About Rank Fire SEO

About Rank Fire SEO

Why I Started Rank Fire

As a business owner since 2017, I have put my trust in marketing companies over the years that failed to deliver.

While I hope you are not in this position, though I know a number of you may be, you’ve wasted your entire marketing budget on false promises of success.

Personally, I lost six figures across four different SEO companies that did virtually nothing for me.

I vowed to never waste money on marketing again, so I began teaching myself SEO in 2020. I read every blog article I could find, watched countless hours of YouTube videos, and enrolled in several Udemy courses to soak up as much information as possible.

In 2021, I put what I learned to the test. I bought a brand new domain, built a new website, and optimized all aspects of the website. In three short months I was able to rank the website on the first page for relevant and high-competition keywords.

I knew that I wanted to share this knowledge and expertise with other businesses so they never find themselves in the same position of wasting money and having their business suffer.

Talk is cheap so Rank Fire is built on integrity. We want to be your long-term partner and help your business thrive. We are completely transparent and always honest.

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