Complete Guide to Link Building for Roofing SEO

Link Building for Roofing SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

June 2, 2022

When it comes to roofing, what exactly is link-building?

Building connections to your roofing firm website from other websites is called link building for roofers. As with SEO, link building has been around for a long time, but recent changes to Google’s algorithm make it more difficult. To get a higher ranking on Google, you need to get backlinks from other related websites.

Link Building and Its Effects on Roofers

Building high-quality backlinks are the primary objective. Link building may help roofers get more traffic from Google and Google Maps. A website’s or page’s rating is determined by the number of backlinks it receives from other websites.

It’s virtually guaranteed that a website about roof repair with 15 high-quality backlinks will rank higher than one with just one backlink. For example, Of course, not all connections are of equal importance. Several links are ignored by Google, while others are penalized.

Improved Positions in Google Search

Gaining a foothold in organic search results is still a competitive advantage. Many elements play a role in determining how a website ranks in a search engine. The first step is to focus on the quality of your content. There should be no grammatical or spelling errors on your roofing service website.

The page must also meet a user’s need and searcher intent. Link building typically divides two well-written sites on the search engine ranks. You may outrank a rival with comparable content if you build up a sufficient number of relevant backlinks to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most roofers may be found in the first three pages of Google search results when looking for their services nearby. This set of results appears above all other organic search results with a high click-through rate. Link building might aid in the visibility of your listing in the search results.

The quality of the connected URL is taken into account by Google My Business. Adding your company website to your GMB listing, for instance, means that Google will take into account the strength of those hyperlinks when evaluating your business listing’s rating. Local directories’ backlinks might also assist your listing rank better.

Traffic Generated by Word-of-mouth

Referral traffic is an effect of link development that is often overlooked. Having high-traffic websites link to your pages increases the likelihood that visitors will click through and get on your site.

To build relevant connections, the visitor from the 3rd-party website is likely interested in roofing services. You can see your website’s growth in Google Analytics as you get more relevant visitors. For example, in 2022, increasing visitors may potentially improve your search and map rankings.

Types of Roofing Anchorage

There is a lot of room on the internet. There are approximately 1 billion websites on the internet, making it difficult for Google to discern between legitimate and spam. It is also necessary for the search engine to assign a value to certain links.

There’s no need to treat a Yelp company listing the same as a local roofing supplier who links to your site because of your excellent reputation, for example. In the first case, you are in charge of the link you refer to. Third-party editors are in charge of the connection in the second case. Roofing connections come in a variety of forms:

nofollow links to roofers

You have complete control over the link-building process when using NoFollow links, which are links created by hand on a website. Yelp and Angie’s List are two examples of business directories that enable you to enter your URL along with your company information. By using a NoFollow link, Google considers the link’s relevance to your site’s content.

Although local citation links have a lower value, they are still important for roofers. As long as search engines recognize your firm and get in touch with you via these links, you’re creating authority.

roofing links that may be followed

DoFollow Roofing links do not affect search engine rankings. Third-party link builders have editorial control over the link’s placement. Roofing blogs, local publications, and local contractor or company websites are examples of possible sources for these kinds of backlinks (typically in a similar but slightly different industry).

Google sees DoFollow backlinks as a trust signal from the connecting site to the corresponding page. DoFollow links from spam websites might thus really cause more damage than good. The good news is that as of 2022, Google’s algorithm has evolved to disregard most spam links.

With this guide, you’ll learn:

Link construction is a process that takes planning, authority, and a little luck. In 2022, the link-building process will be much different from when Google was founded. It was simple to get links during the beginning of Google’s existence, and search engines rewarded spammers. Creating blog comment links including a roofer’s specific keyword and linking it to their selected website will rank their remark immediately. Because of Google’s recent algorithm improvements, link spam has been put out of its misery. By 2022, it will need a lot of work to build linkages.

Create Assets That Can Be Linked To

Creating high-quality roofing content linked to is the greatest strategy to get links. Even if you’re writing a lengthy blog article on how to check your roof for ice dams, or an e-book on hiring a qualified roofing firm, the content will draw the links. Bloggers are always looking for high-quality information that they may reference in their blogs and link back to. If you want to reach out to bloggers and journalists interested in your material, you can use linkable assets to do so.

Using the Power of Email

One of the best methods to generate links in 2022 is via email marketing. Avoid exchanging links for money, and always be on the lookout for scams! What you’re looking for is a link from a relevant roofing website.

Real estate brokers who need to suggest a roofing firm to one of their customers may be among these people. Send an email to the webmaster of a relevant website offering your material as a replacement link for any broken links you find. As long as your link enhances the reader’s experience, you may also recommend a nice location.

Submit Citations to NAP

Creating NoFollow links, as previously indicated, is now a lot simpler. If you’re a plumber, check out the plumbing directory list and begin uploading your information to each platform. In addition to establishing your business as respectable, these links may also bring in some referral traffic or leads.

In 2022, shady-looking directories may do more damage than help, so avoid them. As a result, make sure your business is listed on the most popular sites, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor.

Websites for Roofing Companies Monitor Backlinks

We need to manage backlinks since certain roofing connections might do more damage than good; Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are just a few of the tools you may use to keep an eye out for potentially harmful connections. Your backlink profile’s toxicity may be seen in Moz’s Spam score. If a domain has tens of thousands of spam links, it will be less valuable and less likely to rank well in search results.

In the past, your roofing website may have suffered because of black-hat SEO practices used by the previous SEO firm you hired. To remove potentially harmful links from your website, you may send disavow files to Google. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when doing your monitoring:

Text that serves as a point of reference

Anchor text that is identical in every occurrence is one of the clearest tells of link spam. In the case of a Seattle, WA, roofing firm, having 200 backlinks with the anchor text “roof repair Seattle” indicates an issue.

Overuse of the same anchor text might be seen as a sign of a deliberate effort to manipulate the search engine algorithm. A manual action on your roofing Google Search Console might come from using these methods. Fortunately, Google does not penalize spam links before they are ignored. You won’t be held responsible if someone generates such links maliciously as a kind of bad SEO.

The Spam Index

Earlier, we spoke about Moz’s spam score, which provides an overall view of a domain’s link structure. Google does not recognize Moz’s spam score since they probably use their proprietary methodology to rate domains.

As a general rule, Moz’s score can tell you whether a link to your site or your site has a spam issue. If you have links from a site with a high spam score, it’s generally not going to improve your search engine rankings. Removing or adding it to your disavow a file is an option if the website and link look questionable.


A request to remove unwanted links should be made as soon as possible. For example, unless the item has a narrow roofing concentration, a news website covering entertainment should not connect to your website.

The medical sector is another example of a nonsensical domain. Any links from an eye doctor will be flagged by spam filters as inappropriate and will do nothing to assist your roof repair page’s ranking or authority.

What Qualifies as a Quality Roof Backlink?

Now that you’ve learned what to look out for, you may wonder: What constitutes a good backlink for roofing companies? Identifying excellent link pillars is the first step in finding prospects for your roofing website.

A good backlink has a few simple features. When a high-ranking website connects to one of your roofing pages or blog entries, you may breathe a sigh of relief. These sorts of connections will boost your search engine rankings.

Domain Power

Moz also uses Domain Authority (DA), an excellent measure of the quality of a website’s content and design, although Google doesn’t recognize it. A roofing website with a Domain Authority of 20-30 is considered decent. Local newspapers may have DA scores as high as 90, while popular roofing blogs may be in the 50-70 range.

However, it’s important to remember that having a low Doman Authority doesn’t always mean that your content is spam. Relevant backlinks may still generate authority, even when the website in question has just a 5 Domain Authority (DA). The worst that can happen is that Google doesn’t see it.


We can’t emphasize the importance of relevance enough for link development. This is a good example of a hyperlink that is visible in the text and relevant to the rest of the page’s content. For example, a blogger blogging about the finest Colorado Springs  roof repair firms might link to your website.

As a result, it is a highly-valued link that helps the reader validate your presence. Because of this, creating things that can be linked to becomes even more vital. Your chances of getting relevant links increase with the amount of quality information you put out into the world.


It is preferable to target websites with a high volume of visitors for backlinks. Not only does more traffic increase the number of possible referrals, but it also gives Google a better idea of the importance of a certain website.

On one of the most visited pages of a website, you can be sure that the site’s visitors will benefit from the information you’ve provided. Such information is considered by Google, which assigns a higher value to a link of this kind. Your SEO profile benefits from getting a backlink from a well-known website.


Roofer SEO considers link placement. For example, a link in a blog post’s body text is more valuable than a link in the author’s bio. Why? A link in the body of the text is known as an editorial link. Google demonstrates that the author deliberately inserted the link to the content to aid their readers. As opposed to this, a link in the author’s profile suggests something like a guest article, which reduces its value since the author may have included the link for personal gain.

Roofing Companies Benefit from Link-Building Services

To help roofers around the country create links, Rank Fire provides link-building services. Do not settle for anything less than a white-hat approach to link building while searching for a service. Your website may be penalized manually or algorithmically if Google detects that you are doing any money transaction on your site.

If your anchor language is too optimized, even so-called “white hat” links might harm your business when you have 100 links leading to your site that say, “roofer in Maryland,” which is a transparent effort to game the system.

The greatest way to gain links is to use content marketing to develop linkable items. You may use Rank Fire’s content marketing services to get natural and organic backlinks. Our content staff works around the clock to provide the finest possible material for your website. Natural connections begin to appear on your sites, especially with BrightLocal check-ins. After signing up with Rank Fire, we’ll be happy to go through all the details of your selections in more detail.

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