Building Backlinks with Affiliate Links | Best Practices

Affiliate Links

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

May 21, 2022

How can you begin making money using affiliate marketing? Go to this tutorial to learn how to accomplish affiliate link building the right way.

For the 21st century, affiliate link building is akin to commission sales. Brands and organizations use an affiliate marketing program to advertise a product or service using a unique affiliate link.

Businesses may profit from user-generated content via affiliate link creation. Influencers get a cut of the profits depending on how many people click on their links or make purchases.

There are three advantages to affiliate link building.

Affiliate marketing is a great approach to acquire visibility, generate traffic, enhance conversions, and increase revenues.

To further understand why your firm should be implementing affiliate link development tactics, below are the three key reasons.

Tracking Is a Breeze

Tracking software for affiliate marketing keeps an eye on the affiliate program and keeps track of the links. Affiliate networks keep track of your company’s metrics on their end when you join one of their networks.

A successful affiliate marketing plan relies on monitoring the efficacy of each campaign or influencer.

Some affiliate marketing organizations provide specific data depending on marketing methods, such as text links and banners.

Affiliation-Based Ads

Depending on their reach and relevancy, it’s up to you whether or not to let influencers into your in-house affiliate program.

With an affiliate network, there are measures in place to guarantee that your business’s intended audience is reached via the influencer’s content.

Using an influencer’s affiliate link, your campaign (your advertising) has the potential to reach your target audience in large numbers through social media and the influencer’s website.


You may enhance sales and conversions with no work or expense by using affiliate link development. Affiliate marketing has four expenses to consider when determining your company’s marketing budget:


Are you going to operate your program, or will you join an affiliate program?

It may cost more and take more time to execute an internal program, but it will save money in the long term. You have complete control over the affiliate program and may connect directly with your influencers.

The initial cost of joining an affiliate network is substantially lower, but it may not be as cost-effective in the long term due to the network’s charge.

This implies that a lot of the initial work, including identifying influencers, monitoring, reporting, and even sending payments, is already done for you.


Your affiliate marketing program will need creatives regardless of whether you manage it in-house or join a network.

Your influencers may use banners, photos, copy, videos, and other tools to spread the word about your product or service.

Sites with Product Feeds

Use an in-house program and supply your influencers with an in-depth product feed that includes product names and descriptions as well as pricing points.

As they are ready to launch a new campaign, influencers may use the product feed as a resource. Another alternative is to create a separate landing page for each influencer if your company offers a service or only sells a restricted number of items.

Controlling and Paying for the Program

An Affiliate Marketing Manager will be required by your company to:

  • Identify and bring in influencers to your team.
  • Establish and maintain policies and procedures.
  • Keep in touch with your affiliates (or with the network).
  • Keep the affiliate program up to date and optimized regularly.
  • In addition, there are many more.

You’ll also have to pay back the people who helped you get there.

Influencers get a percentage of sales revenue depending on the number of times their links are visited, or purchases are made.

If the compensation rate is too low, many influencers may opt-out.

How to Begin Creating Affiliate Link Portfolios (Correctly)

Remember that just like any other marketing strategy, there is a correct and a bad approach to begin affiliate marketing. Having learned why affiliate link building tactics are necessary for your company, let’s look at how to use them.

First, Make a Plan.

Organizing yourself should be your priority. No marketing strategy can succeed if implemented without a plan of action, and the same holds for affiliate marketing.

Decide how much money you have to work with, which platform you’ll utilize, and how you’ll pick influencers.

Make a plan, schedule your material, create graphics, and keep tabs on your competition. Setting some time to think out your approach will ensure your success.

Consistently communicate

Ideally, your Affiliate Marketing Manager is fluent in English.

They should:

  • Don’t be afraid to contact your influencers directly.
  • Update your influencers on new items and campaigns at all times!
  • Copy and creatives should always be updated.
  • Many firms engage with their influencers through forums or private Facebook groups.
Build Relationships

It would be best if you had an Affiliate Marketing Manager who would go the extra mile to help out your influencers when they need it.

Asked questions and surveys are a great way for affiliates to feel like they can rely on your company and that you’re interested in working together. When you start affiliate marketing, your influencers are on board. You can use their voice to your advantage.

Adaptability is a virtue, not a weakness.

An affiliate marketing program’s success hinges on the accuracy of its figures and analytics.

What works and what doesn’t, as well as new information regarding KPIs and ROI, will need you to make judgments. Keep a close watch on each campaign. It’s time to do some A/B testing with various campaigns and various influencers.

However, only because a firm uses affiliate marketing does not imply it can relax and watch its sales grow. Please participate in the process and have an open mind when making adjustments to your plan.

Building an Affiliate Marketing Strategy is a Must!

Increasing numbers of companies and enterprises use affiliate link development in their overall marketing strategy. With affiliate marketing, you have a lot of control over your methods and the influencers you work with, allowing you to tailor your content and exposure to the audience you desire.

Affiliate link building is all about getting your content in front of your target audience in a way that benefits both you and your affiliates. It’s performance marketing at its finest.

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