Questions to Answer Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO Agency

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

September 24, 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) firms abound; deciding to work with one of them is a risky one. There are still SEO services that don’t do anything yet charge their customers as if they’re re-inventing the wheel. You may use this questionnaire to identify your company’s requirements and assess possible agency partners as a preventative measure. To get in touch with one of our professionals, send us an email or call us at 833-777-RANK right now! When looking for a company, ask yourself these questions: You need to know what you want out of a relationship before searching for agencies to collaborate with. This may generally be accomplished by asking a few simple questions.
1. In what ways do you want your site to be successful?
Knowing what your company needs from the Internet is critical to its success. Beginners in SEO are likely to have general replies like these: Expanded clientele Increased brand recognition More recognition in the business Increased trustworthiness Of all, these are only four examples of possible ends in mind. You may now go to the following question with that in mind.
2. What do you want your website to accomplish?
The most simple response to this issue is to accomplish what you want. But how exactly do you intend to go about it? How much do you care whether your website looks like a piece of art, or does it just need to be functional? Do you want to become the go-to source for your industry, or are you more interested in attracting new customers? There is no right or incorrect response, but you must have one before moving further. Your agency’s performance will most likely be evaluated in three ways. If you’ve never worked with an agency before, this is the most difficult question to answer. By looking at your income sources, you can gauge your agency’s success. Consider how much money you’ve earned each month or year to understand what works and what doesn’t. Another thing to consider is the total number of people employed by your business. It’s a good sign that an SEO firm is doing something correctly if you’ve seen a significant rise in staffing throughout the time you’ve worked with them. The success metrics of your agency might also serve as an indicator of whether or not they are performing a good job. That’s fine, but the issue is that they’ll be able to tell you what to observe. Your success measure is better, and you may apply it without the support of your agency.
3. Do you have any questions for the agency?
It’s time to contact several agencies now that you’ve got your ducks in a row. Using an SEO RFP is a terrific approach to get in touch with numerous companies and get them all to your door. You’ll save time by not having to spend hours investigating several firms to discover the subtle distinctions that set them apart. As an alternative, they provide you with information on what they have to offer to make an informed decision from the convenience of your email inbox. The more information you have, the easier it will be to restrict your list of potential candidates. After that, you’ll have the opportunity to ask some key determining questions. Your company’s first year in operation. It’s a good sign if an SEO company has been there for a long time because they’ve been well-managed. Despite all the challenges they’ve faced, including a recession and several changes in search engine algorithms, they’re still in business. You may be certain that they have a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a website a success. This is a good indicator that an agency cannot keep happy customers for more than a few years without disclosing its secrets to success. How do you keep on top of the latest news and trends? When a company can’t answer this question, it has a serious issue with SEO. Succeeding search engine optimization (SEO), firms maintain tabs on the most recent developments in the field and conduct in-house analyses of the data they collect. This is because SEO is a data-driven market where practically everything can be measured. SEO is all about statistics, and a smart firm will use those metrics to guide them toward success. How will you know whether you’ve been successful in your endeavors? Any SEO business needs to demonstrate to you that they’re worth your money. Whatever your goals are for your site, they’ll have a variety of ways to measure performance, but you can count on them to have a few clever ideas up their sleeves. Google Analytics, one of the most widely used tools for tracking metrics, provides a wealth of information on website traffic, conversion rates, dwell time, bounce rates, and much more.
4. What metrics will you use to track and report on your progress?
However, it’s a good idea to ask each agency directly what you anticipate seeing in their reports. This question is open-ended, so you may be as specific as you wish. Is it possible to visualize the growth in traffic to your site since they began utilizing a strategy? Or will they provide you with the raw data? What is the frequency of the reports? In any case, knowing what to anticipate will allow you to discover the information that matters most to you each reporting period (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Businesses Have Confidence in One Another as a Partner Additionally, Rank Fire has helped us increase our digital presence throughout the United States, not just in Colorado Springs and Colorado.
5. If a customer has a query, when can they reach you?
When working with an SEO firm, open communication is essential. That’s why it’s important to know precisely when you may ask inquiries and learn more about your site’s progress. Some companies use the amount of money you spend or the amount of labor your site takes to decide how long they will communicate with you. No matter how much you spend, you should have access to someone who can tell you what’s going on, even if it’s only a quick overview.
6. How many clients have you kept for a long time?
Retention of customers is a good measure of how satisfied they are with a company’s products or services. In the end, if customers aren’t satisfied, they won’t continue with an agency. A “good” customer retention percentage will fall between 60 and 70 percent as a rule of thumb. You’ll need to ask a few additional questions if the agency has a lower retention rate than that. The economy may be terrible, local competition is fierce, or they don’t know. This is a significant red flag if they don’t.
7. Can you provide any instances of the work you’ve done for customers in the past?
Like an artist or a writer, every agency should have a portfolio of their previous work. If you can’t find their portfolio on their website, you should request it. Clients may refuse to be included in an agency’s portfolio for a variety of reasons, and this is rather frequent in the business. On the other hand, an agency should be able to show you at least a few examples of its successful work.
8. What do your current and former customers have to say about you?
A marketing firm must be aware of the opinions of its clientele. You’ll get a pat on the back in whatever form of communication if you do a good job. Likewise, subpar work does not pass the sniff test. Client testimonials are a good indicator of a company’s track record of success. The same goes for agencies that are unable to do so. Here is where Rank Fire sits on each question to what you’ve learned.

It’s important to know what to expect from Rank Fire.

Transparency and complete disclosure are important values to us here at Rank Fire. Unlike other SEO services, we post our SEO price publicly so that anybody interested in it can easily find out how much it costs. Here are our replies to the questions you’ve asked:
1. Your company’s first year in operation.
We’ve been in business since 1997, making us one of the world’s oldest SEO companies.
2. How do you keep on top of the latest news and trends?
We have a group of SEO specialists devoted to their work and who love what they do. They each remain abreast of the most recent SEO developments, write about them often, and put them into practice for their clientele. Every member of our team is encouraged to continue their education by participating in a company-wide learning program that rewards them for their efforts in researching SEO, PPC, social media, design, and the marketing industry as a whole. Keeping up on current events is a need for everyone’s employment, in the end. How will you know whether you’ve been successful in your endeavors? What you want to accomplish here is up to you. Most indicators that we employ are time-sensitive to see how much we’re helping your site improve.
3. The following are some of the most often used success metrics:
Traffic is the number of visitors to your website. The percentage of persons who become customers. The amount of money you’ve made online is measured in revenue. Rankings: Google’s ability to find your site in relevant queries. Several links pointing to your site have come from credible sources. Some of the success criteria we utilize with our customers are listed above. Your vision and company requirements will determine the specific ones we use for your strategy.
4. What metrics will you use to track and report on your progress?
If you have incoming customer phone calls or leads, we’ll be able to keep track of them all. To keep track of how your strategy is doing, we collect these indicators into monthly reports for our customers.
5. If a customer has a query, when can they reach you?
With Rank Fire, you’ll get a personal account manager who will help you develop and execute an SEO plan. Email them at any moment to set up a call, and they’ll be your main point of contact. There is always someone at Rank Fire to take your call between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST, and we generally have a few night owls who stay around even later to answer your calls. When we’re closed for holidays or when a member of our team who works on your site is on vacation, we’ll let you know. In this manner, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your website and who’s to blame for it.
6. How many clients have you kept for a long time?
Every year for many years, we’ve been able to keep more than 90% of our clientele.
7. Can you provide any instances of the work you’ve done for customers in the past?
You may peruse our broad online portfolio at any time. Our work has won accolades in the past, which gives us great satisfaction.
8. What do your current and former customers have to say about you?
We’ve received hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers, and we’re grateful for each one.

Rank Fire is a search engine optimization company.

Rank Fire is here to help you choose the best SEO agency for your company. You already know about our firm, and our SEO professionals are more than eager to go the extra mile to deliver you the results you deserve. Weigh-in: Are you ready to get more out of the Internet? Get in touch with us now to get started on an SEO plan for your company!

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