The Best Website Builder for Roofing Companies

Website Builder for Roofing Companies

Written by Jeremy Earle, JD

July 7, 2022

It’s what we do here at Rank Fire: post-high-quality roofing websites. There are a lot of questions that contractors want to know about website builders and how they can improve their internet visibility.

The consequence was the creation of WordPress, a website builder for our customers. Before learning how WordPress might help local roofing websites, let’s look at what website builders are all about.

What Is a Roofing Website Builder Used For?

You can construct a professional-looking website without coding skills with a roofing website builder. A growing number of website builders have emerged as business owners take on digital marketing responsibilities on their own rather than paying for a professional roofing website design company.

Roofer Web Design Company’s Favorite Website Builder

For roofing firms in 2022, Rank Fire with WordPress will be the best website builder. Auto-publishing completed tasks on appropriate city and service sites is made possible by data pins. Keeping up with your daily routine leads to hundreds of local roofers’ websites being ranked highly on search engines.

For Roofers, There Are Other Website Builders

Contractors who want to do their website design in 2022 have alternatives than Rank Fire, the world’s top roofing website builder by far. The following is a comprehensive listing of all of them:


Most active websites are powered by WordPress, making it the most popular platform for website creation., on the other hand, is a self-hosted website builder, as opposed to’s managed service. is a self-hosted platform, while is an open-source content management system. A WordPress theme or the help of a professional designer is usually required when using the CMS.

Even so, third-party website builders like Elementor can integrate with the CMS. Plugins alone make WordPress CMS a top platform in 2022 to create a website for a roofing business.

A separate hosting account isn’t required with, and the interface is straightforward to use. has more limits than its CMS rival, despite its simplicity of use.

For example, Microsoft and the White House utilize WordPress as their content management system. WordPress is an excellent platform for local contractors to post their company websites.


The Wix website builder, which uses cloud hosting, is certainly one you’ve seen in ads. In 2022, Wix will be one of the most user-friendly website builders for roofing companies. Wix is used by about 2% of all websites.

One of the key advantages of Wix is that it offers comprehensive hosting, so roofers are spared the expense of acquiring a separate hosting service. The website builder Wix also offers a wide range of templates for companies to choose from when creating a new website.

Wix offers both free and premium app alternatives to improve your site design, similar to WordPress plugins. Some are developed by third-party developers, while Wix develops others.

Wix offers a free plan that restricts both storage and bandwidth to save money. Even so, the free trial offers businesses a chance to see what the platform can achieve for their web presence without incurring any costs. Users who are already on a free plan may quickly upgrade and access more sophisticated options.

If you decide to switch to WordPress or another website builder, Wix has major drawbacks. Changing a Wix website is very time-consuming and difficult to do. Most web admins wind up redoing their whole website rather than putting in the effort.


Website builders like Wix and Squarespace make it easy for roofers to create a professional-looking website in minutes. Although WordPress lacks more complex customization options, Tumblr is nonetheless simple to use. Squarespace is used by around 1.8 percent of all websites.

Because of Squarespace’s world-class hosting, roofing firms can concentrate their efforts on creating and distributing content and driving up conversion rates. There is a large selection of templates available, including utilizing numerous designs at once.

With Squarespace’s modifiable templates, creating new content is a breeze. Users may begin inputting their material by clicking anywhere on the template. Elements may be dragged anywhere on the page by users.

Squarespace’s lack of integrations is a key drawback. In contrast to WordPress, Squarespace depends mainly on its foundation and does not give the possibility to link with a variety of third-party upgrades.

A Squarespace website may be yours for as low as $12 a month, with the opportunity to upgrade to more complex plans for more capabilities.


There are a wide variety of styles, themes, and functions available via Weebly, which is a well-known website builder for roof contractors. An average internet user can now create a unique roofing website without coding knowledge.

Like Wix and Squarespace, Weebly is completely hosted, so users won’t have to pay for a third-party hosting account. Contractors may also play around with the many templates that come with the software

Weebly, for example, has built-in contact forms, sliders, and picture galleries, making it simple for DIY roofing companies to add new features. In 2022, Weebly will be particularly user-friendly for those just getting started.

There is a free plan with Weebly that customers may upgrade at any moment. But bear in aware that free plans include Square advertisements on your website, which might dissuade some roofing firms from signing up.


Duda is a unique website builder since it is completely white-labeled. SEO-friendly tactics are also emphasized in its features, which allow DIY website builders to create a high-ranking roofing business website.

Depending on how many websites you need, Duda’s premium plans vary from $14 to $44 per month. You’ll probably only need one site when it comes to a roofing provider, which means you’ll only be paying $14 each month.

There are a lot of great features in Duda, like custom widgets that you can place anywhere on your site. With bespoke contact forms and call buttons, Duda can help boost sales.

Though it’s more difficult than on WordPress, Duda allows you to make minor changes to your content. However, copying material from another file will be more difficult since creating a new block for photographs.

If you want to get your business online, Duda is a terrific alternative. The drag & drop feature is great for DIY website designers who want to boost leads and consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Website Builders

When it comes to website builders, you likely have many questions. Because Rank Fire has been building successful roofing websites for decades, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in excellent hands. Here are some commonly asked questions about website builders.

Do Website Builders Affect Search Engine Optimization?

Certain website builders restrict SEO, while others increase it. Using Rank Fire with WordPress or WordPress, for example, ensures a high SEO ranking. Weebly and Wix, on the other hand, both have SEO constraints.

Do Professional web designers use website Builders?

WordPress CMS is the foundation for the vast majority of professionally designed websites. Still, professional coding ability and understanding are necessary to develop bespoke WordPress websites, templates, and themes for roofers.

Are SEO penalties imposed on the use of website builder templates?

As Google explicitly explains, templates and themes are not susceptible to duplicate content penalties. Only because of this, those who claim website builders replicate material are purposely misleading.

Our DIY Website Builders Less Expensive Than Hiring a Pro?

Using a free website builder is less expensive than hiring a professional web designer in virtually every scenario. However, some amateur web designers are willing to construct websites for no charge. The final investment decision should be based on the present situation of your organization and the marketing resources you have available to you at the time.

My Website Builder Doesn’t Come with a Domain Name.

Many web hosts offer free subdomains, but every roofing firm should have its domain name. Subdomains, such as, drastically hinder the SEO of a website’s page. Because of this, you have your domain name essential to your internet marketing efforts.

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