Best Practices for Roofing Company Social Media

Roofing Company Social Media

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 14, 2022

What is Social Media for Roofers?

Roofing social media refers to applications and online platforms that stimulate social networking, combined with content production and sharing. Examples of social media for roofers include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Do Roofing Companies Need Social Media?

Social media will be a major marketing tool in 2022. Despite the perks of roofing social media marketing, a surprising proportion of roofing firms throughout the nation aren’t using this platform.

Many of the roofers we chat to say they don’t have enough time to contemplate a roofing social media marketing strategy. Others argue that they don’t know how to go about it. While social media marketing can bring a unique set of hurdles, it is frequently the difference between doing okay as a roofing company and great success.

Don’t trust us? Please take the following statistic into serious consideration: 89 percent of customers will purchase from a company after following them on social media. Almost as many will suggest the brand or business to a friend.

Social Media Strategies for Roofing Companies

Everyone wants to be the buddy or neighbor who discovers a great roofing business and tells everyone about it. These days, people are discovering these firms on social media. Now ask yourself, can consumers locate your firm on social media?

If you replied no, don’t worry. We recognize that roofing social media marketing may be scary, so that’s why we have prepared the following tips. In it, you will discover the basic ingredients of a successful social media marketing strategy.

1) Set Clear and Realistic Goals

First and foremost, you have to have a clear purpose in mind for your social media marketing plan. Are you attempting to boost brand awareness? Do you wish to enhance sales for a certain service? Perhaps you wish to advertise a certain product or service. Focus on one objective at a time but be clear with your ultimate result.

Your objectives (and their exact numbers and deadlines) will structure your social media marketing effort. For instance, if you want to enhance sales, establish how much you want to increase sales. Nail down a certain percentage. Then define a realistic schedule for your social media strategy to attain the objective.

2) Distinguish Ads from Organic Marketing

Like Google, social media sites enable roofers to contact their customers naturally or via sponsored advertising. While roofers may still market free on social applications like Instagram and Twitter, other sites make it more difficult. For example, Facebook’s algorithm makes organic advertising tough, and in consequence, Facebook Ads for roofing become a key choice.

Running Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or Twitter Ads needs knowing demographics, budgets, and ROI. The good news is that each platform gives in-house help when running adverts and will even propose budgets, intervals, and more. Your task as a roofing business is to generate captivating marketing, slogans, and offers for prospective customers.

3) Determine your Key Demographic

Your social media marketing approach will be built on providing content for a certain set of individuals, or in other words, your core is demographic. As a roofer, the essential demographic for you are homeowners. You may also need to expand to include property management firms and company owners.

This process constructs a customer persona based on your crucial demographic’s age range, typical income, gender, geographical region, shopping patterns, and even personal beliefs and hobbies.

The client persona you come up with will be the ordinary person you attempt to interact with on social media. Everything you advertise should seek to target this character.

4) Meet Your Customers on Their Preferred Platforms

Some companies may concentrate on a few chosen social media channels depending on their primary audience. The same is true if you run roofing firms. Let us give you an example. Sixty percent of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 16 and 24, while just 26 percent are between 25 and 44.

It would be nice to have a social media presence on all platforms if it’s feasible. However, as a roofing contractor with limited time and money, you may want to concentrate on the more popular platforms with your core demographic. Now ask yourself this question: how many 16-24 year-olds do you know to be homeowners?

The channels roofers will concentrate on are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Twitter is particularly popular among persons between 18 and 34, whereas the average age of Facebook users is 40. Instagram is also owned by Facebook and reaches homes constantly. These three platforms strike the golden spot in the crucial demographic age range for roofers.

5) Maintain Brand Consistency

If your roofing business is currently up and running, you presumably have your company logo and tagline. It’s crucial to utilize the same logo and tagline across your social media platforms. Why? Because brand consistency is vital for brand awareness and even money. Solid brand consistency may enhance income by up to 33 percent.

Brand consistency doesn’t end at logo and tagline, however. Social media will provide you with something you may not have had before: a chance to interact with an audience. You will have to develop a tone in your roofing social media strategy – and keep to it! Do you wish to educate your audience? Then, adopt a formal manner with your articles and material.

Do you wish to boost brand awareness? Then maybe a more conversational tone would be best. Whatever strategy you select, be careful to stick to it. Make it consistent with your brand so that people can identify it only by reading a few sentences. Here are some additional strategies for keeping brand consistency on social media:

  • Use your business logo as your avatar
  • Make sure NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are displayed the same on all your social media sources
  • Use your catchphrase anywhere is appropriate

6) Strike an Informational / Promotional Balance

While it’s easy to look at your social media marketing strategy as a tool to sell your services, you need to realize that even if many people make purchases via social media, it is still used largely for amusement and information collecting.

People aren’t seeking to be marketed while getting into their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Your material needs to find a decent mix between fun/engaging/informative and promotional. Think of it like this: 80 percent of your posts/content should engage your audience, and just 20 percent should be oriented towards selling to them.

7) Creating Social Media Friendly Content

Now comes the hard part. What type of things should you be putting in your roofing social media marketing campaign? Here are some ideas to jump-start your imagination:

  • How To’s: Show your followers how to test a roof leak or identify a roofing material. You don’t have to select a technically challenging subject. Maybe simply a how-to on cleaning gutters.
  • Before and After’s: Instagram stories are very popular and are the ideal place for before and after photographs of your roofing work.
  • Get Opinions: People enjoy when their viewpoint is respected. Ask your followers what they think of a recent project you did or what kind of roof they enjoy best.
  • Tell a Tale: Do you or one of your team members have a spectacular, humorous, horrific, inspiring, or otherwise noteworthy story to tell? Use your social media networks to spread them.
  • React: Simplest and possibly most crucial of all; reply to your social media messages and comments.

Bonus Social Media Tip for Roofing Contractors

Last but not least: when in doubt, call a professional out. Perhaps the greatest thing you can do to ensure a productive roofing social media strategy is to cooperate with the specialists here at Rank Fire.

Our in-house tool, BrightLocal, transforms social media, reputation management, and SEO as we know it. As software infiltrates the internet marketing area, more and more activities become automated, suited for roofing firms. Of course, not all tech can replace human behavior, but it’s necessary to establish expectations with your digital marketing firm.

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