Roofing Companies: Use Flyers the Right Way

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Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

July 19, 2022

Roof advertising and flyer design concepts for the forthcoming winter are on the market. When it comes to Rank Fire, you don’t have to worry. Rain, hail, and ice significantly influence the roofing industry, as you may have guessed. Content creation is a key component of every successful advertising or marketing campaign since it helps you reach your target audience and motivates them to take action. It’s common to see increased demand for roofing services when it’s colder outside. A wonderful technique to connect directly with customers and develop new leads is via Roofing flyers. Indeed, direct marketing with roofing flyers has a response rate of 48%, which is rather excellent. Compared to the response rates of other means of direct marketing, this percentage of over 50% is remarkable. Still, you need to know what to put in your winter roofing flyers to get the most out of them. Rank Fire offers some amazing winter flyer ideas to assist you in generating leads this season, now that winter has arrived.

Winter Roofing Flyers are effective because of this:

Flyers may seem to be an archaic type of marketing, but they are still quite successful in the roofing sector. Roofing flyers are a great way to target elderly homeowners, the group you want to attract. Digital marketing methods like social media, email, and others are necessary but often fall short of reaching your older target audience. The average age of American homeowners is 45 years old, with many of them well into their sixties and seventies. Not all of these elderly homeowners are tech-savvy or check their Facebook and TikTok accounts daily. If you’re a roofing contractor, your marketing and promotion efforts should focus on reaching as many homes as possible. Flyers may be dated, but your target audience may be, too. Thereby appealing to the folks who will be the most interested in hiring you to do their roofing work again. Flyers are also a great deal! The cost of printing a batch of flyers might be as little as $200, with a good return on investment. In most cases, flyers are less costly than a complete website revamp or the hire of a full-time content marketer. The reason why you should use flyers for advertising your roofing services is clear; therefore, here are some great winter flyer ideas for you to use in your marketing strategy.

An example of a flyer for winter roofing

See the sample below for yourself. The leaflet is for a fictitious roofing firm, but the ideas it outlines may be applied to your own business.

Identify and Solve Customer Problems

Reminding customers what might happen if they neglect winterizing their roof is critical in roofing marketing. Part of what we wanted to say was that roofers in colder parts of the nation had the edge over those in hotter regions because of the more frequent occurrence of snow and hail. Simply showing your consumers the damage caused by rain or snow may be all that is needed to make them feel their agony. Consider providing a quick statistic on roof replacement cost in your area if you don’t have a picture to illustrate your point. Some clients may be reminded of the need for regular roof repair with a simple slogan such as “Don’t Get Caught Out in the Cold” or “Prepare your Roof for Winter.” Make use of the season’s inherent dangers to promote your services.

Specials Should Be Promoted

A popular strategy used by roofers in colder locations to get them through the sluggish season is a special winter roofing offer. Flyer marketing is a terrific method to get the word out about your current deals. For example, many individuals hire a roofing company to guarantee a safe roof during hurricane season. A flier left on their doorstep is an excellent method to let them know that you are available for service and lure them with a good bargain. In your flyer, be explicit about the services you’re promoting. It’s good to provide a list of qualified services in the bullet points. It makes it easier for consumers to categorize and locate the information they need quickly and efficiently. In addition, be explicit about your favored products. Mention the duration of the deal and the types of roofs that qualify if you are giving a discount of 15% on reshingling services. Contractors in the roofing industry sometimes spend time and money following up on unqualified leads. The few leads that do convert cost more in terms of time and resources than it is worth. You can guarantee that the folks who come out to you due to your flyer content are poised to make a sale by being precise.

Include Services for Specialty

Don’t mistake assuming that your potential customers already know what you have to offer. Although it may seem surprising, people seldom memorize the skill set of their local roofing contractor. As a result, it’s a good idea to provide a list of additional services relevant to winter roofing work. Emergency roof repair, reshingling, roofing inspections, leak repair, and assistance with roofing insurance claims are all examples of this kind of service. Homeowners often put off getting their roofs fixed until a major event occurs, like a hailstorm. Your winter flier advertising services like leak repair and emergency roofing might attract customers.

Make Your Business Known

Winter roofing flyers should have your firm logo, tagline, and relevant photos or graphics. Using this method will assist buyers in linking your company’s logo with your brand. Customers may remember your logo and theme when they need your services in the future. A higher conversion rate means more effective flyers and other promotional materials. The importance of maintaining a consistent brand image in both physical and digital marketing cannot be overstated.

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