Best Practices for Guest Posts to Increase SEO Rankings

Guest Posts to Increase SEO

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

August 3, 2022

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When it comes to Nashville SEO, you know that guest posts are no longer seen in the same way as in 2014.

Getting a high-quality guest post placement isn’t easy, as you may have heard from others in the Nashville SEO community.

In the past 15 years, we’ve watched how content marketing and search engines have evolved for our clients, and we regularly evaluate our data to keep up with these changes.

Thousands of websites and blogs have benefited from our guest posting services. We’re experts in link-building.

It would be fair to assume that we have a solid idea of what to look for in a good guest post opportunity.

Here are nine significant red flags and characteristics we look for when looking for high-authority sites to submit high-quality guest posts.

Check for these 9 Things When Reviewing Guest Posting Websites

According to Google, good-looking sites with useful content are the best sources of backlinks. The goal is to show Google that you are trustworthy and deserving of a higher ranking in Google Search results.

This is a list of 9 actual red flags and criteria we use while assessing a guest blog.

What does it appear like to the eye?

Check out the company’s website. You don’t want a difficult to use or formatted site incorrectly.

You can often tell the difference between a spammy site and one that has been abandoned by simply looking at it.

It is important to keep in mind that the aesthetics of sites with varying domain authority levels (DAs) will be very diverse.

Website navigation should be simple and structured by topic/niche to make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Overabundance of Commercials

Ads on a website are the worst thing that could ever happen. In the opinion of both users and Google, it’s solid evidence of a spammy website.

If you’re looking for places to guest blog, avoid sites that are difficult to navigate because they have an excessive number of adverts.

Here’s a case in point:

Refreshed Information

Are there any fresh posts on the domain every few days?

If a site hasn’t posted in over a year and is considered “dead,” it may not be the greatest place to submit a guest post.

For their website to be crawled by Google, they must upload more content.

Categories on the site that have no bearing on the content

Guest posting is not a good idea if the site you wish to guest post on offers various topics unrelated to your expertise.

The following is a little-known fact…

It’s fine to go to the usual places!

Google isn’t looking for just fishing blogs to connect to me if I run an eCommerce shop that sells fishing gear. This may appear unnatural to some people.

Consider a generic online magazine that offers its audience a wide range of information.

Why wouldn’t I want my company’s website linked to an authority website in Google’s eyes? A contextually relevant and juicy backlink can be achieved if the content is well-written and the anchor text is used correctly.

To follow or not to follow, that is the question.

As a guest blogger, you want a link that is followed to maximize the weight of your backlink.

Take a look around the site and see what you think. Use the Moz toolbar extension or any other extension/SEO tool to see if the article has a do-follow link.

You may also utilize the Ahrefs site explorer to learn more about your website.

To begin, open Site Explorer and enter the domain’s URL.

Next, click on “connected domains” at the bottom of the page:

You can select the type of link and check the total number of each type originating from this domain from here.

You can use this method to ensure that your link is a do-follow.

As part of your outreach, you should make sure that the webmaster will allow your link to be do-follow.

Messages/Tags that are paid for

Sponsored messages or sponsored tags may appear on guest articles on certain websites.

Google added the rel=” sponsored” feature in 2019 to identify sponsored content or promotional links. A “no-follow” link is a sort of this.

It alerts search engine algorithms that the link is a kind of advertising, which is a violation of Google’s guidelines.

While this isn’t always a terrible thing for Nashville search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, it doesn’t carry the same weight or appear more organic than an actual guest post.

A “Sponsored” tag is commonly used on these sites to identify all of their sponsored material, making it easy to find:


In the field of Search Engine Optimization, you’ve probably heard of this old-school marketing method.

PBNs are easy to recognize because of their spammy and unnatural appearance, which makes it obvious that they are simply churning out content to obtain a connection back to their websites.

Many of these sites’ “Partner” section is littered with spammy links and long blocks of text. The RANK FIRE SEO has several guest post criteria, but this one is the simplest to understand.

Links on the homepage and in the sidebar are a red signal. Links near the bottom of a page with exact match keywords are often a sign of spamming. It’s not that horrible; it’s just ugly.

No forum-only websites

Forum-only websites are those that allow anyone to sign up and become a participant.

To be clear, it’s perfectly OK for websites to need registration to access particular content. A problem arises only if the site allows anyone to post content.

A comparison of domain authority (DA) and traffic volume

When it comes to guest posts, Google searches for links from sites with established authority or organic traffic from Google to determine the quality of a guest article.

This is why our guest post orders have two different sorts of minimum requirements:


When it comes to your referring domains, Google pays close attention to the site’s authority.

Domain authority (DA) must be at least 10 to be considered for ranking in our SEO services.

What’s the point of using Moz’s DA? It is a widely accepted metric for determining authoritative domains in the search engine optimization sector. This statistic was invented by Moz himself (you can read more about that here).

While Ahrefs’ DR and Majestic’s TF/CF are useful in a finer-grained way for us, these metrics aren’t of much use to us as standalone metrics. In the end, we can observe that Google is seeking authority or proven organic traffic.


One of the strongest signals that Google likes a website is when it receives organic traffic.

Take a moment to consider this. Having a backlink from a site that Google trusts enough to send traffic to and rank is a good sign for the site.

All RANK FIRE SEO Guest Post Publisher Traffic orders have a minimum requirement of 1000 estimated monthly organic traffic based on SEMRush.


An ideal situation is identifying a site with both established authority and organic traffic.

If a site has a good track record with search engines and is currently bringing in visits from Google, a contextual backlink from that site delivers maximum value.

Our Nashville service has seen thousands of link-building programs, and we’ve determined that a mix of DA and traffic-based guest articles is the most effective technique for creating links.

It’s also a wonderful approach to ensure that visitors to your money pages come from a wide range of domains.

The result of this leads us to try out tighter criteria…

A new tier of our guest posting service assures the publishing site a DA 30 and 5k organic traffic level, and the results have been out of this world.

Additional advice:

When you identify a suitable possibility for a guest article, here are two further tips:

Check the quality of your work.

In digital marketing, great content is essential.

Because large websites receive hundreds of guest blogging requests each week, you must ensure that your work adds real value to their website. Several of these websites have specific rules for guest posting, so be sure you follow them.

It’s pointless to have pages on my website that don’t help anyone if I’m the one who owns it.

Do a lot of outreach (and follow up)

Not all relevant websites will accept your article or even respond to it.

We immediately follow up with them whenever we haven’t heard back from a webmaster after a few days.

For additional information on conducting effective manual outreach, see our comprehensive guide.


It’s right there, all right! We’ve explained how we decide whether or not a site is a good fit for guest writing. Our experts extensively inspect each location to ensure that it complies with these standards.

A lot of time and effort is required to screen websites for guest post opportunities and maintain excellent manual outreach at scale.

RANK FIRE SEO has spent a lot of time developing a thorough verification and outreach procedure. Experts in website verification and manual outreach for guest post placements abound in our company.

Count on us to place your guest posts on high-quality websites.

A free account with RANK FIRE SEO is available here.

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