3 Ways To Get Found On The First Page of Google for Roofing

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 11, 2022

You want to be found on Google, right? All businesses do the same. However, when it comes to being found online, certain things work and other things that don’t. What is the best strategy to follow if you want to become a Google search leader and outrank your competitors? Regardless of the size of your roofing business, there are three proven strategies to get seen on Google’s first page results.

1. Pay for Google AdWords on Google

Using Ads to Boost Your Google Rankings

It is free to have your site appear on the first page of Google’s search results when done organically. However, this will take some time. As a result, this is usually not an option when you wish to outrank your local competition. Consequently, you can pay Google to insert advertising above the naturally occurring search results that appear on the search engine practically immediately. Here’s everything you need to know to put them to work in your company.

Paid advertising is an excellent strategy for Roofing businesses to use in conjunction with their organic SEO efforts, which will help your website appear on the top page of Google search results. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear at the top of organic search results. Each time someone searches for an industry-specific/Roofing term, they’re likely to encounter one of the advertisements you’ve paid for.

People seeking the best Roofing companies will be able to see your site’s organic results and the SEO work you’ve done on it over time.

If you’re running a company and want your website to appear at the top of Google’s search results, a Google ad is the best way to do it. Google’s ad placement algorithms are based on mathematical formulas. This depends on the keywords you’re paying for and bidding on to compete with other roofing businesses.

Advertising is ranked by relevance, budget, quality, visitor utility, and other characteristics to decide where the paid-for ads will appear on the Google search engine. Because you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, you’re paying for these adverts. Consequently, searchers will notice your sponsored ad even if it isn’t on top of the first page of results.

How to Become a Google Ads Success Story

To be clear, you get charged every time a visitor clicks on an ad. However, how can you guarantee that Google positions your advertising above your rivals who have paid for ads? There are several things you can do to show up on the first page of search results and to be among the most prominent advertisements on that page.

  • Tracking
  • Adding links
  • A/B testing
  • Keeping track of data
  • Negative word usage
  • Landing page optimization
  • Positive word use

However, this is not an exhaustive list of the methods in which your page’s ad rank may rise. Ads that consider all of these variables will be more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results and in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How can I go about setting up my own Google ad campaign? Though technically feasible, this does not imply that it will be a success. The best way to have it done is to hire a professional. It isn’t enough to know what search engines are searching for; pros also know what the algorithms are looking for.

SEO experts can help you guarantee that you’re on the top page of Google results for all the keywords you’re targeting as a roofing firm by making sure that you’re paid for advertising mesh nicely with your organic SEO efforts.

2. Make an account with Google My Business.

Why isn’t your firm classified as a corporation? This is a huge setback for your standing. When it comes to registering a new corporation, how do you go about doing so

How to Get Your Roofing Company Listed on the First Page of Search Engine Results

First-page results are what you’re aiming for. However, your Google business listing might also appear on the top search results page as long as you have a Google company page.

Create a Google My Business Page if you don’t already have one. Google Maps Listings for Roofing Companies

As a roofing company, you should be utilizing Google My Business, a significant tool for businesses and a free service. Searches and maps on Google rely on company listings; therefore, your ranking will suffer if you don’t have a listing. To authenticate your Google Business account, you’ll first need to list your roofing business. This enables you to monitor your progress, keep track of improvements, and see how you’re ranked on the first page of results as a company listing on Google.

Maximizing your business’s online presence with SEO –

You must optimize your company listing to get found. If you don’t improve your Google My Business page, what good will it do for your search engine rankings? There isn’t much to say.

As you set up your profile, be careful to follow the instructions to the letter.

Seven times as many people click on a business with more information than a business that doesn’t.

Maintaining a consistent level of performance is essential.

If you’ve used Co. in one location, don’t stray from it elsewhere. Don’t go back and forth between the company names of Comp., Co., and Co. Your customers will be confused, and Google will penalize you as a company listing if you utilize this tactic.

Refresh the data regularly.

Ensure your location, phone number, and other important information are accurate. Make sure you do this regularly and always up to date with the information. Having a Google Business listing that indicates you’re closed means that no one will be able to locate you. The better your data is, the higher you’ll appear on the first page of results when it comes to a Google Business listing.

Reviews are mandatory.

Encourage consumers to provide feedback by utilizing review sites like Yelp, BBB, and others. You’ll be more relevant to searches if you have a lot of favorable reviews about your roofing business in the industry. Consequently, your company will appear higher on the first page of search results thanks to Google’s promotion of your business listing.

Include images.

Incorporating visual elements like images of your business, the storefront, and the people who work there can help customers connect with you. People are more inclined to come and conduct business with you if they can see and know what your company looks like. Consequently, Google will place your company higher on the first page of search results than a competitor’s firm that doesn’t include photographs in its listing.

Other directories might be a good source of information.

Google is, in fact, the undisputed king of search engines. However, there are a variety of alternative directories where you may list your company. There are several benefits to being visible to your target Roofing audience. With several directories, people are more inclined to trust your organization. Thus your business listing will rise to the top of search results if you have it listed in multiple places, rather than simply in one.

Make sure the information in other directories is correct, just as you’ll do with your Google listing. Also, check that your information is consistent throughout all directories, including Google. Potential customers need to know who they’re working with and what your roofing firm performs.

You’ll see a rise in your search engine rankings if you can give more information about your firm, its location, and why your customers should choose you. To further boost income and consumer base, you’ll also experience a rise in exposure on various databases and listings directories.

3. Optimizing Your Website for Search Engine Optimization: Natural Ranking

How to Boost Your Website’s Ranking on Google’s First Page

Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to its success. Search engine optimization tools may help your website appear higher on Google’s first page of organic results rather than only via sponsored search.

Determine the keywords you want to target.

You’ll want to know what people are looking for while at a given location. When a person searches for a local business on Google, they may use phrases in addition to particular terms. some examples of relevant search terms.

  • “Roofer near me,”
  • “Best local Roofing service,”
  • “YOUR CITY + Roofing,” and
  • “Roofing in YOUR CITY”

Whatever you choose to use as your keywords or phrases is entirely up to you. However, you’ll want to ensure that it’s relevant to your market and the person doing the searching. You may improve your organic search rankings by focusing on the proper keywords, which will also help you appear on the top page of results for a wide range of other keywords and phrases.

Google needs to know the keywords you use.

Google can’t increase your organic search engine rankings if it doesn’t know why you want to rank. The answer is no; it will not. To determine organic rank, search engines like Google and Bing use crawling.

Some strategies to tell Google your keywords include submitting a sitemap to the search engine.

  • Titles, Meta Descriptions, and URLs all need to be included on each page of your website, blogs, and other material you add.
  • The URL is what people see when they click on your site. Roofing is a niche. Thus the URL should define your firm to your audience/searcher. Remember to keep it brief and sweet.
  • Alt tags are descriptions of photos and should contain keywords and phrases explaining what visitors are viewing your site.

The simpler it is for Google to crawl your website, the more you should optimize it. Consequently, it will rise in the organic search rankings and appear higher on the first page of results.

For the sake of humanity, you’re writing.

Don’t write for the search engines. What does it mean? A human reader is what you’re aiming for in your writing. Remember that customers are searching for your roofing business, not Google. You’re looking for stuff that’s both new and exciting. In other words, make sure it benefits your reader in some way.

Don’t overdo it with keywords and phrases if you want your material to appear on the top page of search results. Google will punish you if it detects this. Add value to your reader and give something of worth.

Optimization of a mobile site

Remember that today’s consumers are looking on smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices, so keep this in mind. It’s important to ensure that your mobile site loads fast, is simple to use, and that searchers can discover what they’re searching for. The more mobile-friendly it is, the better it is.

Create a Memorable Moment

People are looking for a smooth experience: a user-friendly design, high-quality content, and a visually appealing website. Make your website user-friendly on mobile devices and pleasing to the eye, and you’ll see an increase in return traffic. If they have more experience, you’ll rise to the top of the first page of search results.

To bring everything to a close

A site’s Google page rank may be improved. However, it will need effort and patience. Using sponsored advertisements is an excellent place to start for those with limited time. Work with a professional firm if you don’t have expertise with algorithms, design, or establishing a user-friendly website.

For the correct keywords in your Roofing company, the more time and effort you invest into creating a high-quality website, the better it will rank and perform for you.

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