Syndication Campaign?

After learning about what content syndication is and what big businesses are doing, here are some ways you may implement a successful plan for your brand:

  • Free
  • Paid

It takes time and effort to identify relevant magazines, pitch your amazing material, and establish relationships with syndication partners if you go the free route. Even if you’re able to reach your audience, there’s no assurance of that happening.

Making your blog more widely known can be accomplished by first setting up a landing page on your website. You can be reached by other bloggers, potential guest bloggers, or companies in the industry who are interested in syndicating your content. Perhaps “please take my content” is a good place to start. As a possible syndicate network, they’ll be interested in that.

Participating in webinars or podcasts is another option for promoting your business. Facebook groups and subreddits are a great place to post, but only if you follow the guidelines and keep your contributions natural and relevant.

Your long-form content may not be reaching its full potential if you aren’t pitching it to the proper digital influencers and publications via Google searches, such as bloggers and publications.

If you’ve decided to go the free path, here are some other terrific options for a content syndication strategy:

  • Use a larger website to republish your finest content
  • Rpublish previous content on websites with a similar target demographic.
  • Post as a guest on other popular websites and syndicate your articles later

Increase your audience’s exposure by syndicating to a well-known publication. However, visitors don’t have much motivation to visit your website or the original post because they may immediately read complete chunks of material on third-party websites.

That being said, content syndication isn’t really about that. Backlinks and increased brand recognition should be the primary focus of your efforts. To get organic traffic and become a recognizable name in your industry, you need to make your audience aware of your brand.

For those that want to reach a larger audience, consider syndicating your content to smaller newspapers. You should look for magazines with a high degree of authority and a similar audience to your own.

In addition, they may provide more in-text links to other websites or blogs that you might use to link back to this one. Readers will benefit from the additional knowledge, and you’ll be able to generate fresh, enthusiastic leads.

However, you will benefit from the professional guidance and a greater likelihood of content syndication success with a compensated plan. Thanks to the solution’s use of tools, your material will be recommended by big media more quickly and with greater assurance.

That’s a nice thing. Rank Fire SEO is an excellent content syndication service provided by our Nashville SEO Company. Using our service, you can free up your time to work on other aspects of your business rather than the tedious details that we handle.

What are the advantages of content syndication, and why is it important?

Syndication of content isn’t just for the biggest names in the industry. Even the smallest of blogs can benefit from this new trend in marketing.

Content syndication is an important component of any content marketing plan for the following reasons:

More Links of the Highest Quality

A major advantage of content syndication is its ability to attract high-quality backlinks. Your content should be linked to every website where it is syndicated.

Be aware that the more backlinks a page receives from high-ranking websites, the more trustworthy it will appear in Google’s search results and attract more visitors. Increased organic traffic results from making your site more visible to your target demographic.

It is possible to improve organic traffic by implementing content syndication.

However, this is not the primary purpose of the strategy. There are times when readers who see your content being syndicated on a different website may want further information from the source. Some of them may become regulars on your site. There’s a chance they’ll become consumers at some point.

Cost Effective

Because it allows you to obtain multiple backlinks simultaneously, content syndication is an incredibly cost-effective method of generating more quality leads. Instead of paying for one link at a time, syndicating only one post from your blog can generate over 100 links in some circumstances.

Brand Recognition

Content syndication is a great way to grow a brand. Google’s perception of the credibility of your content or web page is enhanced when it appears on third-party sites.

When it comes to brand recognition, three basic pillars can be used:

  • Content themes
  • Audience
  • The finest syndication sites

Consider the consequences of overcrowding third-party websites with unnecessary content, which may hurt user experience and trust.

You need to know exactly what your readers want to read about. As a result, you need to know which step of the buyer’s journey your material should target.

It’s better if you can pinpoint exactly who your content is meant to reach before you start creating it. While raising awareness is the primary objective of this strategy, it’s also important to make certain that the greatest information is being shared with the correct audience. To craft an effective content syndication plan, you must first gather comprehensive data about your intended audience.

Syndicated content can be shared on various platforms, including social media. Using tools like BuzzSumo or SEMRush to examine backlinks can help you locate potential business partners. You may even use the RANK FIRE SEO’s fancy backlink checker tool!

To summarise, here we go:

It’s not simple to gain distribution rights for your work, but the effort, money, and time it takes are well worth it.

It’s a good idea to understand the intricacies of public relations and publishing. As a result, getting access will be much easier for you—especially if you aren’t a household name in the industry.

Why not just hire someone to do it for you? You have us to thank for that!

We’ve been working on this deal for the last year.

A fraction of what the large players charge for content syndication, RANK FIRE SEO Syndication lets you do just that.

When you syndicate your information, it will be published on more than 300 reputable news sites with high domain authority (DA).

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